Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Wonderful Women

Two wonderful women have passed on this week.  Both have touched me with their graciousness.  As we all know Shannon left us earlier this week and many of us in the sewing community have been touched in some way by the knowledge she so willingly and graciously shared.  She was active on Stitchers Guild, as well as, teaching lessons on Pattern Review and she gave such excellent fabric advice on Emmaonesock.  She will be missed.

The second amazing woman who passed on this week was Dorothy Height.  I did not know her personally but her struggle for civil rights and the equality for black people in America was part of my childhood and she was a childhood idol.  I remember reading about her in my early teens prompted by a favorite aunt who felt I should learn as much as possible about "The Heros" of the Civil Rights Movement.

Both women contributed mightly to my life and they shall be missed!


  1. Lives well lived . . . may they rest in peace.

  2. no words - I'm sorry for the loss. g

  3. What a lovely tribute Carolyn. It's such a tragedy how Shannon was taken so early in her life by cancer. Having lived in the DC area for more than 30 years I remember Dorothy Height's gracious manner, and the stylist suits and hats she wore even into her 90's.

  4. I am sorry to say that I had not heard of Dorothy Height until hearing about her death on the news and I watched a wonderful PBS News story on her this evening. She was often the only woman in the room at all the memorable moments in the civil right movement. Besides being a civil rights advocate she was a lifelong feminist, something that speaks strongly to me. She had a strong sense of herself as 'a girl and a woman' and always had goals for herself. Certainly a wonderful role model who deserves a place in the history books. Pretty cool hats too.
    Both were lives well lived.
    A lovely tribute Carolyn.

  5. I just had to share a clip I saw of Dorothy Height this morning. They were talking about her civil rights work but also talked about her sense of humor and her style right to the end. They then played a clip of Dorothy saying, "If you're going to battle, you don't have to look like a battle axe." What a remarkable woman indeed!


  6. May they both rest in the bossom our our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

  7. My heart broke when I saw the news of Dorothy Height's passing. What a monumental woman.

    I was not familiar with Shannon, but my heart goes out to any soul taken early.


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