Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Great Fabric Changeover

I have this tree right outside my kitchen window that I can tell the seasons by...spring and it blooms beautiful white flowers before the leaves form...summer and its full of beautiful green leaves...fall and the leaves change to awesome shades of red, orange and yellow...and winter it's bare until snow falls and its branches glisten with the white stuff.

Spring has truly arrived because the tree has those amazing white flowers on it...and that means the changing of the fabric. 

Now my original plan for the weekend was to sew for Friday and Saturday, clean Saturday evening and cook Sunday afternoon for Easter Dinner.  That was my original plan!

What actually happened was...the warm weather coupled with the bright sunshine and then the cleaning bug hit and I spent a good part of the weekend doing spring cleaning.  Since I had accumulated several boxes and an enormous tub of fabric in the living room, I decided it was time to wrestle with the fabric closet and change from fall/winter to spring/summer fabric.

After reducing the piles in the living room and finding spots for them in the fabric closet, then moving an oversized bin of fabric from my bedroom into the fabric closet and moving another oversized bin of fabric into my bedroom, I had completed the great fabric changeover.  I'm glad that I only have to do this once a year...I'm glad that I only have to face the amount of fabric that I've jammed into my fabric closet a few times a year!  *LOL*

I did manage to find a little time to work on SWAP dress #3 and after my family leaves tonight, I will hem the lining and outer shell of the dress and it will be complete.  Again, I'm questioning if I will make the deadline...but we shall see!  Pictures of the finished dress will come later this week. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday (if you celebrate) filled with love, joy family and friends.

...more later!


  1. I was wondering when you would do the fabric changeover. I do forget that here in So. Virginia we do tend to get to spring earlier than in NJ. Your tubs look like some of mine, I knew I was normal.

  2. Thanks for this post! Happy you were able to get organized!!! Great idea, I think I'll follow suit!!!

  3. Your trees are a couple of weeks ahead of mine! I love the springtime flowers on the trees above all else! congrats on getting the fabric changeover done; glad the mojo's back!

  4. I NEED to start doing the fabric changeover. I have too much that I have to dig through all the time, and to have it separated by season would be helpful. All the trees in my neighborhood are flowering right now, too. I guess that means that soon it will be time to take all the houseplants out to the porch!

  5. I'm definitely feeling the spring bug - even if I did have to wear a sweater and pants to work today because it was raining and in the 50s. :/ Ah well, we're back to summer temps in like two days. Heh.

    Excited to see the lastest SWAP dress!

  6. What a great tree! Perfect timing for the fabric change over.

  7. we are of a like mind! I have been overwhelmed by my stash and couldn't really find anything I liked in my fabric closet, and there was so much that I couldn't even remember what was there. Rather than go through the whole closet (and drawers, etc,) I decided just to pull out the heavy wools and boucles to give myself some breathing room. I then went over to Joann's and bought a beautiful linen in dark brown with a beautiful ribbon floral on it. It made it easier to move forward with my spring (Florida spring, which is more like summer up north) sewing.

  8. All organized you're ready for the creative storm. Looking forward to the results (and looking around me reminds me I have some cleaning to do myself).

  9. That looks like a Bradford Pear tree to me. We have thousands and thousands of them here in Atlanta. They bloom before the dogwoods and we know Spring is here!

  10. You just inspired me Carolyn! I'm off to organize both fabric and yarn right now. I hope you had a lovely holiday too.


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