Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Thanksgiving Weekend Project

Well to continue my "Marji Weekend", I haven't and probably won't be sewing at all this weekend.  I need to clean...yeah, I know I was suppose to do that yesterday but rested instead...because Marji will be here later this afternoon.

I have, however, been thinking about my Thanksgiving project.  Even though I'm not off the Friday after Thanksgiving, it's a light day at work and I will be home early.  And since my family lives locally I don't have to travel more than 15 minutes to get to my sister's for Thanksgiving Dinner, I will have most of the morning and afternoon to do a little pre-sewing.

Usually I pick one involved project so that I can take the time to work it out.  I was floundering around wondering what it should be, nothing really striking my fancy until the Simplicity 6461 vintage pattern arrived from Lisa.

I have an awesome steel gray Italian tropical wool that I bought from Metro Textiles several months ago that would make up nicely in this pattern. 

I haven't sewn a vintage pattern in a minute so this has really piqued my interest.  I am going to make the collarless jacket with the three-quarter sleeves and the coordinating dress.   Interestingly, the dress has no lining.  I guess full slips were the thing in the 60s.  However, I will be adding a lining to the dress and I need to find a trim to add to the jacket front.  If there is enough time, I will make a coordinating lined straight skirt from my TNT skirt pattern and a silk tank top from this pattern:

to make a little wardrobe unit.  This of course will give me some flexibility when wearing the pieces to work.

The skirt and tank top are the easy sews...I hope to concentrate all of my energy on the jacket and now that a project has been decided upon...I live for the weekend! *LOL*

Marji will be here later this evening so I will have more to share tomorrow!  And I have one quick question, has anyone seen this pattern (Advance 3073) in a larger size (40-44)?

If so, would you kindly point me to the internet spot or would you be willing to sell it to me?  I really want to make this outfit up!

Hope everyone has a great sewing weekend!!!


  1. Oooh! I love both patterns. Can't wait for Thanksgiving weekend to come and be gone to see your outfit. Have fun tonight!

  2. This outfit will look beautiful made up in those fabrics :)
    Have a great evening.

  3. Great plan! When I worked, I always volunteered to go to work around the holidays. It was so relaxing, and I could save my days off for when there was actual work going on that I wanted to avoid.

  4. This is going to be a great vintage pattern to work with. Love the steel gray fabric.

  5. That looks like a fabulous plan and I love the fabrics you have chosen. Love to both you and Marji! I'm sure you are having a wonderful time.

  6. Your plans look great. Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed chatting with you? so, yeah, have fun with Marji; I know you will!

  7. I don't have the Advance 3073 but I'll put it on my 'pick list' and let you know if I find it : )

  8. Sounds like a great plan. I'm also used to be in work those days around holidays. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving was few weeks ago here in Canada on Monday, I went to work on Tuesday like it was normal day. However, the atmosphere in the work was more relaxed than usually and all of us enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to see the results of your plan.

    Good luck,

  9. Great patterns, both of them. I can't wait to see your versions of them!

  10. I love the yellow wrap jacket on the Vogue pattern. Do you know of any long-sleeved cowl neck blouse patterns?

  11. I can totally see you wearing all these pieces! I'm looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out.

  12. Love the fabric...can't wait to see it completed. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Sewing!!!

  13. Carolyn, do you line all your summer clothes? I live in a cool part of NZ, so need a slip or lining to avoid static with the necessary tights, but spend long periods at home in Australia too, which is considerably hotter. I'm still trying to work out if I need a whole separate wardrobe for the warm climate, or whether lined dresses will be bearable in hot hot hot weather...

  14. I do love you, really. But this "Interestingly, the dress has no lining. I guess full slips were the thing in the 60s." Were you just joking around with us? Of course most patterns were unlined in the old days, women wore foundation undergarments plus slips back then! :)


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