Monday, May 26, 2008

New Look 6779

I bought this pattern back in March because I was so thrilled to see a New Look pattern that went up to a size 22! Especially since the majority of the patterns in the New Look catalog stop at a size 16/18. So this pattern has been hanging out waiting for "real" spring weather to come.

After seeing Sheila's wonderful interpretation of this dress and realizing that I did not possess the frame of mind to do extensive pattern alterations to the Vintage Bow Tie Dress, because I am still suffering the leftover affects of a vicious cold, I pulled this one out to use.

Of course, after reading the instructions and remembering that there is no back zipper in this dress...then changing around the construction details and finally making all of the alterations to fit this dress...I probably could have worked on the vintage one! However, I still believe that there is a lot more work in getting the fit perfect in that dress than this one.

Also, after spending quite a bit of time trying to pick patterns and fabrics for my June Capsule wardrobe and realizing that this piece of fabric wasn't going to make the cut, I decided just to sew this quick and easy dress up and then work on the Vintage dress later.

Well, all of those assumptions were wrong...just wrong...first problem...

The white linen's seamline ended in an area of my bust line that cut me in half and really made me look like a stuffed sausage in the dress. Then the side seams had to be altered because there wasn't enough ease in the dress. So this afternoon I am altering, altering the dress...because I refuse to end up with a wadder! I love this piece of fabric and I WILL make it work!

So more later on the saga, of the easy dress ~ New Look 6779!!!!


  1. I know you can make it work! Can't wait to see it all finished up!

  2. You are going to have to work some of that excess fabric in the armscye into the seam line (where 'white' and 'print' fabrics meet) and below that in the side seam into 'a' dart, if the pattern allows for one. If it doesn't then you might have to create one.

  3. I know what you mean, you think you have it all thought and then there is still a problem. Happens to me ALL THE TIME, but I know you will make it work. Feel much better soon!

  4. Can't wait to see how you beat it into submission! I'm off to make my sewing machine cooperate - may the people win :) g

  5. My friend, I'm feeling your pain and frustration all the way from there to here.
    Make it work....meanwhile, I'm fixing some gathering seams that were sewn last week and putting zippers into 5 skirts for Charity's project.

  6. I know you'll get it to work! I see why you love that fabric. I think it's really pretty and will make a cool summer dress.

    Carry on......... ;o)....

  7. I also felt the same way about the top part, but once I sewed the sleeves, it seemed to disappear. Ease was one of my concerns and knew I had to use the stretch cotton sateen. I'm sure it will work out fine.

  8. its always the simple ones that gives the most problems, but it works out in the end, i will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  9. I know you will make it work. I feel like you were at my house today. I spent a lot of time trying to get a good fit with PMB4 for a dress that is running through my mind. I chose to use PMB thinking I would not have to spend as much time, adjusting, etc. Today was not that day. I now wish I had pulled out another sheath dress I have made before. As you have said before, sewing is a journey! Mine proved to be a crooked road today.

    I love your fabric so I know you will get this dress to fit and not waste such lovely fabric. Keep us posted.


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