Sunday, November 08, 2009

Musings on a Sunday Afternoon

I've felt like crap most of the day...*sigh* even though my sewing mojo is working, my body is not cooperating!  And I have to go to work tomorrow...

Yesterday I did not sew.  This certain little person needed a babysitter...for SIX HOURS...can I tell you I know why God did not see fit for women over 50 and menopausal to reproduce.  At one point I wanted to lock that little joker outside...seriously, can you cry non-stop for 45 minutes?  Me, neither...but he can!  *LOL*  Then I had family over for several hours during the evening so there went my Saturday.

This morning I woke up and just felt well...crappy.  I've been reading a book instead of's about all I can handle.

However, I did come up with a SWAP plan.  So as soon as the three pieces of fabric that I purchased yesterday just for this purpose arrives, I will start a folder on Stitchers Guild and announce my plan.  Not to disappoint but I went with option 2:

2 dresses -single pieces consisting of top and bottom that can be worn alone.
6 tops - t-shirts, shirts, blouses, or camisoles
2 bottoms - jeans, pants, shorts, skirts or kilts.
1 your choice (not an accesory)

I chose option 2 because I could incorporate some things from my already formulated fall/winter sewing list in my collection...and don't everyone gasp now but it incorporates three new patterns.  I'm pretty excited about this plan especially since two items can be made prior to the start date of December 26th.  I even have a great name for the came to me 1,2,3 without much handwringing or thought so I know it's perfect name for the wardrobe.


Please go by Karen's blog and see the new outfit she made with the fabric she took home from the get-together!  It is awesome because it plays to her refashioning strengths!  If you think I'm the "Queen of TNT," Karen is the "Queen of the Thrift Store Refashion."  The girl makes me almost wish that I hadn't given her that piece of fabric!  *LOL*


I really want to see the movie, Precious.  I read the book several years ago and my oldest daughter brought it with her yesterday.  It took about three hours last night to read through it again.  At first I didn't want to see the movie from what I remembered of the book...but now...I think I'm gonna go!  But I'm bringing the tissue box with me!


Finally, this piece of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fabric showed up on my doorstep this week:

Fabric Mart describes it like this:

This unique Anna Sui 100% designer wool is an understated, yet quite elegant wool with gorgeous detail. For starters, it is a gauze-like crepe with a slight sheerness, yet softly textured hand and a nice light drape. It features a burn-out jacquard border that consists of a repeat scrolled columns that are approximately 23” in height. It would make a gorgeous long sweater coat or a modern wool jumper, over shirt, blouse or classic skirt. Use you imagination to bring this lovely wool to your wardrobe.
It's so beautiful it makes my heart stop! *sigh*
I will work on the dress next weekend...I'm headed back to watch television and continue to read my book!  I hope everyone else had a very productive weekend...
...more later!


  1. That fabric is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make with it. And I know what you mean about those little ones...I hung out with my nephew for just a couple of hours today and I am EXHAUSTED!!

  2. I was eyeing that exact fabric! Should I buy it??? Can't wait to see what you make with it!!

    Hope you feel better.

  3. I am really excited that you are doing SWAP. I am sure your plan will be fabulous and am looking forward to seeing what you do with the "twist"

  4. I can't wait to see the swap plan, Oh Great Queen of TNT.

    BTW, you're not getting that fabric back now, and thank you again for it. Since the weather has decided to cooperate, I'm wearing it tomorrow. But carrying the shoes.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon! Reading is a good alternative to sewing :)

  6. Please let us know what you think of "Precious" - I have read quite a bit about it but don't think I could bear to watch it.

  7. That is a lot of sewing to do. I don't get that much done in a year. I am the mother of a 5 and 2 year old though, which probably explains it!

    I am looking forward to seeing what you make.

  8. only 45 mins of crying? You got off easy LOL..... A crying/whingy baby sure does take a lot out of you, but reading sewing blogs is *almost* like sewing!

  9. I can't wait to see what new patterns you pick!

    And you are a SAINT to watch the little guy for that long... my nephew is 2 already, and he wears me out to fast. 4 hours is about my upper limit on time alone with him!!

  10. OH I can't wait to see what you are going to make. I am considering SWAP too and might just do it. I have to get something made in the next month just to encourage myself first though.

    And BTW, that fabric is gorgeous.

  11. Carolyn, I'm so excited that you are going to Swap. (I'm not, once was enough ).Can't wait to see your plan.

  12. Hope you're feeling better! Your SWAP will be fun to watch. I'm not sure I'll be doing one this time around - I'm on the fence.

  13. Wow, that fabric is very drool-worthy! Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

  14. Hope that your "ickies" are just a bad day and not the current germ flying around here.

    That is some gorgeous fabric. Yes, babies are exhausting at this age, but you do it, love it, and do it again. Just the way it is.


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