Saturday, August 22, 2009

Michael Kors, Sewing and Me!

I will admit it up front...I am fanatical about Michael Kors designs. And I'm soooooo in love with his new pre-fall and fall lines that I am beside myself. His garments are so in line with the type of sewing that I want to do this fall...

It started when I saw this suit in the new September issue of Allure Magazine:

Which then drove me to his website and to I have happily spent the morning imagining new pieces for my fall wardrobe - because you know how much I love a dress! So without further ado these are the pieces that have set my heart pitter pattering...all pics are from

The good thing about an extensive fabric collection...I already have a piece like this in it! It reminds me of
Simplicity 2868 which also resides in my pattern collection...just make short sleeves instead of long ones!

Besides the fact that I love, love, love the pairing of black and white - I'm also really diggin' all of the color blocking that he has going on!

I know that this is in a brown/black combination but I can see it in soooo many other about a gray/lilac combo or a red/black could get as dramatic as you pleased or as tonal as you wanted. Oooolalalala - the combinations you could come up with to make it your own! BTW, this wool crepe version retails for $1,995!

Is this not fresh or what!?! I love the colors MK chose for his version - I'm thinking mine could be done from similar colors using some amazing ponte knits from Marcy Tilton! Or if you want to see a less expensive RTW version of this...Dillards is offering a grey/black/white version
for $128! Because MK's version retails for $1,795!!!

Now this is my TNT sheath dress with two amazing colors and a large satin ribbon sewn down the front! I can't think of one person who wouldn't look amazing in this dress! Just pick colors you love and get to sewing!

A variation on a theme I know, but doesn't it look just as good in black and white! Some of these pieces will be making appearances in my fall/winter can they not? They are classic styles with a lot of ooomph, will work well in my corporate environment and will make this plus size mama look professional and well put together!

So what do you think? Anything here that would work for you? Or are you jonesing on another look/designer/color for fall?


  1. I love MK. He is the Bill Blass of our time using luxury fabrics in timeless designs.

  2. I made this pattern last year for a client and the jacket of MK had a dart right at the roll line of the lapel that showed when laying flat. It was horrible and no reason to have it on the facing/lapel where it shows.I see it is on clearance on the vogue site now so maybe someone complained?
    You can see the finished project on my website.
    But all in all, he sure can show of a woman's figure and uses lovely fabrics!! Can't wait to see what you come up with, Caroline!

  3. I've loved MK forever! The designs you chose are fabulous. I think I might steal a couple of ideas from you....

  4. Love every one of those and it's a good thing I am on the West coast so we won't be twinsys on the street! Thanks for getting my fashion heart beating!

  5. Excellent choices for inspiration! I LOVE that third picture down - I MUST make this dress!
    Let's see:
    brown wool crepe - check
    black wool crepe - check
    ivory wool crepe - no check - must go search for ivory wool crepe!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I am so in love with colour blocking! And I adore that mocha and black little number. Thanks for sharing those with us!

  7. Just love them all!Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Those dresses are beautiful! I especially love the black/white check.

  9. Wow! Thanks for sharing these beautiful dresses. What an inspiration.

  10. I'm anxious to see your version and I know for sure - without a doubt - we'll be seeing some of these made up "by you" this fall....I agree they are all fabulous picks.

  11. Very inspiring! Those ponte knits are gorgeous and perfect for his designs. Thanks for featuring these - I haven't even glanced at yet. Must make time soon!

  12. Fabulous choices. I, personally, can't imagine wearing a $2K dress. First thing I would do is spill coffe on it :-(

    Can't wait to see what you make from this lovely batch of inspiration. Enjoy your sewing staycation. g

  13. Wow! These designs are amazing! I can see why you'd fall in love with them. Looking forward to seeing what you sew!

  14. I, too, love every one of those dresses and was jumping right on the mental bandwagon and thinking I should make a couple for myself. But I have two questions:
    1. Would you wear the black tights with each outfit?
    2. How do you handle a sleeveless dress in the fall/winter even in an office setting? Do you actually wear sleeveless dresses all day in the office? I live in Tennessee where it's not as cold as your area, but I'm not seeing me in sleeveless at work in the winter.
    Thanks for the inspiration I find here.

  15. Thank you for pointing these out - I have bookmarked your post and really want to make a dress based on at least one of these, I love them.

  16. Wonderful inspiration! I love all of these dresses and they are perfect for you.

  17. MK is a great choice - I can certainly see the appeal of these dresses for your wardrobe. While I like the concepts, I'm not sure the shapes would work for me personally. I think part of personal style is taking those concepts and interpreting them to make them work for you.

    As far as my own inspiration - well, I like a lot of the colors and shapes Galliano/Dior has presented recently (and of course, the crazy hats and accessories - not that I could wear them anywhere!). That's just me though, the collections seem to have a bit of a retro vibe to them so of course they're appealing on some level.

    While I'm thinking about it - I went through last year's September Vogue to see what I picked as looks for last fall/winter. LOL. I had to wonder what I was thinking in some cases, as I've become much more aware of body shape and clothes that flatter or don't over the past year. Needless to say, I removed a bunch of tags and others are on the "intepret in my own style" list.

  18. I love this sort of stuff - a little Mondrian, but makes for wonderful puzzles to be solved!

  19. I LOVE MK's designs! Thanks for the great inspiration!


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