Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm ambivalent

It's Saturday morning and I'm ambivalent. Usually Saturday mornings find me chomping at the bit to get to my sewing machine...but not today. I don't really know why I'm not running to sew...maybe it has to do with the fact that my cutting table is covered with junk that needs to be moved not just removed from the table but actually put away in to its proper places. Maybe it's also because there is so much fabric around that I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with fabric choices and where to begin. Maybe it's because what I actually want to make, won't play well at work this week? Who knows...I'm just ambivalent.

I am going to see Star Trek this afternoon, so I will let you know what I think later. I am excited about that. Going to spend some time at the stores looking around to see what's available, some lunch and of course the movie. Maybe that's the cause of my ambivalence ~ who knows?!


I am tearing apart the "Bring It On" Dress as we speak. I have removed the sleeves and am just working with the bodice. It will resurface soon in a renewed form.

I am part of a special skirt challenge....more will be revealed later! So look for it!

Several weeks ago while at Kashi's, he told me that someone came in with a pic of me holding a piece of fabric that I had purchased. Denise contacted me after I asked about it that's my opening shot today ~ Denise holding up her piece of fabric.

More later!


  1. This is some really nice fabric and I can't wait to see how the dress returns.

  2. No sewing here but that is norm these days. I am working in the closets of the youngest daughter's(adult in vet school) who now has an apartment and her old room and big closets are just filled with dust,books, crud and clutter.I have someone else's sewing project that will require a day that I am procrastinating on so instead I am cleaning.There is still a lot of stuff in that room to do before the new paint and flooring but at least I have started.
    You are so lucky to get to go to places like Kashi's. We all enjoy seeing your finds. Have a fun day and fashion snoop shop for all of us like you always do. mssewcrazy

  3. I've always loved the word ambivalent. But I hate the feeling. It's really paralyzing, as you know! Enjoy the movie!

  4. Carolyn I notimated you for an award. Check it out at my blog!

  5. Me too, seeing Star Trek tonight!

  6. I raise a glass up to you both, Denise and Carolyn! Rejoice in pursuing what you want, especially when you recognize it! I think that recognizing what you want can be a challenge. I can't explain it, but seeing the picture of Denise with the fabric made me very very happy with the world.

    Enjoy Trek! :)

    Rose in SV

  7. Sounds like you have a great day planned! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. There are just those days when sewing isn't a top priority. Enjoy the movie.

  9. Ha! Do I know about ambivalence towards sewing these days! I've been *itching* to get back into my regular sewing routine for nearly A YEAR and I sort of have free time right now. But I'm moving halfway across the country (Canada - big country, lol) in a couple weeks and I feel like I'm in limbo or something. Today is particularly bad as I had too much sangria at a friend's b-day party last night....oops.

    So today I just don't feel like it. I want to want to feel like it (that was not a typo), but I just don't. So I sat on my couch and counted up how much fabric I have instead (I swatched it all and wrote down yardage, width, content on the backs a while ago). Turns out I have about 725m of fabric, which is about 785yds. Right now even *I'm* scared of my stash! I really hope sewing motivation comes back soon!!!

    P.S. Have a FAB time at the movie! Please, oh please don't spill any beans about it on here until I've seen it, or at least put a spoiler warning up, lol.

  10. My DH and DS went to see Star Trek this afternoon and I stayed home and make a skirt. They were iffy on the movie - but we discovered at dinner that my DS didn't know who Kirk was, we had to explain he was the guy on Priceline. So that explains a lot. And I'll post my skirt tomorrow.

  11. Ahh...that's who it was. The mystery solved.

    Can't wait to hear your review on the captain. Live know :)

    Enjoy your sewing moments when you get to them.


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