Saturday, May 24, 2008

If you don't like politics step away from my blog

This is my sewing blog, but this is the only place that I can have my say and today I'm having it!

I use to really admire Hilary Clinton. I thought she was an amazing woman who really cared about all Americans...but today I no longer believe that! Today I believe that she is a selfish woman who will stop at nothing to win a nomination that she can't possibly win...

Today I believe that she is the same as other undercover Americans who don't like black people because of the color of our skin. Today I believe that she deliberately uses words that will incite other people's fears and racist tendencies...Today I believe she has crossed a line that can NOT be reversed...

Now why am I so incensed and sorrowful today, because she said this in an interview,

"Asked if her continuing fight for the nomination against Senator Obama hurts the Democratic party, Sen. Hillary Clinton replied, "I don't. Because again, I've been around long enough. You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is."
referenced here:

Now for those of you who don't know, were too young to know, or don't remember, the assassination or Robert F. Kennedy threw the United States into total turmoil! It occurred EXACTLY 8 weeks after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated! The following Democratic National Convention was disrupted by protesters and the party was in total disarray! I was 10 years old and remember vividly the horrors of the protesting, rioting, shootings and total chaos that my country was in!

And now, NOW this woman has uttered these words...WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING! Is winning that important to her that she is now issuing code words to a segment of our population, so that the UNTHINKABLE can occur yet again? Does she believe that she can be the "White Knight" charging into the chaos to save the day? She is always talking about the past and learning from the past...ummm what possible lesson can be learned from this...

In 1968 we stood at the brink, the very brink of total dissolution of our nation...and that's how a 10 year old saw it!

So to all of you Hilary Clinton supporters out there, please ask yourself is this what you really want from a leader?! Someone who will say and do anything to win a nomination!? Someone who will willingly throw our country and the electoral process into chaos to win? Someone who willingly plays on people's fears and hatreds? Is this who you want as President?

Because right now she is making George Bush look like a saint! And I voted for this family 2 times...2 times! I am sobbing writing this. I love my country! I love the idea of this country! I love that you can come here and be anything you want! I love that I can have my say and not have to worry that someone will come and arrest me! I love that the intrinsic values of justice and honor are written into our constitution!

But my heart is so heavy now...because a marching call has been issued...a call to arms...because one person wants to win at any I step away from my keyboard with a feeling of dread and despair...I have one question for Hilary supporters..."Doesn't this just offend everything that you believe in for our nation?!"


  1. I was absolutely sickened when I heard her say that. They can call it a gaffe, she can apologize (to the Kennedys, but not apparently to either Obama or the American public), but it won't make a difference for me. Being on the campaign trail too long, or being tired ... yes, it can make you say stupid things, it can make you say things you'll have to apologize for, but a remark like that shows something inside Senator Clinton that I didn't ever want to believe was there.

    In a campaign where the importance words have had such an effect, it's hard to ignore the effect of these.

  2. Co-signing on every word

  3. Karen - this said it all for me:

    "Because a senator - a politician - a person - who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around in part, just in case the other guy gets shot - has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States."

    From Countdown with Keith Olberman

  4. I want a woman in the White House, just not THAT woman. Seriously. People need to wake up to her fakeness, deviousness, and self-importance and remember that where she goes, that creep of a husband of hers goes along. I do NOT want him back in the White House in any form. Her true colors are showing, that's all there is to it. She reminds me of the Governor that we have here in Washington State that I did NOT vote for. Nor did the majority, but her cunning, political manipulations got her right there in power. The manipulative tactics of some women truly scare me, which is why I think it will be a cold day in hell when there's a woman in the white house. Men may be dumb at times, but they aren't so scheming and manipulative. For the most part.

    I hope you don't mind me venting on your blog - you opened it up, and I appreciate and respect your viewpoint. I truly do. I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel from your perspective, but as an American, the thought of someone like Hilary in the White House scares the bejeebus out of me.

  5. I can honestly say that I am not surprise that Hillary Clinton would make such a statement. I do not know what her intent was in making the statement, but in any case it was not a good thing to say. I agree with Keith Olberman because she should just come out and said that i'm waiting in the wings just in case the forerunner gets shot and will seize a fortuitous moment to step right into the limelight. I say that is pretty desperate on her part. I just shake my head not in disbelief because I am somewhat cynical, but with shame a great disappointment. Oh by the way, I am Obama supporter from the very beginning.

