Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Kors Throwback

First, if you're looking for a completed garment or any sewing at all...forgitabotit! It just didn't happen today...especially if I wake up thinking..."Oh God do I have to sew today!" Yeah that's a sure sign that I'm going to do everything I can to avoid my sewing machine...and people pick yourself ain't that bad! I don't sew ALL the time! *LOL*

So what did I do instead, I photographed and organized most of my vintage patterns. Boy was that a job! Cause I added a description to all of those freakin''s one of the things that bugs me when I find a pattern on someone else's me being the people pleaser that I am, I added that information to all of was ALOT of typing!

Next, I visited all of my favorite fabric sites and I can proudly say that I haven't bought one yard, 1/2 yard or quarter yard of fabric! Yes!!! Probably because I'm saving all of my duckets to go to IKEA next weekend! *LOL* I need new storage containers before more fabric can darken my doorstep! And I just bought a new rug for my living room...I know ~ like you care but I did! I have got to get more floor and window coverings down before it gets is going to be a b*tch to heat my apartment this winter and I can't be giving all of my money to PSEG! What will I have to fabric shop with!?!

Then I visited vintage pattern sites. I have so many favorites now but I want to mention just two today, Lanetz Living (okay I know that I always mention them but I have a lot from them) and I always seem to find something there and mostly in a plus size which I'm beginning to think is rare! Another fav, Out of the Ashes, cause she just has the most extensive pattern collection and I can browse it for hours on end. And while browsing, I found this:

And all I could think about was...Michael Kors Fall 2007 Line...specifically this outfit:

picture credit

People, do you think MK is visiting vintage pattern sites? ROTFLOL! But seriously, you can have a little MK glory by picking up this lovely pattern and reproducing MK's look. 'Cause Fabric Mart is even selling fur tape and yardage...I'm just sayin'

So no sewing here at Chez Carolyn's...lotsa planning (yes planning but it's for fall and I can plan again!), inspiration storing and quality computer time...hey all of the kiddos are gone! I love this having a job thing...well for them!

Tomorrow I'm back to the daily grind but hopefully it won't be as grindy this week since both of my managers are on how did they manage that, she says with a big cheesy grin! I'm hoping to spend less time at work this week and a little more time home, possibly even doing some sewing stuff! Well, a girl can always hope can't she!

As always, more later...


  1. As soon as I saw that pattern, I zoomed in on those sleeves. I get very excited when I like the things you like! Those, my friend, are pretty fab.

  2. Simple but so classy. Both managers are on vacation? Well, that calls for 2 mental health

  3. The fur trimmed sleeves are wonderful.The simplicity of the dress with a touch of wow is very inspiring and I love the monochromatic gray that is going on. mssewcrazy

  4. Thanks for the link to your growing collection. It's lovely.

  5. You have quite a loot! My favorite is Vogue 2183 60s Mod Dress -Sybil Connolly, I would "kill" for that one, LOL!

  6. You have acquired a great selection. I love the comparison of the MK dress with fur. Good luck planning.

  7. Love the dress. Enjoy a less stressful work week with your managers gone.

  8. It's uncanny how alike that pattern and dress are! And I think we all need some thinking time away from the machines and stash - it keeps the sanity! As always, looking forward to seeing your fall collection, here at Chez Carolyn!

  9. LOL, I knocked off a similar Kors dress from the same season for a friend, but I used Vogue 8413. Had to convert it to raglan sleeves but the rest was there. Great style.

  10. I think Michael has a "thing" for Joan on Mad Men, she must be his muse.


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