Sunday, May 09, 2010

Two of 17 - Part 2

I did find some time this afternoon to start working on a dress.  I couldn't decide whether or not to go with a basic version of my TNT or start on a dress from a 1970s pattern.  Basic won out...probably because I was on the Talbots site looking around and I realized that a great basic dress would work with so much in my closet.  Also, I really like how the nude/beige wool crepe dress from my SWAP works in my wardrobe, so I decided I needed another one for spring/summer.

Here's a quick peek as it's not finished yet:

And this is what will be up next (unless something awesome follows me home next weekend). 

Next weekend I will be in Philly for PR Weekend but I did take the following Monday off too so that I would be able to at least turn on my sewing machine and make a few stitches before heading back to work.  Gotta have some quality time with my sewing machine or I get cranky! *LOL*

Finally, this is one of the reasons I'm so thankful to be a Mother this year: always, more later!


  1. Love that dress. It's going to be stunning. You are so inspiring to me. Keep it up. g

  2. Waaw... cute little prince you got there, and happy mom's day.. That's a lovely dress like always

  3. OMG, you mean the prince grows when I'm not there to witness it? He's so big now!!! And so cute. Oh and your dress is looking mighty snappy already. Can't wait! See you this weekend!!!

  4. OMG how do you resist snatching him up and smooching his sweet little face every ten seconds!

    Love that black and white graphic print on the left!

  5. OK -- I gotta know --- the black/white diamond ponte from Fabric Mart --- what's it gonna be when it grows up??? Cuz I got some too but mine isn't talking yet!!!

  6. Whoa! He is getting BIG. What a cutie.


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