  6. Cynthia McKinney for president!

  7. I saw this this morning and about fell over. I said from the beginning (when I was still in love with the Clinton's) that what I didn't want to see was their kind of dirty politics come to play. And now, they have done it multiple times over the campaign. And, yes. I'm one of those people who would cross party lines if she was the nominee.

  8. This is the final straw! I was already p.o.'d with her attitude that if you chose not to vote for her it's because you're a sexist misogynist.

    Then this. Like Carolyn, 1968 was the year I turned 10. RFK's funeral procession was on my birthday. That spring was a horrible, sad time in America, no matter what your political leanings.

    She's a lawyer, and has made her career by the effective use of words. To say her comments were a gaffe means she's either incompetent or disengenous.

    She has done a lot of damage to her cause, if her cause is to have a woman in the White House. It's becoming plain to me that she only has a particular woman in mind.

    Buh-bye, Hilary.

  9. I started off whole-heartedly in support of Clinton, but this and other elements of her campaign have really turned me off...

  10. As a white canadian this is my view....
    when she went into politics after her husband had finished i said she must have had an agreement with hubby "i stayed with you through all the sex allegations now you support me in this".As for the assassination stuff,my husband has said from the beginning that Obama wont live long enough to get in office.
    I hope he does make it ,it would do wonders for the american image abroad i must say!

  11. I wanted Obama from the time he said he was running for president. I don't like Hillary for many reasons, but the main one being was her stance on the war. She is my congresswoman and I wrote to her to vote against the war. I got back a very long email that said in a nutshell that she didn't care what her constituents thought, she was was voting for the war. Now she says she was duped. Excuse me...her husband was the president of the US before Bush. If they didn't have the correct information in one years less time that he was gone, who would have??!! That is a pure lie.

    Then she started in with the underlying racists comments about only being able to win the *white* vote, and the other comments her husband made just turned my stomach. At a time when we could go far to reveal the ugliness of racism that is *still* alive, they rub salt in the wound with their campaign.

    Thank God that Obama is going to be our candidate. If I had to choose between McCain and Clinton, I would not be able to function. I believe that my vote is a right of living in a free country that I cannot throw away. But having to stand there and decide between which of the two evils I would want to be my leader would make my head explode.

    Great entry today. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Ok everyone, I was 18 in 1968, not 10 as many of you were. I marched against the VietNam war, wore an MIA bracelet to college classes, picketed grocery stores that sold lettuce not picked by migrant farm workers, and newspaper offices that had run racist editorials. It was not the end of time as a younger person may have thought, rather a wild exciting era when everyone my age was directly envolved in the issues of the day. For what it's worth, anyone with sense is going with Obama. Shirley Chisholm was a hero of mine way back then. Her speech writer, who lives near me, sent a letter to the editor of our local paper. She put her two cents in saying that if Shirley were still here, she would be backing Obama, dispite her staunch feminist stand. I think that is true after reading The Audacity of Hope and Shirley's book Unbought and Unbossed. Time will tell, as it always does. My advice, don't listen to anything about the election, just vote with your heart. I will.

  13. Great Post and discussions today Carolyn. I too can't believe that she would say that. It's horrible. I have long supported Obama and I hope he makes it.

    I agree with (was it Maggie?) who said that if it was betwee McCain and Clinton my head would explode from the lesser of two evils choice.

    I was 4 in 68 and remember none of the politics going on.

  14. I will co-sign here on much of what has been said. I once admired Hillary but have long felt she has no respect for her constituents or in fact the people she hopes to govern. I had also long hoped that I was wrong in this opinion. That she could make this statement at all shows that she is unfit to represent us as president. That she seems to show no evidence of understanding what she has done is even more frightening. She is my senator also and I am appalled that she represents me in any way.

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  16. Well considering I was a little girl in Washington, DC at the time of the assassinations and had to run home scared at curfew time ahead of the police in riot gear who came to clear the streets (that sort of thing NEVER leaves you) AND have recently terminated a business relationship with a woman - ironically like you and I, is a woman of color – who proudly proclaims she is 100% behind Clinton because Hillbillary will do whatever it takes to get elected, no matter how sleazy,

    Hell yes I’m offended, disgusted, and extremely concerned about our nation’s future.

