Monday, November 30, 2009

More ramblings on the Burda Skirt

I knew that the Burda skirt was hot but I never realized how hot!  Sharon, who authors the blog, "Adventures from the Sewing Studio", has already completed her version of the Burda skirt.  You can see it here!  Also Elizabeth, who authors the blog, "Sew A Beginner", also has her muslin of the skirt up on her blog.

First a progress report, I have only cut the skirt pieces out of the black wool crepe.  I haven't cut the underlining pieces out yet, that is the next step.  I know everyone is wondering where my finished skirt is but I was feeling under the weather this weekend and spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping.  The alterations to the pattern and cutting out the fashion fabric are as far as I got.

However, there were a couple of questions and comments that I wanted to address.  One, I understand that there are lots of words in my posts, but I did state that this is the first time in YEARS that I have sewn with a BurdaStyle (WOF) pattern.  This entire construction process is an adventure and totally out of my comfort zone. 

I am perfectly happy sewing up those Big4 patterns.  I have no problems making the adjustments to them because I've been using them since I was 11 years old.  On the other hand, if you are more comfortable using the Burda magazine patterns...if tracing them and grading them up is no problem for you I think that's wonderful.  Me, I'm stumbling around here, getting my footing and trying to locate some normal landmarks.

That is why I elected to use my TNT pattern as a starting point.  I know that this fits.  I know how to manipulate it and make it work for me...and frankly this is just how my brain I get from Point A to Point B. And can I add here as politely as I can...that I don't mind constructive criticism especially when I can see a garment that you've made.  Then I know where you are coming from...however, if I can't see anything you've made, yet you elect to "instruct" me on how to do something, I'm a little skeptical of your advice.

MeredithP asked about the pegged hem
...girl I removed that!  *LOL*  I straighted the side seam out and added some width to it at the same time that I added some length to the pattern.

BeeBee said:  I always take time to outline my BWOF size line in a Sharpie. I'm anal enough that I have to use the color of that pattern (green for green, red for red, etc. I tried using black once and almost had a meltdown). 
Seriously!  I never thought of this!  I will have to remember that - I mean if I ever take this adventure again! *LOL* 

Anonymous said:
easy method to trace out a Burda pattern:  Lay newspaper under the pattern sheet. Financial Times is good because it is very thin. Place both of these on a tracing wheel friendly surface. Use a tracing wheel to trace out the pattern. The tracing wheel will make marks into the newspaper which you can use for adding seam allowance and markings with marker directly on the newspaper.
Ohmygoodness - that would have just about done me in!  *LOL*  I was having a hard enough time seeing the lines and using a black sharpie!  And I don't mind people using the anonymous section if they just put their name at the bottom of the post, please!

To everyone who wrote an encouraging word and are waiting to see the finished result ~ thank you!  Ummmm, I am sooooo flying in the dark here! *LOL*  I am taking a huge leap because I really like this skirt.  And to the awesome Marji, thanks so much for the instructions and the picture (wait until you see how she marked up the pattern piece to show me how to add the lining!)  I probably won't have the chance to work on this again until stay tuned!


  1. Carolyn - I'm sorry you were feeling under the weather this past weekend. I know how that just zaps ones sewing energy.

    I have ventured back to Burda magazine sewing this year and I can relate. You may remember it was only this year that I realized I needed to add seam allowances when tracing. Here I thought everything ran small *LOL*

    I'm eager to see your fabulous version. Hoping you feel better soon!

  2. I admire your courage! You'll be the inspiration for all of us who don't sew from the magazine. Although everyone raves about the skirt, I didn't see how I could make it in big girls size I needed. I'm looking forward to your review. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. :) I am posting pictures tonight and wearing the skirt today. Can't wait to see your take on this skirt.

  4. I'm like you . . . I have no problem with the "big 4" pattern instructions, but I also find the Burda instructions (including tracing the patterns) a bit trying and tiring! However, Burda does have some interesting looks, so I try to do at least one garment out of every magazine. Can't wait to see your skirt!

  5. Good luck on your skirt! I have sewn quite a few things from the magazine and I quite like the style. Although the instructions make me want to make me pull my hair out. I often find myself ignoring them, or going back into my pattern stash and finding illustrated instructions for similar patterns in the "Big 4" when I get stuck. I mean, there has to be some use for that gigantic pile of patterns, doesn't there, lol?

  6. Hi! Found you through another blog... glad to be your 300th follower!! Will enjoy reading your blog. Monique ♥

  7. Me again! Sorry - was looking at your visitor map. Where's Australia? I know we're at the bottom of the world, but I didn't think we had fallen off? LOL :)

  8. Looking forward to your continued posts on the making of the Burda Skirt. I saw Sharon's skirt and it looks great and will check out Elizabeth too. I have yet to venture into sewing a BWOF pattern b/c the Big 4 works so well for me and have yet to get over the fear of all that tracing.

  9. I'm sure your skirt will turn out lovely. It reminds me a lot of a skirt currently on The Tog Shop site which retails at about $98 and I'm sure all the ladies trying the pattern will come out much better price-wise.

  10. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather. Can't wait to hear about the skirt progress. I like Marji's idea about underlining using the mock bound edge idea (I'm sure there's a name for this). Thanks for pointing out who else is making it also. Feel better!

  11. Looking forward to your skirt. It's a very nice pattern and I'm sure you'll make it a perfect fit for you.

    About the tip about tracing with the newspaper you got: that's how we did it when I learned to sew as a kid. So happy that at some point I started to use tracing paper and didn't ruin my pattern sheets any more (not to speak of paper ink on your fabric!). Tracing paper isn't that expensive.

  12. This is why a TNT is a TNT - you know it fits!!! Good luck with the Burda - I try one about every twenty years. Using a Burda is akin to reading a novel in Russian.


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  14. Love the skirt as it is coming out, and you are getting such good suggestions. I think I like your planned modifications even better. I'll keep following along as I plan to make that skirt too one of these days -- too busy obsessing about other things right now. Besides I had one just like it in the early 90's. Goodness, dating myself again.


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