Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Fabric Purchase of 2010

Yes, I succumbed.  I purchased fabric from the Pyramid of Savings Sale at Fabric Mart.  But see it was like this...I was given Christmas money by my coworker this week with the instructions to buy fabric with it.  Now I couldn't NOT do what they asked, right?  So I succumbed.  I bought 10 yards of fabric.  But I was good, I didn't spend ALL of the gift there...probably because the fabric closet is groaning from the amount of fabric that is in it and even I can't really justify buying more...*sigh*

So you wanna see what I got...says the fabricaholic!

Black Faux Leather Patchwork look is polyurethane with a soft thin nylon knit backing. It is a light medium weight, with a textured soft hand, and medium cone drape. It could be used for skirts, dresses, skinny pants, light jackets, vests, and even headbands and purses.

It is 54" wide and I got 3 yards of it. Have an idea of what I want to use it for but I'm not sure...

This orange rust 60% wool 40% rayon is a boucle. It is medium weight, has a textured hand, and a medium cone drape. It would be great for coats, blazers, and vests. It would also make a fabulous dress/jumper and jacket combination set.
I was very impressed with this out of the box and wished I had bought more colors...until I opened the fabric closet door!  *LOL*
This magenta 100% worsted wool suiting is sectioned by thin black lines forming a windowpane look. It is lightweight, has a smooth hand, and gentle medium cone drape. Use this fabric to make a suit, skirt, vest, jacket, or dress.   It is 58" wide and I bought 5 yards of it to make sure that I had enough to match the plaid.
This piece will be used for a dress/jacket combo...a new jacket pattern that will be one of my 12 jackets for 2011.
That is the only sewing related thing that I've done this week.  I've worked late every night because my boss is on vacation next week and we had to get sooooo much done.  Hopefully tomorrow I will spend most of my day making a couple of AG doll clothes ~ I never made it to the store.  And I have to get them made, otherwise my niece won't have a Christmas present, and that just won't do!  *LOL*
I will be making a trip into the garment district next week to pick up some supplies (piping/buttons, etc.) because I will have a brief 5 day break and of course, I want to sew!  The year end review will show up next stay tuned...
...and as always, more later!


  1. Do you have any particular AG patterns that you like to use? I've been making doll clothes for my niece this XMAS too :)

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Great fabric choices. The faux leather would make a great skirt with a matching tote, and the two wool pieces would be great coordinating jackets. A couple of blouses and a tank or two an you'll have a great new wardrobe

    Merry Christmas and a Sew Happy New Year

  3. What a great idea! Last 2010 fabric purchase seem necessary now. I love the boucle! Merry Christmas.

  4. Great haul -- look forward to seeing what you do with the orange boucle, since I gave in to that too! Karen

  5. lol. I got some of that faux leather too! And I have that boucle, but in different colors.

    So much fabric goodness. :)

  6. Very pretty! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Ms.Carolyn!!!!!

  7. Your post made my heart happy. How wonderful for you to end the year with a fabric purchase. The first two fabrics would look very good in my fabric closet. Have a happy holiday!

  8. Hi Carolynn.- Only wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My best wishes for another year full of happy sewing ...!!!

  9. The magenta piece is especially pretty. Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Lovely fabrics and looking forward to what becomes of them, especially the faux leather. Happy Holidays

  11. Good luck finishing your AG clothes. Merry Christmas!

  12. More gorgeous fabric - you lucky girl!
    A very merry Christmas to you!

  13. I resisted the Pyramid of Savings this time but oh that faux leather is wonderful!

    Merry Christmas Carolyn!

  14. Great fabrics C - love the colors! Happy Holidays and look forward to the posts for 2011!

  15. Great fabrics to close the year with.
    Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones.

  16. There, there now. Don't beat yourself up. You had just cause for purchasing the fabric. You fell off of the wagon. Maybe you need a meeting.

    There are meetings every Mon. & Thurs. at FA(Fabricholics Anonymous) We don't serve coffee just in case someone takes a notion(pun intended) to dye a piece of fabric.


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