    My very sad prediction: Given as so may Clinton zealots, I mean supporters (polls say about 40%) have vowed to vote for McCain if Obama wins the nomination, McCain will win and Clinton will switch to the winning side to be his running mate.

    I will now take my equally heavy heart and step down from the soap box and return you all to your regularly scheduled happy sewing blog.

  17. I was appalled when I heard that she said that, and asked my husband, "is she trying to precipitate an assassination?"
    The difference is, I lost respect for her long long ago. When she stood by her man, while he proved that he had no scruples....and that he would stoop to any level to achieve his aims, and don't tell me that she didn't sign off on that...
    I'll shut up now.

    I think she'll go to any ends, up to and including tearing apart the party, to win for herself, personally.
    I've had enough of legacy families, and I don't want to see any more of anyone who's been around too long.

  18. This has been the worst presidential campaign I have ever witnessed. This is my daughter's first year being eligible to vote and I honestly don't know what to say to her about the Democratic primary. (Luckily, she registered in the Green Party and couldn't vote in the Primary in PA) I defended Hilary back when she headed the universal health care initiative during the 1st Clinton administration and when people called her ambitious. I wish I could contact all the people I defended her to and apologize to them.

  19. I used to be a Hillary supporter, I voted for Bill twice as well, I knew it was going to get ugly, but I had no idea that it would be this bad. I stopped supporting Hillary a long time ago in this election, her last statement didn't push me over the edge it just made the fact that she will do anything, say anything to win even more clear. I want a woman to win and I had hoped it would have been her but, clearly she's the wrong woman. Barack Obama has run a really civilized campaign and I think that's what we're lacking right now.

  20. Great post. Thank you for starting the conversation. Hillary knows what she is doing. Her intention is to encourage and incite and ignite anyone who is at the brink. I feel her and her slime ball husband are making deals in dark alleys and dark rooms filled with smoke to physically hurt obama. The time has come for someone to unite the country and help America regain its respect around the world. And yes I voted for Bill twice. I wonder is the folks in New York are paying attention, where is Al Sharpton, forget about Charles Rangel. I will write what I think of it. I was 10-years old and living overseas when Kennedy was shot. I remember my mother and father feeling a sense of despair, and it seems as though the town I was living in was in mourning. So, you see Bobby Kennedy's death had a big impact in my country, Panama

  21. I was also disgusted when I read that remark. It just came across as a bloviating, embittered egotist who was lashing out. I too used to like Hillary. Not any more. Sigh...

  22. I have had no words to describe how sad and sick at heart I feel over Hillary Clinton's hideous remarks. The fact that she has made judgment and experience the bedrock of her campaign makes it even more dreadful. I've been excited about Obama's candidacy from the get-go, and his grace and focus continue to show what a great President he will be.

    Carolyn, thank you for courageously sharing your thoughts. I'm with you. And Hillary, if you're listening, it has now gotten as ugly as it can possibly get. It is time to go now and on the way out, please please keep your own counsel and don't share it with the rest of us.

  23. I agree with all that's been written here. I NEVER trusted Hilary from the beginning of this campaign! It was just something about her that just did not seem genuine!
    I thank you too Carolyn for your outstanding post!

  24. Hi Carolyn:

    I appreciate you bringing forth your thoughts on other subjects in addition to sewing. It takes courage to share your views for all to see, and in turn, it gets more people involved. I enjoy reading everyone's perspective.

    I got to reading the full article, and was very puzzled. I couldn't understand why Clinton felt the need to make the comparison. Further in the story it's quoted that the Kennedy family has been on her mind lately.

    Ok, that's understandable. But why talk about assasination?

    If anything, the media has probably asked her on her thoughts about what's happening to the Kennedy's, she could've mentioned that she was sad (if she genuinely is) at that time.

    I think that if she felt it was necessary to compare the historical precedent of the primary campaigns ending in California in June, why not mention that of her husband's and nothing more? I'm still confused about that.

    I have to admit, I have not followed this race as often as I perhaps should because this truly is an important race. But to learn about Hillary supporters voting for McCain if Obama is nominated makes me sad. This goes to show that racism is still ever present in this country, it's very dissappointing. And anyway, if they're going to switch parties, why weren't they republicans from the start?

