Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After... a time to reflect...a time to be grateful for family and friends...and a time to be glad Christmas is over for this year!  *LOL*

I did manage to get 7 AG doll clothes made for the niece.  It was an all day flurry of sewing in which I forgot to take pictures of said doll clothes.  In the midst of the present opening on Christmas Eve (we have a 2 day celebration ~ don't ask the story is too long and drawn out!), the grown-ups were more excited by the clothes than the niece.  *sigh*  Oh well!

My darling daughters did manage to shop from my prepared list very well...I got all the DVDs and sewing books that I wanted and yes, I will do reviews on the sewing books in the upcoming weeks.  I ate a lot of good food (makes me wonder how the cooking gene skipped me since my sister and cousin are such awesome cooks!), laughed alot at family stories that were trotted out, was so thankful that my mother is in good health and here to share Christmas with me and generally made me thankful that I am surrounded by family and loved ones.

I had to guard my iPad with a ferociousness! *LOL*  My sister carried it with us everywhere and ALMOST forgot that it was mine!  But it was really handy for games and directions...we got to my cousin's house faster than we ever have!

Which brings me to two other!  Y'all know I hate snow with a fierceness...and we here in the tri-state area (NJ, NY & CT) are predicted to get blizzard like conditions later today into tomorrow with amounts of snow being bandied about like 8" to 20".  This probably means that even though I am scheduled to work tomorrow I probably will be unable to get there.  So much snow is being discussed that my SO is NOT working today, so you know it's serious 'cause that man ALWAYS works! *LOL*  So I'm hunkered down trying to figure out if I want to veg or sew for myself.

After perusing the pictures of Diane Von Furstenberg's Pre-Fall 2010 Collection...I really want to sew for me!  Erica, made an awesome skirt that highlights the clean, pure lines of this collection and there are a few pieces in it that I want to incorporate into my winter sewing.  These are my top three favorites:

collared vest and skirt combo
(I am in love with collared
vests this season!)

cowl neck knit dress
(doesn't this remind you of B5247
- just closer fitting)

a great throw on knit dress

So as I sit and wait for the snow to descend upon us and wreck havoc on the outside world, I will thumb through my fabric collection and come up with an outfit to work on. always, more later!


  1. Thanks for sharing Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring collection. I am liking the colors of the collection. I agree with with your choice of favs. I also would enjoy a collared vest.
    Glad you had a joyous time with your family at Christmas!!

  2. Hi Miss Carolyn,

    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas. I moved to Sayreville, NJ last moth and I was hoping for a white Christmas but having the snow today was cool. Although I have not left the house and have no plans to for the next day or so. Stay warm and I really want to see how you interpret that last knit dress because I really would like it for myself.
    Happy New Year

  3. Oh yeah, lots of snow and fortunately someone with a plow owes him a favor since his is not working! We'll get plowed out sometime tomorrow thank goodness. We have a long driveway!
    I am looking at collared vests too. It's a nice layered look even into summer. Enjoy your snow day.

  4. Merry Christmas Carolyn! My CT family is staying a day or two longer in Chicago b/c of the east coast sewing for me! Enjoy the time inside and sew, sew, sew!

  5. Snow, snow, snow. Enjoy tomorrow if you're snowed in.

  6. Carolyn - happy Christmas. Its sounds as if you had a lovely and special day with your family.
    Looking forward to the reviews on the books you received.
    Congrats on the Ipad. I have an Ipod touch and absolutely love it - will consider an Ipad in the future though.
    Enjoy your day(s) off. How does it work when you can't make it into work because of the weather etc? Does the time off come off your annual leave or sick leave entitlements? That's one thing I'll never have to worry about where I live in Vic. Australia - I've seen snow only a handful of times!

  7. Merry Christmas Carolyn. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family.

    I saw the news earlier today about the snow storms in the eastern part of the States and immediately thought of you. Well, that was after I said to myself "Thank goodness we're not getting the blizzard this time". Honestly, we're running out of room to put it :-)

    Be safe and enjoy your snow day.

  8. I also like the skirt Erica made and still scoring my pattern stash for something similar. I'm also liking the collared vest and think McCalls 6211 is close one and for the v-neck dress thinking Butterick 5146 could be modified.. you are inspiring to sew garments.

    Hoping tomorrow will turn into a snow day... right now we appear to be at 6".

    My daughter has the Ipad and literally carry it around like a newborn I am drooling over the Galaxy tab.

  9. Seven AG outfits? Wow! The two coats I made kind of did me in! ;-)
    I hope you're surviving the snowstorm, stay warm!!

  10. So glad you had a nice Christmas! Mine was very restful. I got an iPad for Christmas and love it. Can understand how your sister might decide to take yours with her.Like you, I don't really like snow. We only got about 2 to 2.5 inches but that was 2 inches too much. I am off next week and have started on my sewing journey.

  11. Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! I hope you get snowed in tomorrow AND you get to keep your power so you can spend some quality time with your machine *GRIN* Stay warm, Carolyn! Oh, and thanks for the link to DVF collection :)

  12. Carolyn, you are freezing are we are roasting (figuratively) here in Tucson. We would love to have some of your excess moisture, it has been that dry. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Had to laugh about the doll clothes, but you know you were appreciated.

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