Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

I'm a little sad today...I spent the morning watching the funeral for Senator Ted Kennedy and listening to the eulogies by his children and President Obama which really moved me...

...and then today is Michael Jackson's 51st birthday but he's not here to celebrate it because they are now saying that he was murdered...


So add emotional weariness to physical tiredness and you don't have a good mix...but moving onto sewing things...I've decided that the Pumpkin Wardrobe is just not coming out of my sewing machine this month...heck there's only two more days to the month and I haven't worked on one piece! I will more than likely make a couple of the pieces but probably during the month of September and not in the grand concept that I originally envisioned.

Letting the wardrobe plan go has been oddly freeing...I've sewn whatever has come to mind the last few weeks...with some misses and a hit. Hopefully my next garment will be a hit too. I've decided that I have enough summer garments and that I'm going to start sewing pre-fall leading up to the great sewing & relaxing vacation week...which I can't wait for!

To that end, this weekend I will work on the bow tied sheath dress in Vogue 7361. An out of print pattern that I first mentioned last year around this time in my Top Ten Things for Fall post. This pattern has been on the back burner of my "creative" mind and following some email correspondence with Gaylene, it came storming back to the forefront. I've also really wanted to use the pink tweedy silk that is pictured with the pattern. I've had this piece for about five or six years, purchased from Vogue Fabrics at a sewing show in Worcester, MA. This will be my first pre-fall outfit.

I also wanted to let you know that my invisible zipper trials will now take a backseat here. I really just wanted to share with you that even experienced sewists need to learn new things and that we all should be fearless about learning them. I think I've got this one now *smile* since I no longer get the heebie jeebies thinking about them! Hopefully someone else learned something at the same time that I did!

I may or may not have a new outfit to share with you soon...depends on how much I get done! Right after I take a nap and watch some more MJ videos which are everywhere this weekend...


  1. That looks very Michael Kors to me. I like it a lot. Sometimes plans just don't get done, but the dreaming is always good not matter what.

  2. I love to dream of what my fabrics will become. I can't plan a wardrobe, because I must have inspiration to sew something. I'm sure that sickness and distractions are harming your creative juices right now, but I'm certain that your ideas will flow like water from the kitchen tap when you get to your glorious sewing vacation! Hope you're feeling much better now.

  3. There was sadness today with thoughts of Teddy Kennedy and MJ. I have discovered that wardrobe plans can be helpful but sometimes a pain to the creativity. I guess we just need to go with the sewing flow, right?

  4. I would love to be able to plan a wardrobe but I can't seem to be that organized with my sewing. I always inspired by your creations, hope you are able to rest and I am sure you will be sewing up wonderful garments soon.

  5. I'm sorry you've felt sad and down today. *gives you hugs and cookies* I like the fabric- the color is fab. I wish I had the patience and planning skills to come up with a wardrobe ahead of time, but I'm waaayyy too "Ohh, shiny, I must make this though it matches absolutely nothing else I own!!" to do it right. I also love that you name your collections like a designer- that is so cool! I may have to start doing collections just so I can give them fun names. *steals cool idea and runs off with it into the sunset*

  6. Here is a cyber hug and wish for less sad days soon.

    I can't wait to see that dress pattern made up. Like you I have had this pattern in my collection for years. I have pulled it out several times to make it and something else takes its place.

    Your sewing is always an inspiration to me so I look forward to seeing this made up. It may be the motivation for me to pull this pattern out again.

    I think you and I are going to be on the same vacation schedule and I have several sewing plans in my head for that week.


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