    I was so happy at the thought of a woman leader, it's about time that happens. But I don't know anymore if she's the leader we need......

    Stay stong Carolyn,

  25. I have never been a fan of Hilliary. This goes back to Bill's first inauguration when Barbara Walters reported that Hilliary said she wore a size 6. All I could think was "who does she think she is kidding?" and why lie about something that really isn't anyone's business. I realize that this is a petty issue, but after hearing this, more statements of hers started sounding like lies such as when the Whitewater papers were "lost" then "found". I have never been able to trust her and recently she has been showing much more of her true character in her so-called misstatements. This latest one shows that she will say anything to get what she wants no matter who she hurts.

    Would you trust her as a world leader? Would the rest of the world trust her? If elected, would she start offending other nations, then use the same excuse that she misspoke? Bush has spoken too many verbal blunders, but any statements made by Hilliary are calculated.

    By the way I was 18 in l968 and remember that year very well.

  26. Another one chiming in about turning 10 in 1968. We hadn't really recovered from JFK's assination when this hit. It was awful and the times were too much to think about (hey, I was 10). I don't normally get into political discussions because I like keeping friendships and I'm probably one of the few Republicans in the sewing community. I can't support the Democratic Party because of many of it's policies, but most of all I cannot even begin to think about supporting Hillary Clinton, especially after that speach. I'm going away and don't plan to comment much more on the Presidential election.

  27. I have been on a media fast for about a week, so I did not know about these comments. They are indeed very disheartening.

    I became an independent after working on B. Clinton's campaign at the local level. It was based in Princeton, so we're talking about some pretty heavy hitters being part of the local campaign. We were all so excited and thought we were making a difference in the world (by the way, this is also when I developed my life-long crush on Al Gore). However, as soon as the national campaign staff swooped in, I discovered how dirty politics really is--on all sides.

    My candidate of choice was Dennis Kucinich. But he was not considered a viable candidate by the press and did not receive the same airtime or invitations that the "front runners" received. Make no mistake. Our candidates are determined by the media and the back-room deals.

    Do I think Hillary is a wicked woman? No. I don't think Bill is either. Well, I don't think Bill is a wicked man. :) What I DO think they are are powerful people who do a lot of good but that good gets lost by their tendency to self-destruct. And when they self-destruct, they do it up big.

    A year ago, the media and pundits said Hillary had this nomination in the bag. Maybe she and her staff believed them. Unfortunately, it began the long slow, painful and hurtful spiral into self-destruction.

    Obama hasn't sold me, yet. But, that may be that, compared to Kucinich, he seems pretty conservative on the change front *grin*

    Thank you, Carolyn, for opening up this dialog and for opening your heart.


  28. Hilary was responding to comments about her still being in the race in June. Detractors were saying that remaining in the race this late into the season was bad for the Democratic party. Hilary responded by pointing out that in the past, other people were in the race into June (Bill Clinton, Robert Kennedy) and it didn't tear the party apart.

    It never occured to me that she made the Robert Kennedy remark to open up the spector of assasination. I thought she was just pointing to two well-known examples of Democratic races running into June.

    Hiliary made these comments before, during an interview in March. No one said anything then about the spector of assasination. I'll have to think about that. I can't imagine Hiliary would suggest in the national media that Obama should be murdered. I think she's ruthless and self-seeking, but I don't think she's a murderer.

    You've certainly given me something to think about.

  29. If this woman wants to save the face of all American women, then she should take her shameful and disgraceful face and go home NOW!!

    I am not American and do not live in the USA, and maybe because of this distance that I can see what most of you there cannot or would not see!!!

    I have watched the Clintons 'rule' from start to finish....Bill Clinton was not a 'black' President, he took away many many basic rights from the poor and the black people whilst in power. I have watched Hillary Clinton ride her scandal and it was then that I KNEW that she wanted to be President at all cost. She let Bill at the Helm so that she could learn the ropes. When Bill was having his affairs, she stayed because she knew what she wanted and was going to get at all cost. She didn't ride the scandal because she was forgiving or righteous, she rode because she is ruthless!!! I KNEW for certain then that she wanted to be President at ALL COST and now for CERTAIN, at the cost of someone else's life!!!

