Thursday, August 05, 2010

An Update on "A Few Things I Want for Spring"

Most seasons I post a list...things that I've seen either on the internet, in the stores or in the magazines...of things I would like to sew.  Most seasons I make one or two things from my list.  The other day when I was reviewing my list for spring which I expanded to include summer, I was truly amazed at how many pieces I've completed.

Let's review the list:

1. A floral skirt - Done!
I used a floral linen to make the skirt just last month:

2.  An architectural dress - Done!
Even though this dress is finished...I can honestly say that I will never wear it out of the house and really want to tear it apart and start over.  So even though it's done, I'm moving this to my fall/winter list because I just have to have this dress and not the faux version either!

3.  A Liberty of London Sheath Dress - Done!
After wearing the dress I finished just this past weekend, I can say the dress  was a success!

4.  A nude or bone pair of shoes - yes, times 3!
Here's a pic of the latest pair to join the other 2 pairs.

5.  Blue and black pieces - Done!
These pieces were included in my SWAP and featured my favorite dress...

6.  A spring coat - not even attempted 
Well the boat has sailed on this piece but there is always next year!

7.  A vintage dress - on list for Sewcation
Yes, I'm still intrigued by this dress and wondering if I can make it work for my body.  So it is on my to be sewn list for the Sewcation.  Which I'm starting to think will have a vintage theme...but we shall see.  I could change my mind again between now and then!

8.  The border print collection - in the list still
I have amassed a considerable amount of border print fabrics this year.  My plan is to use one of them to make my version of B5147...and since I can't let Elizabeth down...I think/hope/pray that this will be one of my August dresses.

I'm pretty thrilled that I've made four of the things on my list and bought the fifth one.  I know that at least two more items will make it off the list and into my closet.  But this is the first time in a long time that I've made a list and then stuck to it.  I must have really wanted those garments! *LOL* always, more later!


  1. That's quite a list of items that you can tick off. Love that black dress on you.

  2. I want those shoes in every colour! My two shoes love in one; patent leather and a slingback!

  3. Great job sewing from your spring list, are you counting the days until your sewcation?

  4. Love love love it ALL! That Liberty of London dress is just gorgeous, and I covet those shoes!

  5. What a great job! You are inspiring me to get my fall/winter sewing wish/want/need list started. I can't wait to see what the sewcation produces.

  6. That vintage pattern looks fascinating. I really like that buttoned pleat in the side -- look forward to seeing you pull that off next, super-sewing-lady! :)

  7. You are on fire lady! Love the shoes and the vintage pattern. You are inspirational.

  8. You've done a fabulous job! Love the shoes. Can't wait to see what you make on your sewcation!

  9. You owned that list! LOL!

    Btw, quick question - did you underline your liberty sheath dress or just line it? My ILs are headed to London this fall and I think I want her to pick up some fabric for a dress to wear with tights and boots this fall/winter. Thanks!

  10. You liberty dress is TDF.WOZER. As a formerly plus-sized person I can say that we tend to obsess with our padding. The best thing we can do is to wear clothing with interesting lines and details just like the vintage dress you are contemplating. It will be terrific. Do it!

  11. It looks like you've accomplished quite a bit of what you set out to do! Great job! :)

  12. Well done and great review of your progress.

  13. Very impressive accomplishments!

  14. had an idea for your architectural dress where the excess fabric folds over at the neck line. What about turning it into a open pleat with a contrasting neck binding and bow?

  15. Good job on your list. Got to say, love the shoes! I covet that vintage pattern. I will be on the prowl for that one myself.

  16. You are sooo much better at sticking to you lists than I am!!


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