Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It Arrived in the Mail

There are some wonderful people out there in evidenced by what the Postman has brought me recently!

Karen and I had a great time at Metro and she told me that she wanted to send me some buttons to go with my new Grayed Affair pieces...she didn't tell me that some of them would be from Paris! Okay, tres kewl!

And this arrived in the package also...Karen I already know what I want to make with it!

Patti from Chicago was recently shedding pieces from her fabric collection and I was the lucky recipient of this:

I envision it as a lining in a great navy pinstripe suit...and you know I have the pinstripe fabric already!

Next, thanks for all of the wonderful comments on my jacket/pants/dress combo. I wore the jacket and dress today and the jacket wore wonderfully. I have to admit it wore so nicely that I am thinking I should make another one for fall...but we will see!

Now some answers to some questions and some comments:

Gay - I was off on Monday that's the only way that I got some sewing done on a weekday! *LOL*

Valerie - asked about pants lining and the half lining, short answer - I've used this technique before but not recently and I didn't believe there will be show through because the fabric is a medium weight linen...however, I will address some of your lining questions and others lining questions in a future post - so stay tuned! Oh and there is a great book about lining called, "Easy Guide to Sewing Linings" by Connie Long. It is part of the Taunton Sewing Companion Library.

Linda - the lining is attached at the waistline and by a few stitches in the crotch. The legs are hanging free.

Debbie Cook - this jacket would look great in a ltwt or medium weight denim...I can see you wearing a version of it this fall with one of your great tees and some denim capris walking the dogs in the dogpark!

Finally, I'm borrowing Summerset's parting shot...

A peek of what I'm working on next!

More later...


  1. Thank you so much for the book recommendation! And I'll keep my eyes glued to your blog eagerly awaiting a post about lining.

  2. I like and have that whole series by Taunton. Re your saddle stitch, does this do a multi stitch back and forth to get the thicker stitch?

  3. NancyK - yes it does! It sews back and forth 3x.

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric, Carolyn. It's been with me far too long, and it wants to be used. I'm glad it found the right home.

  5. Your next project color is so pretty! I like that texture. The other 2 fabrics are great, too...but I want to see what the next item is in that cheerful color!

  6. Boy, what fun! I love getting surprises in the mail.


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