    I wonder what Americans would do today?

    She is a bitch from HELL and needs to go back!!!

    I feel deep sorrow for all decent Americans, and I am glad that I am not American!!!

  30. The comment below was sent to me by Marty. She wanted to comment but since I have the comment section set to ID commenters only, she sent this to me via email to include here:

    What I wanted to let you know today is that I am offended greatly by the mere fact that Hillary Clinton is running for president. In my opinion, she is the scum of the earth. My feelings go back a long time to when she was in AR before Bill Clinton became governor of that state. Both of them are major sleazeballs and need to return to the dark, damp sewers (as in sewage system) of NYC. I think that Senator Obama brings a message of hope and prosperity for our country even though I'm registered as a republican. I was 16 in 1968 when Bobby Kennedy was assasinated and those moments on the television newscasts are forever etched in my mind. It was a very sad time for our nation and I don't think that we have ever recovered.

  31. I have never trusted Hillary, as MarilynB said, from Bill's earliest days. Then, at the beginning of this campaign, she claimed to have 35 years public service experience. Excuse me? You graduated from law school 35 years ago. You worked at the Rose Law Firm as wife of a sleazy governor in a small state. You failed at taking over aspects of public policy while your husband was president. Now you've been senator, in a state where you never lived, in an election handed to you by your husband and his allied. Where does 35 years experience fit in those 7 years? And on top of that, what about the "sniper fire in Bosnia"? Carolyn, you are correct. She would be disastrous.

    And, since it's your blog, of course you have the right to voice your opinions. Well written and well thought out, as usual, reading this was a pleasure!

  32. I've said for more years than I like admitting to, that I hoped to live long enough to see a woman or a person of color elected to the highest office in our land. Sadly, I would be reluctant to vote for an individual who through badly expressed musings, leaves herself open to misinterpretation. You know that saying about "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt". Sorry, H, we simply cannot afford "leadership by lightning rod". But as for what "offend(s) everything that (I) believe about our nation"... I've lived that for almost 8 years and I'm thrilled that it's almost over.

  33. Keep venting. It helps. You're not alone. I took pride in Hillary because her of ability to stand on her own two feet in a sea of sharks. I guess she's been swimming with her own kind all along. Something in me still wants to believe that what we see is more desperation and a sign of duress, not who she truly desires to be.

  34. I support Obama and campaigned for him in the North Carolina primary. Our volunteers represented all segments of the US population.

    This Nov 2007 Vanity Fair article, titled, White House Civil War is enlightening reading about Hillary:

    I spent 8 years dealing with the inertia in Federal Agencies due to Clinton's incompetent political appointees and then 7 years of insanity of the Bush admin. I was glad to be able to retire last year.

    No more Clintons and No More Bushes in the White House

  35. Hilary lost me from the very beginning. She alienated me as a potential supporter when she showed utter contempt for women who choose to stay home and care for their families (her statement - "I'm certainly not going to stay home and bake cookies"). I thought women's lib was about being free to choose what we want to do? In her world stay-at-home Moms were something to mock. She ticked me off so badly that I've had absolutely no use for her since.


  36. Quote:
    "Today I believe that she is the same as other undercover Americans who don't like black people because of the color of our skin."

    You gotta be kidding, right?!

    Regardless of Ms. Clinton's campaign, fakeness, intention, etc. or the lack thereof, let me tell you one thing I know for sure: if you want to live your life believing that there are those 'undercover' people who don't like you 'because of the color of your skin' and that this is the root of whatever your misery-du-jour is, then FOR SURE people will not like you, not because of the color of your skin, but because of this very attitude.

    And, btw, look around you: what is still widely accepted in this country (despite the society poison called Political Correctness)? - Racism? Uhum, maybe. But compared to sexism? Look, for instance, at all those so-called Christians who, in 2008, still preach that, basically, a woman's place is second to that of a man. (Do I really need to give examples?!)
    Or the way we are all laughing about Hillary's pantsuit jokes. When was the last time we talked about McCain's looks, or Obama's for that matter? And where are all the critics when we hang on the lips of Obama's stuttering, endless uuuuhmmm-ing in just one sentence, yo-ing, etc.? (Remind you of anyone?) (Can anyone say: "Rude Awakening 2009?")

