Friday, September 25, 2009

My next project ~ "A Wearable Muslin"

I've wanted to make Vogue 1127 since I first saw it in the Vogue Pattern Magazine.  Originally I planned to make this from my fashion fabric combo but after seeing Barbara's version, I knew I had to work on this outfit sooner rather than later!

My next stop was to check Patternreview to see if anyone had used the pattern.  But I have to tell you that I was a little disappointed by the two reviews of the pattern.  However, I did read all of their comments and double checked them with Barbara's blogpost, where btw, she mentions none of the reviewers issues.

So I pulled my pattern pieces out last night and preceded to start the alteration process. I won't detail them all here now but I had a very relaxed evening just altering the pattern pieces.  Since I mainly want to try out the jacket first...because if it doesn't work what will be the sense of making the other pieces...I will admit that I added three inches to the length of the jacket.  This is a kewl short boxy jacket.  But I don't want it to make me look kewl, fat and plump!  Therefore, it had to be lengthened...not too long to take away from the original design but long enough to be flattering on me.  I will make another sleeveless sheath dress to accompany this jacket.

This is my fabric ~ a Doubleside Dotted Italian Cotton from EOS:

I will use a rayon midweight lining fabric and will incorporate some of the issues that the PR reviewers referenced.  First being that only the sleeves are lined in the jacket.  The seams are HK finished.  Even though I loved how Barbara HK finished her jacket, mine will be underlined with the lining and then the seams will be HK finished.  Very similar to the way I finished the interior of the Butterick 4980 jacket.

Another point of contention in the reviews was the dart that formed the top of the sleeve.  Since I've used this technique before for the Butterick 4980 jackets, I'm sure I will be able to handle this and make it work.

I was going to run down to the garment district today to pick up some gray satin bias binding from Daytona Trimmings to use for the HK finishing, even though the pattern does have a great piece for making your own bias binding in the pattern.  Well my day job precluding me making the trip and saving the I will be using the pattern piece with the lining fabric and making my own bias binding.

Work will start on the jacket this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it.  I have some errands to do tomorrow but I'm gonna bury myself in the process on Sunday!  Finally, this version will be my "wearable muslin" before I cut into my fashion fabric and make "The Elegant Fall" version...but I really believe that my wardrobe can stand two of these jackets! always, more later!


  1. Oh Carolyn! I've been drooling over this pattern since I first saw it in Vogue too. I almost bought it for $5.99 last week but decided against it because of the short boxy jacket and knowing it would make me look shorter and chubbier.Besides, I have no need for another dressy suit since i only have church to wear it to. Having said that, I'm still daydreaming about that darn pattern!!. So, I'll be very interested in yours and will live vicariously through you and your suit.LOL

  2. I agree that short boxy jackets only work on the very thin, like my daughters. You made me giggle, not wanting to look kewl and plump. I will look forward to seeing your interpretation of the jacket.

  3. Beautiful fabric! This should be lovely.

  4. The fabric looks great!! Happy sewing!!

  5. The fabric looks great. I can't wait to see the finished outfit.

  6. Hi there
    came via Pattern Review (was looking at Vogue 1091 - I have the pattern,but like to read up to see what others have experienced before I start making).
    I'm going to enjoy reading your past posts, to see what you've been making. Am very impressed by your dress output for 2009!

    Jenny, Australia

  7. Oh goody! I can't wait to see this.

  8. That pattern is really nice looking and I love your fabric - the finished outfit is going to look very elegant.

  9. I'm planning to make this suit sometime this winter, so I will avidly await your review/comment. I'm a little surprised that only the sleeves are lined . . . doesn't seem like the kind of thing I'd associate with Badgley Mischka.

  10. I own this pattern and LOVE it. I am hoping to make the blouse sometime. Love your fabric! Can't wait to see it!

  11. That's a great design, and I'm glad you're letting us follow your progress on making it!


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