Thursday, July 02, 2009

Commercial Break

This is a short commercial break ~ regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.

First, I guess all that talk about the Lavendar fabrics caught's attention...because they are offering a special discount to you lovely readers. They are offering a $5 coupon off your order from July 1st to July 8th. Just use the, the code "blogsewingfantatic." This coupon is a one time use only coupon.

And second, Pam who authors the blog, "Off the Cuff" is having a sale on her wonderful interfacing. All of my friends swear by this interfacing and even though I haven't used it yet due to the fact that I bought bolts of interfacing a couple years ago...I have only heard good things about Pam's interfacing. So please go buy and avail yourself of the sale!

Okay, the commercial break is over...However I will put both sale offers up on my sidebar for easy reference for the next week. Show and Tell resumes tomorrow!!!!


  1. Okay, this is funny -- the first blog I read this morning (Behind the Seams) mentioned the sale on interfacing. As I opened your blog (the second I've read this morning) I thought to myself, "if she mentions the interfacing sale, it's a sign that I've gotta buy some!"

    I guess I'm OBLIGATED to place an order now!

  2. Definitely buy some. I have them all and like them a lot.
    The internet is a very small place.

  3. Wouldn't you know that I just ordered some fabric at the other day. Did just as well with their regular e-mail customers discount. I like the "FREE Shipping" on orders over $35, which I usually take advantage of.

  4. I just placed my first order at Thanks for the tip!


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