Friday, December 10, 2010

A little follow up...

Just a couple of housekeeping issues...

1. Zuzana - you never contacted me about the fabric.  Please contact me in the next 3-4 days IF I don't hear from you by Tuesday, December 14th, I will draw another name for the wool double knit fabric.

2.  I didn't sew at all last weekend...I ended up putzing around.  However, I did make an alteration to this Butterick 5446 jacket:

it became a vest instead:

which I love!!!  I was having a problem with the sleeves, as my bodacious biceps seem to have become even more bodacious recently...which I think is a part of my newly found raglan sleeve love.  Anyway I removed them, added some bias tape binding to the armholes and "walah" new vest.  I wore this to work this week with a black turtleneck and black lined wool pants and it was a hit!  So I'm definitely going to look for another piece of interesting fabric from the collection to make it again!

As noted in yesterday's post, I will be sewing this weekend.  And you all have left some interesting address a few:

Nancy DaQ said:
"Carolyn, have you ever considered making a separate pants liner to wear with pants? That way, you might be able to salvage some from last winter."

Sew Great To Be Me seconded:
"Cuddl Duds make a silky-type of thermal pants that I wear under pants. I'm sure you can whip those up in about 15 minutes."

I have thought about this at various times but it's just another layer at my waistline that would drive me crazy. I already have 3 layers, underwear, tights or stockings and pants...a liner or thermals would make 4 and truly I'm not happy with the three...four would just drive me over the edge! *smile*

Jane wrote:
"I learned a neat way of lining/underling pants. Cut the lining 5/8" larger on all the vertical seams and keep the regular size on the curved ones. Sew the vertical seams right sides together with the fashion fabric using a 1/4" seam and turn. The lining wraps around the fashion fabric pieces forming a mock hong kong finish. Then serge all the curved edges. I can hem to this underling and pressing in the crease is a snap as the lining and fashion fabric are treated as one. I won't do my wool pants any other way."

Thanks Jane - that is exactly what I meant about how to handle the side seams and the inner thigh seams...I will remember and use the serging the curves portion of your comment.  I definitely can do this!  So thanks again!!!

I've also tried the add some extra to the pants leg in the lining but it tends to bunch up in my thigh area and I find I'm constantly tugging at my pants so that method is out now too!

Finally sewistafashionista left this comment from the almanac:
"Here goes: "Winter will be milder across the north but colder across the south [NY area], with the coldest periods in early and mid-December, early and mid-January, and mid-February. The snowiest periods will be in late December, mid and late January, and mid-to late-February and early March."

Umm, I don't know whether to thank you or curse the almanac! *LOL*  The one thing I hate more than the cold is snow... 

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

...more later!


  1. Carolyn - the jacket was fabulous and I'm also in love with it being refashioned into a vest!!

    Ugh - I'm so with you about the snow.

  2. I love elastic waist pants. Can you suggest a pattern? Thanks! Love your blog :)

  3. Love the jacket turned vest! I have that fabric and it is wonderful!

  4. Beautiful fabric in the vest!

    and, I like the sound of Jane's lining method for pants. Thanks for posting.

  5. Yes - darn good job with that vest refashion. My jackets never get a lot of wear. THey go out of style before they get old. But I wear out my vests and I have a lot more of them. Plus I wear even snazzy vests both in a professional mode as well as home mode. Not so for jackets. I'll throw on a vest to jazz up chorus practice clothes or go out to supper with my husband but I'd feel too dressed up in a jacket.

    Recently I saw in a fashion magazine that vest are now 'back in style'. Well that's SUCH a relief. Apparently I was a fashion faux pas for quite some time. Tough!

  6. I was testing a pants pattern and I used Jane's technique on the long seams using a knit tricot instead of lining fabric. I like the way that they turned out. I'm going to make another pair this weekend so I can see if they have static cling. I plan to use some silkweight wicking fabric to line pants for the colder days.

  7. I'm sad to see that jacket go because it is fabulous. But, I like your reuse of it just as much. I bet it does look stunning on!

  8. The vest is really nice.
    About the trouser linings: I usually make a lining rather than an underlining. The first pair I made was with normal lining which suffered at the seams rather quickly. After that, I've always used stretch lining (usually that knit lining stuff) for trousers. It's not as warm but usually enough and it doesn't wear out anywhere near as quick.

  9. I can't quite follow in my mind Jane's lining method. I know it is a big ask Carolyn, but, if you use this method, could you take a picture for us?

    Nice save with the jacket turned vest.

  10. I loved the jacket, but you the wearer have to love more it. It did turn into a nice vest!

  11. ""Winter will be milder across the north but colder across the south [NY area],"

    I know folks always want to kill the messenger! LOL

    The jacket was great but when I saw the vest photo, I loved the vest. I can see how that fabric is going to pop framed by solid pants and solid shirt sleeves. Lovely!

  12. Hi Carolyn, missing your posts hope all is well.


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