    The fact is that America is by far more sexist than it is racist. And it is far more superficially perfunctory and morally bigot than it is intellectual, in its widest sense; but that's a different story altogether...

  37. Sandra - nope! Not kidding at all!

    I believe that both Bill and Hilary are closet racists...several times during the course of the campaign both she and Bill have uttered "White American" remarks and played to those fears...played the "race card" (a term I absolutely despise) and generally pandered to anyone who would vote for them instead of Obama because of the color of his skin. I truly believe that she doesn't think he can win because he is black and that she is hoping that if she hangs in there, she just might get lucky.

    And as for sexism, lucky me, I get to experience both...racism and sexism...can you say the same? So I know both when I see them. Hilary is being given every benefit of the doubt. People are bending over backwards not to offend her or Bill, she has just lied one time too many.

    And I, as well as quite a few others, are ready for her to exit the stage...give up, move on, maybe actually trying to unify the party instead of just wanting to win...

  38. Hillary Clinton is a woman who is so hungry for power she was willing to stand by a man who repeatedly made a fool of her in public. Rather than build a career for herself and get to where she is on her own merit, she was perfectly willing to ride Bill's coattails to her own chance at the White House. We're supposed to believe she's some sort of genius, but overlook it when she mis-speaks or "can't recall" pertinent where those documents that were found in her quarters came from.

    And this is the woman that was held up as a role model for young women? Please! I'd consider myself an utter failure as a mother if any of my daughters resembled her in any way.

    I could go on. I've had issues with Hillary since the cookies comment she made during Bill's first campaign. Seriously, I have to change the channel when she comes on; the sound of her voice nauseates me.

  39. Hmmm. Maybe she's racist, maybe she's just guilty of not having an open mind. As a member of the hegemonic group she's going to be very remote from any differences in society. Every group thinks they are the norm and while they may acknowledge society is not homogenous they may not be able to understand that people are different. Of course, they should be aware of that and work to overcome it.
    Maybe she 'misspoke' the way she did about the "exiting the plane under fire" comment.
    I think it possibly may be a sign that if the speechwriter doesn't write it down and polish it up for her then she's in trouble. Who knows?
    But from the other side of the world it's made interesting viewing and it will be interesting to see who wins. I'm sure the Republicans are quite happy for her and Obama to keep scrapping.

  40. Carolyn,
    I had to come back with more after reading all of the posts. First, let me ask all of you to read "Unbought and Unbossed" by Shirley Chisholm. Who? An outspoken black woman from NYC that was a congresswoman in the 60's and made a bid for president, YES, president of the US. She was not even backed by the black male leaders of the day! She gave a speech at the democratic national convention that was titled I'd rather be black than female". She even stated publically that upon going to Washington, she received more predjudice as a woman than as a black person. This may or may not stil be true today.
    I agree that we are still somewhat of a sexist society. But I also think that many of our own sisters bring that on often enough with there actions.
    Racism where it exists runs much deeper that that, but black people have to come to grips with the fact that JUST BEING WHITE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A RACIST ANYMORE THAN BEING MALE MAKES YOU A SEXIST.
    And if we are allowed to say, "I would like a woman to be president, just not this one" and not be called sexist, can we also say, "I would like a black man to be president, just not this one" and not be called a racist?
    Let's also understand that to get where he is today, Obama has gotten the support of millions of white people. If he gets to the White House, tens of millions of white people are going to help put him there. Why worry about the "racists"??? Focus on the millions who are not, never have been, and never will be.

