Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Summer Recap

After I posted my last finished version of B5147, Kathryn (I Made This!) suggested that I do a recap of my summer sewing.  Since I made such a big deal of the 17 weekends available to sew between May 1st and September 1st, it did seem appropriate to do a review.

So here goes ~ first I want to talk about sewing meet-ups.  Summer always brings alot of visitors to NYC and thankfully I get to meet most of them.  Sigrid ~ I'm still upset that I wasn't able to meet you when you came to NYC. 

I attended two PR fabric shopping extravangzas.  The first one in Philly and the other just last Saturday in NYC.

I met some AMAZING bloggers:  Allison, Eugenia, Opal, Sheila, Omega, and Alethia for fabric lunches.

and I sewed...quite a bit by the numbers I've tallied...

Dresses - 12

Vanilla Silk Twill
The Museum Inspired Dress
Lemonade Dress (Navy Silk Twill)
Architectural Dress
Floral Linen Dress
Red Stripe Silk Dress
Faux Pocket TNT Dress
Chevron Front TNT Dress
Liberty of London Sheath Dress
Vogue 9220 Tie Dress
Blue/White Floral B5147 Dress
Black & Pink Borderprint B5147 Dress


2 from silk jerseys purchased from Elliott Berman

3 easy to sew straight skirts

One pair of black linen pants

...which equals a total of 18 finished garments ~ or 3.5 work week's worth of clothing.  One more than the number of summer weekends and that doesn't include the two dresses still in progress, as well as, the wadder, Vogue 9666.   So I guess I had a very sewy summer! *LOL*  I really should like plane rides more but truly sewing centers me.  It calms me and smoothes out the rough edges especially since this was a really busy summer season at my job. It was great to be able to create on the weekends to counterbalance the stress of my job.

I promise, I'm not counting down the weekends to the end of the year.  That seems to much like rushing my life along...*LOL*  But I am looking forward to my "September Sewcation" and to whatever sewing adventures await me for the rest of the year.

...as always, more later!


  1. Wow! What a fabrilicious summer you had.

  2. How wonderful to see so many of your completed pieces together. I know you sew a lot for life in the corporate work world, but it's very nice to see some splashes of colour and more lighthearted garments, too.

  3. You got so many items finished! And the clothes rail you've pictured looks like it belongs in a high-end department store. Prolific and high-quality. Wow!

  4. That is a lot! Knowing you only had week ends for that! And I thought I was productive...

  5. How good to see all you achieved this summmer. You made good use of your sewing time.
    And yes, I would have liked to meet you in NY. Too bad work got in the way.

  6. That's an amazing summer wardrobe - you've got both quantity and quality there!! It must be so lovely to open your closet and see all those beautiful garments there - ready to go anywhere, dressed right, at a moment's notice. I'm honoured that I got to see one of the dresses in real life - our fabric lunch was a lot of fun!

  7. You certainly made the most of summer sewing. Can't wait to see what you have planned for fall.

  8. Fabulous garments, Carolyn, what a great sewing summer.

  9. You were very productive this summer!

  10. Very impressive! You sure do know how to manage your time well. I would love to attend a PR shopping/meet-up weekend someday! My sewing summer was a bust, but I am planning to spend the majority of Labor Day weekend in my studio sewing pieces for my Fall wardrobe...can't wait!

  11. You leave me in the dust :o). I love them all and you have created a great wardrobe. I can only imagine what your sewcation output will be.

  12. Wow you really got a lot done this summer.

  13. I love your outfits! What pattern did you use for the cardigan? I reread your blog and must have missed the pattern name/number.

    Love them!

  14. You always amaze me, you are one talented lady! Can't wait to see what you come up with around the holidays! no pressure... hahaha...

  15. I am so impressed!! Even when I feel like I'm really on a roll with my sewing, I still never churn out that much. You have some really lovely pieces there Carolyn and I hope they make you smile when you wear them. :)

  16. Carolyn, you are such a prolific sewer that I don't think I could catch you if I gave up on sleep!

    I was thinking of you this weekend when I, on a total whim, tossed my lavendar (Anna Sui? Vera Wang?) wool crepe into the washer. Can't believe how much it shrunk but I have enough for a little cardigan jacket.

  17. Wow!!! It really makes an impact to see all of your outfits shown together. You are such an inspiration.
    I'm taking off a couple of days at either end of the Labor Day weekend and my #1 goal is to finish my B5147.

  18. I too, love to see the "inventory" all lined up like that. Sew much fun.

    And of course, I'm looking forward to your fall creations. (And I'm really looking forward to fall temps!)

  19. What productivity! And when I see them all laid out, wow! You've got such a variety. Great job, Caroline!

  20. You've made some lovely garments. I love when you get to look back and realise how productive you've been. Never fails to make me feel good. I think the pink and black dress is my favourite.

  21. What wonderful summer garments.

  22. Lady... you are sooo amazing! I could dream making that many in a Summer.... WoW...
    What I can't understand is where in the world you put them all when they are done! You inspire me!
    Keep up the good work! Oh, and I jumped over to see your sewing space! It's so neat to see where other people create! All it takes is a little place to put the machine... everything else can just slip in here and there... at least that's what I used to do before all the kids moved out! LoL.... you never knew where you were going to find material at our house either! Have fun on your Sewing Staycation!

  23. In my early morning bleariness I read 18 garments in 3.5 weeks! I about fell over. I wondered shy you were going on a sewcation when you've been on a sewcrazy!

    Then on second look I saw that it was over the summer. Still impressive and the pieces look beautiful.

    You remind me to pull out the stuff I sewed over the summer. So often I am so geared to the next project that I don't appreciate where I've been. Thanks for the shot in th arm.

  24. OMG I just love the blue and white floral dress. The fabric is gorgeous.

  25. I love these recaps. I sit looking at the pictures and my mind goes "Oh yes I remember that dress. It was my favorite." "But that one is really neat too." "I have to remember that styling detail and add it to one of my garments." "How did I miss that fabric at FMF??" Lots of wonderful pieces Carolyn! Have a great Sewcation!

  26. You are my hero! Your wonderful dresses have inspired me to search for my own TNT. I can't wait to see how your wardrobe turns out.


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