Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank you for your point of view!

Let me state up - I DO NOT believe that if you vote for or desire HRC to be President that you are a racist! Do I believe that Hilary and Bill will play that card to get people to vote for them...YES!

Second - yes, I do believe that sexism is alive and well in America...just like racism in all forms is, anti-semiticism is, hatred of fat people is, hatred of anything that is different from the so-called norm...and that all groups of people experience some kind of disconnect with "The Norm" of society.

Third - these are my views...just my views stated on MY blog! Agree, disagree but your words will not change the hurt and anger I feel for a woman whom I use to admire (voted for in her 1st Senatorial campaign in New York and voted for her husband in both general elections), who whether she meant to or not used a word that can be construed as a call to arms for a segment of society that very few seem to publicly acknowledge that they belong to.

Fourth - I have to dispute the charge that Obama missteps are overlooked by the media and HRC. There have been days and days of coverage of Rev. Wright, bittergate, Michelle Obama's comments and quite a few articles about Obama's youth. The media has jumped on ANYTHING on all sides of this political drama.

Fifth - Only 1 Kennedy member has come forth to back HRC. Not RFK's widow, Ethel, not any of the other Kennedy family members. So this was truly a low blow and, if, as fervent HRC supporters you choose to forgive that, it is your right. I, however, do not!

Sixth - If Obama were losing the nomination and still dragging himself around from primary to primary HRC would be the loudest person calling for him to exit the stage. It is only natural. However, I believe that he would have more grace and civility than she is showing and would exit the campaign. I believe that he would consider what was best for the party rather than what was best for himself...knowing that if he truly wants to become President there would be another opportunity...i.e. John McCain.

My final point and then I really am going back to sewing posts, is that we women who do not like or want to vote for HRC aren't voting for her because she's a woman, it's because she's NOT THE RIGHT WOMAN! She doesn't uplift the values of ALL women - white or whatever your ethnicity may be...she doesn't make a SAHM or a working woman feel as valued as "herself"...she doesn't stand for something and STAND for it! She is all over the place with what she wants or whatever crowd she's speaking too...she does not exude grace, kindness, civility, caring...but selfishness, vainness and opportunity. And yes the standards are higher for her than a white man...just like they are higher for a black man/woman or a hispanic man/woman or a Jewish man/woman, etc...that is just a fact of life in this United States! If she really wanted ALL women to join behind her...she would STAND! Just stand for what she truly believed in, opened her heart and shared with others instead of just being another political animal. HRC turns so many more people off than she does on...and if she does somehow find a way to win the Democratic nomination...I guarantee that a Republican will be President in the fall!

*and all capitalized words are for emphasis not shouting!!!

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