  41. It's clear to me that HRC rather clumsily was pointing out that prmary candidates have often continued their campaigns into June. It's also clear to me that there are Hillary rules and Barack rules. Faux pas by Barack are brushed aside since he of course cannot have any bad intentions. HRC's faux pas are magnified and played for all they are worth and more, and are usually the subject of a disingenuously magnanimous comment by Obama.The mainstream media play along.
    I think you are completely wrong to tar all Clinton supporters and anyone who will not sign on with Obama, with the accusation that their candidate and they support throwing the country into chaos. It is incomprehensible to me that you would allow your zeal--because many Obama supporter can in fact be categorized as zealots--to lead you to take the position that the millions of people who prefer Clinton's stance on policies to Obama's and who think she has more talent than he does and will be a better leader should just give up because someone else thinks she has no chance of winning. If the positions were reversed, you know for sure that you would reject out of hand the suggestion that Barack should quit.
    I feel that Obama has deliberately obfuscated his positions and failed to give policy details because he is playing political games just like the establishment politicians he purports to distance himself from. He has established the meme that he represents hope, or change we can believe in--vague nostrums that promote a cult- like "faith" that he will lead us somewhere, anywhere. If that's what you want--fine. That's not the leader I want. I also hold him responsible for the vitriolic sexism that has charcterized many of his supporters--he has failed to do anything to tamp down the misogynistic attacks on Clinton. And his "sweetie" remark IMO was just the tip of the iceberg. I am sickened to see the depth and intensity of misogyny in this country, and to see that many women and people of color feel comfortable with it. I am sick of being labeled a racist because I do not support the black candidate. The fact that I am a liberal does not require me to support a black candidate because he is black, and does not require me to go along with the notion that sexism no longer exists and that because racism exists, I must support a black candidate over a female candidate. I am tired of being told that because I am white and because the candidate I support is white, I am obiviously a racist. I am tired of being told that it is unremarkable for blacks to vote for Obama just because he is a black, because it's "time" for a black president, but that if I say that it's "time" a woman was president, I am racist or deluded. It is extremely offensive to have you equate a life-long hardworking liberal like Clinton with George Bush. May I remind you that Barack has spoken admiringly of Reagan and the Reagan years? What are we to make of that? Will an Obama administration be another "morning in America" like the Reagan years?
    I am tired of the near-religious contempt that Obama supporters have for anyone who doesn't support their candidate.

  42. Sorry to double post, but I wanted to make a point I forgot. Also Carolyn, you told those who weren't interested in politics to step away, which I assume invited political comments, and then you posted words that I took to include a challenge to HRC supporters to defend the Americanism and morality of their support for a legitimate Presidential camdidate. Thus my response above, and the following:
    addendum to Paula at 3:07 am:

    Please Google Obama and his comments about his whereabouts during Selma--he "misspoke" in print. He was just trying to convey his spiritual commitment, I guess. My point is that all people and candidates do this, but Obama is the Teflon candidate because he is a media darling.
    Also, it's discouraging to hear the old saw about "her voice", that kind of criticism being the stock-in-trade of sexists like the guys at Fox and MSNBC. The critic who decided that she wasn't a size 6 and rejects her because she said she was (I say I'm size 10 when I know I only occasionally fit into that size, depending on the brand, and don't get me started on pattern sizes)is also being taken in by the same kind of pervasive sexism. I have heard HRC criticized for standing by Bill or not leaving him, and I am sure I would have heard her criticized if she had left him. I have heard her criticized for not using her "own name" instead of the Clinton name. (Would her "own" name be Rodham, the name of her father?) I think we can safely assume that if Hillary tried to put Bill behind her the press and her opponents, including Obama, would have none of that. In fact, he has harped pretty consistently on how terrible the Clinton years were and how she was part of it. Do his supporters actually think he would have let her disavow her association with her husband's administration?
    I have heard Obama criticized for standing by Rev. Wright and for supporting his congregation and views for decades, and then I have heard him criticized when he dropped the Rev. like a hot potato. Obama's supporters see past this, don't they? They have rationalization for all of his faux pas and inconsistencies and hypocrisies.
    I agree that we disagree on the candidates we prefer. The thing to which I object is the "aspiration to dominance" of many Obama fans that makes them feel compelled to "convert" me to their faith, makes them try to convince me that I am on the path of evil, and makes them work mightily to prove that HRC is the "devil", a "monster", "Hitlery", a strident ball-busting shrew who is out to destroy America.

    I am convinced that many vocal Obama supporters have no interest in real political debate but want the convince the masses to just accept the inevitability of their candidate. And IMO in that path lies the danger to free expression.

    The end.

  43. Merleann - since both of your posts are here unedited obviously I have no problem with your POV. My title was to let my regular sewing blog readers know that I was changing the course of discussion so that if they did not want to discuss or read about politics they should avoid that day's topic. It was a courtesy to my readers, only.

