Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is an ad free blog!

If you are a regular reader, please excuse this little bit of housekeeping but I feel that I need to get it done.

Let me state unequivocably, "This is an AD FREE Blog!" 

I will not endorse shoes, clothing, software products or books by authors that I don't believe can actually sew...they just make money off crafters who think it's a good thing!

I purposely don't run ads down the side of my blog to attract possible extra money for myself because I have a day job that fuels my passion and I don't want to shill for you!  Yes, in the past I have blogged about a specific offer from a sewing resource BUT it is a resource that I have had a positive interaction with and believe in their product...and most importantly, I received no compensation for the post!

Any book, movie, internet fabric source, internet pattern source, notion or distributor of said notions has made an appearance here because they have produced a product that I have bought, used or found some pleasure in.  AGAIN let me state that they have paid me no compensation and I seek none because I want my reviews to be unbiased and heartfelt.

I blog not for social status in the sewing world...or to have a "name" in the sewing world but because I like to sew.  I have no influence to offer you and even though it appears that quite a few sewists visit my blog, please note that there are other bloggers with bigger audiences that you should approach.  I would appreciate it if you would not email me or leave links to sites in my comments.

Okay now that I have that off my chest...back to the regularly scheduled programming...


  1. Thanks for being a fair & honest voice in the blogosphere, Carolyn! We appreciate you!! :-)

  2. I say good for you! I was recently inspired by this ad-free blog bit. Going to get it up on my blog soon.

  3. Well said! I find the comments with advertisements to their own sites so irritating (and remove them).

  4. you are absolutely right!
    Good that you're taking a stand

    bye the way.. thanks for the inspiration I get from visiting your blog!

  5. Well said Carolyn! I love your blog and like the way you do things.

  6. I agree with you completely, and I've always ignored requests for advertisements too. I figure you once you've done a paid ad, then ever after people can never tell if you're saying something that's real for you or that you're just being paid for.

  7. Oh, my AMEN. I loathe the spammers, but I also really get irritated by the "Sponsor Me!" posts and requests from bloggers on my feed too. For me at least, making my blog space a revenue generator would just suck the fun right out of it. I love it because it's NOT a job!

  8. Oh, my AMEN. I loathe the spammers, but I also really get irritated by the "Sponsor Me!" posts and requests from bloggers on my feed too. For me at least, making my blog space a revenue generator would just suck the fun right out of it. I love it because it's NOT a job!

  9. I've gotten a few of those requests, too. I compare my blog to NPR or PRI. I accept no advertising, so I can say what I want.

    Carolyn, I can see you in Oprah's position - being sued because you said something against hamburgers!!!

  10. I appreciate so much that you just blog for the sheer love of sewing! I read your blog daily, because I love all things sewing. You are an inmstiration!

  11. Well, I personally need advertising money so I can support my luxe blogging lifestyle - private jets, fancy cars, that sort of thing. :)

    But in all seriousness, there's a world of difference between spam comments and a selective sponsorship program. You've chosen what's right for you, and I applaud you for that. But in my own situation, I've been disturbed by the notions that 1) anyone who accepts advertising is morally suspect in their blogging motivations and 2) people (especially women) should not expect monetary gain from the content they put out in the world if it's associated with a hobby or leisure pursuit.

    Which brings me to the point: The absence or presence of advertising is not what makes a blog inherently good or bad - it's the quality of content provided. We all love your blog, so you've obviously got that down. :)

    Also, I don't think anyone of us blogs just because we like to sew. If that were the case, we'd be wasting a lot of precious sewing time by blogging! We blog because we like to sew and share it with a like-minded community. I think there's space for lots of different choices in how we do it.

  12. Carolyn,
    Well said. I must agree with Gertie though, as there are some people who choose to have ads on their site as a means of income. Each to their own, I say. After reading your article I visited the Ad Free Blog website and I now have the little owl on my blog and have written a short post on why I don't have ads. I hope you don't mind that I linked to your most recent blog.
    I love reading your blog, it's very inspiring and interesting.

  13. Carolyn, love your blog! Love the declaration you've made. I agree with Gertie, however I will say, that I get tired of people trying to promote their blog or shop like crazy by even leaving their URL in the comments. For heaven sakes, they can click on your name and go to your site from there. I've been seeing this a lot, even from bloggers I really like and whose blogs I religiously follow. It really does make me wonder if their intentions are truly genuine or just another ploy to make them the most popular blogger on the block.

    Glad you are taking a stand.

  14. I don't blog, so I don't know what prompted this declaration, but I think that's probably why I love your blog so much. You're honest and you're transparent. You don't appear to have a hidden agenda. That's probably why so many of your readers trust you. Thanks.

  15. Hi Caroline,
    You are truly inspirational and much appreciated for sharing your sewing passion and experience.
    Thanking you,

  16. Thank you, Carolyn. That attitude is just one of the reasons I love your blog. Another reason is your gorgeous clothes! Love the 'nude' dress.

  17. Well said Carolyn! I love your honesty and following your sewing blog. You are truely an inspiration, you help me get me into my sewing room after a long days work and I appreciate the fact that when I come here I'm not bothered by any advertising, that's something that can rarely be found anymore! Thank you a lot...


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