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A Guest Blogger and Betty & Veronica

That's an intriguing title isn't it!? *LOL*

First let me tell you about the guest blogger who has authored tomorrow's post on Fit. I've asked my good friend, Colleen Jones, owner of Fancy Threads to write the post. We have been friends for over 12 years now and she is the one who taught me how to fit myself. Colleen is one of the most entertaining, patient and giving teachers I've ever met. Her passion for sewing shines through each and every conversation and her love and dedication to this artform is all encompassing.

Colleen gave me my first Adele Margolis book. She taught me "seam integrity!" At every step of my sewing journey she has encouraged me and I'm so happy to call her my friend!

A short bio of her accomplishments:

Colleen has made her living over the past 20 years fitting bodies. Be that in the area of custom clothing, or in production runs of 20,000 garments – her goal is the same – flatter the body – no matter what shape it is. Working with individual clients, or such known names as Avon, Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant and currently with Priscilla of Boston Bridal, Ms. Jones has earned accolades from industry veterans and home sewists on her ability to not only fit garments, but to teach and help others understand how to achieve more flattering garments thru proper fit. A student once said “some people read tea leaves, Colleen reads draglines and grainlines.” Colleen is currently employed by Priscilla of Boston Bridal as a Technical Manager.

So look for her blog post on Fit tomorrow!


Now onto the Betty & Veronica reference...

picture courtesy of Archie News

When I was a little girl I loved The Archies comic books. My brother preferred super heros, Batman & Robin, The Hulk, Superman...but it was always The Archies for me. Especially Betty and Veronica...two totally politically incorrect chicks if there ever were...but those were the times and I wanted to be Betty when I grew up! Cause even then you could tell Betty was the more normal, average girl!

Now why do I mention them...because of the comments left about how quickly I knocked off the MK dress. See one of my favorite issues had Betty sewing. Veronica bought designer gear because her daddy had money. Betty sewed because she came from average middle class folks like I did. Betty would see something in a magazine or a store window and go home and make it up...usually in an afternoon. Veronica would see the same thing and head to the department store. So in this particular story, they both saw the same outfit...Betty made hers, Veronica bought hers...and they ended up walking into each other wearing it.

This issue greatly influenced my sewing. Yeap, at 11~12 I was already channeling how to make designer garments at home...I guess I've always been a fashionista at heart! *LOL* Does anyone else remember that issue? Does anyone else remember The Archies!? So that's what all of the comments about how quickly I made the dress and how I adapted it...made me think of...Betty and Veronica! *LOL*

Please come back tomorrow and check out Colleen's post! I know you will enjoy it! And always....more later!


  1. Can't wait for tomorrow's post by Colleen. How exciting.

  2. omg. I LOVED Betty and Veronica! Seriously. I had a huge collection for a while. One of my fav features was how people could submit designs for the mag. AND, do you remember ever seeing the one with Josie and the Pussycats and Melody took down a curtain and made it into a fab toga??

  3. I loved those comic books too. I also wanted to be Betty, not Veronica :) I liked both girls but wished Archie would pick Betty )
    In recent news - I was kind of sad to hear he finally made a decision and he is going to marry Veronica! I'm sure Betty will be ok :))))

  4. I was like you in High School. All my friends were spending their money at the mall. Mine was spent on fabric. I would make a new outfit and wear it to school the next day. I never bought my own clothing. I even made my own under garments.

    I'll be back tomorrow :) Can't wait!

  5. I remember the cartoon. I wasn't into comic books. I loved the cartoon series! I was heavy into paper dolls though. I use a whole ream of notebook paper making hundreds of outfits for my paper dolls. My mom would buy me a set of paper dolls and I'd make her a zillion outfits. I made all of my clothes from high school on. I even made prom gowns for classmates. I remember one girl got pregnant and couldn't afford maternity clothes. Dressed to a Tee to the rescue, I made her some outfits and she was set. Back then I'd take a sheet, tablecloth, whatever to make something! Didn't have to worry about fit back then! Cant' wait to check out your blog tomorrow!

  6. I loved betty and veronica when I was younger.. I even got my 10 yr old reading them also. I am really excited about tomorrows post. I will be tuning in.

  7. I actually have some old Betty and Veronica comics from the 60's - yes, I am that old. Don't have the issue you mention however. I would like to read that one!!

  8. Another Archie fan here. I couldn't relate to Veronica either; being the rich girl is totally foreign to me.

  9. Carolyn, thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm for sewing. Your willingness to share and answer questions, your encouraging sewers is absolutely inspiring. I am so very impressed with your generosity of spirit. God Bless You, cmarie. You're wonderful.

  10. I was always a huge Archie fan - Betty was my favorite. And Jughead - I hope that doesn't say anything for me!

  11. I always loved the Archies. The were often a treat when we were home sick and had to have stuff from the drug store. I think the Archies were just as healing as anything else. My grown-up daughters loved them too!

  12. I too loved Betty and Veronica growing up. My husband and I always include a "silly" gift for each other in our Christmas presents. About three years ago I gave him a subscription for the Archies comics. He loved it.

    I have learned so much from your blog. Thank you for sharing your talent, knowledge, style and friendship.

  13. Too funny. I LOVED Superman comics. I mean I would save my dimes and race to the corner store to pick up the latest issue. In between I would bug the storekeeper nearly every day, asking when they would be in. My mom said we could read whatever we wanted as long as we were reading.

    I attended a lecture by Colleen about 15 years ago. She was a wonderful speaker and really struck me as someone who knew how to put an outfit together so it would really flatter its owner.

  14. Oh yes, I remember Betty and Veronica! And, like you, I have so much fun and feel so good about myself when I create my own version of a designer outfit! Heck, anyone can BUY ready-made designer clothing, but it takes skill (and time, and effort, and creativity, plus a little luck!) to make it yourself!!

  15. Carolyn, did you know that Archie is getting married. I heard a report on NPR...he recently proposed to his long-time love...Veronica! I love Betty too, and I think he made a big mistake!
    I always look forward to reading your blog. Thanks you.

  16. Carolyn, I remember that issue! I was just learning how to make doll clothes at that time, but I remember how in inspired me to beg my mom to teach me how to sew clothes for me. We had a lot of kids and very little money when I was growing up, and I wanted to look like everyone else. My mom made a deal with me, she would buy me all the fabric and patterns I could use, as long as I sewed my own clothes instead of buying them. The bug hit and I've never recovered!!!

  17. Archie is marrying Veronica! Say it ain't so! I give that marriage two years at best. Archie will realize what a selfish, spoiled brat Veronica is. I only hope Betty doesn't take him in when he realizes who is the better woman! LOL

  18. Carolyn, I totally remember that issue. I think it inspired me to want to sew more than I already wanted to and with the help of my mom and her willingness to fawn over the designer clothing in Vogue magazine, I was able to "pull a Betty". In fact, I used to make all my date night outfits when I was in my early twenties.

    I bet Veronica leaves Archie for Reggie.


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