    Second...I have no problem with free speech or your divurgent stated above it is still here and allowed to stand. If I didn't want people to speak their minds, I could have easily left the comments section off the post. And no matter the length, number of words or depth of your belief - none of this will change my mind about HRC NOR am I advocating that you change yours! :)


  44. Carolyn -- I'm a first-time commenter on your blog, but a faithful reader. A history lesson is in order (and you should perhaps consider posting it for all to see as a rebuttal to some of the commenters herein). As follows: "Clinton swept nearly all of the Super Tuesday primaries (MY COMMENT - SUPER TUESDAY WAS HELD IN 1992 ON MARCH 3), making him the solid frontrunner. Jerry Brown, however, began to run a surprising insurgent campaign, particularly through use of a 1-800 number to receive grassroots funding. Brown scored surprising wins in Connecticut and Colorado and seemed poised to overtake Clinton but a well-publicized misstep involving Brown's vice-presidential advances towards Rev. Jesse Jackson, apparently unaware of Jackson's complicated relationship with Jewish-Americans, set Brown back and Clinton effectively won the Democratic Party's nomination AFTER WINNING THE NEW YORK PRIMARY IN EARLY APRIL (MY EMPHASIS). [This text is taken from Wikipedia, but is available in many places. In fact, presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin referenced this scenario in yesterday's Meet the Press.] In my opinion, this is just another example of HRC misstating the facts (i.e., WJC not "clinching" it until June). Perhaps another case of revisionist history by HRC? Thanks, Carolyn, for posting your thoughts. Your blog is a "must-read" for me.

  45. I'm appalled and embarrassed that a US Senator would say or imply such things, I'm very glad that she does not represent my state as a senator. I think that she is no better than most politicians in DC and would never have voted for her, for many reasons. She is the wrong woman for any political party or political position. She is a female, but she is not a naturally a caring person at least from what I have seen, she is cold and has given up on being a woman first and then a politician, or lawyer or fill in blank. When Bill Clinton was in office up to the point of the Monica debacle she seemed more caring, She now seems more like the typical jaded woman with a chip on her shoulder and behaves in a manor that gives all women a bad name. Not that men can't be this way but this statement is not something I think any person should imply, To imply so much by stating so little and leaving so many to question her motives and what she is try to say or do. No lawyer is that vague by accident! I voted in the caucus in my state for the fist time and I voted for Obama, and this has absolutely nothing to do with color, creed, sex or sexuality, it has to do with he is the only candidate I believe would bring a respect for the office of President both in the fact that he has a respect for the office and the people which it is to represent as well as those it does not ie. He respects all people.

  46. I had posted earlier but as I got to read everyone's post, it gives me more to think about. I really want to see a woman president, and the ridiculous glass ceiling can finally be broken. There's definetly a lot of catching up to do for me in terms of politics, as there are many things that were discussed here that I was not aware of. I appreciate everyone giving their POV, as it gives me the chance to ponder further on who I truly feel deserves to be our next leader.

    Hugs to everyone,

  47. At the outset of this race, I didn't care who won the democratic nomination -- a woman or a Black man -- all I cared about was that change was coming. Now, I fear that come November it will just be another case of the lesser of two (or three) evils.

  48. HRC is the ultimate politician....she's been learning from the best for many years. She wants to be nominated and elected, and will do whatever it takes (as she sees it) to get there.

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  51. I'm an Obama supporter, but I am one that did not interpret her comments in the same way that the media has. I do think it was a very poor choice in wording and it bothers me that while she would apologize to the Kenndy family, she does not feel she needs to clarify/apologize to the Obama family.

    Personally, I hate the rhetoric I'm hearing from party zelots in both camps.

  52. Thanks so much for speaking out about this. I've been saying this all along and now she finally let it out so everyone who will can see it. There are many things this country needs and one thing we DON'T is a person having the say-so over our lives when We're not valued in their everyday thoughts.

  53. Ouch, that was a very unsettling remark. We here in Sweden are also following this nomination process closely, it feels like a symbolic watershed moment and there is a fear in Sweden (were pretty much everyone stands closest to the democrats ideologically) that Obama and Clinton will cancel each other out and give free reign to McCain. And clearly Clinton is digging her own grave saying things like this.

  54. Hilary & Bill are has beens, she need to just face it. I say AMEN to this post! I am so proud of Obama and will be not matter what.


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