Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm Back but Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone,

After a very long week of 12-14 hour workdays and several nights spent in a hotel room, I'm home! Thank goodness! And for some reason Blogger's not working. I can get into posting but can't see my I guess whenever Blogger works things out, I'm back...ready to sew and have quite a bit to say!

Hopefully Blogger will have this worked out soon!

ETA: Thanks Keelyb1 on Patternreview for the info on how to fix this! It was driving me crazy! Here's a link to the folder with the fix!

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  1. I had this problem this AM and saw your post on how to get it fixed. DH and I went to Danville to visit his family and I decided I would fix it when I got home. Trying it out after getting home, it appeared blogger fixed it as I did not have to remove site meter.

    Sounds like a rough week!


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