Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ramblings...

As you can tell by the lack of posts here...I haven't been sewing.  I just haven't felt like I haven't pushed it.  I dug through my closet last weekend and found four pairs of pants to wear to work and worked outfits around them.  So that solved my immediate clothing issue...

However, I did get a pair of pants repaired and since there were a few questions asked about the type of elastic that I used for my waistbands, I thought I would share that with you.  Now I fully understand that most people prefer a fly front waistline but I'm personally more comfortable with elastic.  I don't use regular elastic in a casing for my pants, I use this elastic that Nancy Zieman promoted heavily about a decade or so ago.

*You press down a 1/2" of fabric to clean finish the waistline of the pants.
*Then you pin down the elastic.
*Next you stitch the elastic down following the blue lines of thread woven into the elastic.
*Finally you pull the elastic evenly around the waistline. 

After much trial and error, I've found that I need to add two lines of closely stitched zig zag stitching to the ends and then I stitch the side seam closed.  I also add a tag or a piece of ribbon to the back so that I know the back from the front of the pants in a glance:

Here's the thing though...I don't think the elastic is available anymore.  I will need to double check with my suppliers to see if it is.  I was purchasing this on 50 yard rolls and have about 20 yards or so left.  Enough to make quite a few more pairs of pants but I will probably be looking into another form of elastic or waistband type for future pants.  I'm thinking flat fronts with elastic sides and/or backs...but I'll see.

Anyway ~ these pants are made from a menswear pinstripe suiting purchased from Paron's Annex (when it had it's own separate store on 40th Street) were in great shape except for the elastic. 

(well except for the wrinkles!!! *LOL*)

So I replaced it and had a new pair of pants to wear last week.  But that is the most sewing I've done in weeks.

I have been crocheting a scarf for my sister for Christmas:

and completely enthralled with my new iPad:

I did manage to get another pair of pants cut out from this grey/poly blend wool pinstripe that hopefully will get worked on later this evening.

My Christmas shopping is done except for a trip to the AG Doll store and as a parting shot here is a picture of the Little Prince standing next to the lit Christmas tree.  We opted to use the smaller one this year so that he wouldn't pull it over on himself...that doesn't mean he hasn't gifted me with some of the balls from it...a few times! *LOL*

...more later!


  1. Louise Cutting sells some really nice waistband elastic that I use in all my pants. You might check that out!

  2. I might have some of that elastic tucked away somewhere. If I didn't donate it I'll send it your way.

    I'm so jealous! I really want an iPad!

    And oh my, is that little guy ever growing up quickly. Such as sweetie!

  3. Ok, what a cutie. Isn't it hard to scold him when he looks so angelic?? :D

  4. The Little Prince isn't so little anymore...he's gotten really tall, and even cuter...

    Thanks for the info on doing an elastic back to my muslin on the Crepe dress....

  5. That is a great way to finish the waistband of a pair of pants. If I see anything similar in my online ramblings, I will definitely let you know.

    And what an adorable little guy you have there! We don't have a tree this year since my nephew is just that age, too ;)

  6. Your blog has been confusing to me..I don't know what I like looking at more, your beautiful creations, or pictures of the little Prince!! ~Valerie

  7. I wonder if "sport elastic" would be about the same. It has four woven channels to sew through along the length. I use it for my yoga pants and knit skirts, it's great. JoAnn stores usually have it, Nancy's notions carries it, and Cleaners Supply has it on the large rolls for a good price.

  8. I've found in the past 2 years that it's difficult to sew during Christmastime. There are so many activities - cookie-baking, holiday strolls and parties, Christmas-movie watching... Seriously, I would have done nothing in December if I weren't battling to get a dress done in time for a party.

    I'm a Christmas freak, and I get sad after the holidays. I'm so happy to now have sewing to look forward to after the holidays, to fight the January blues.

  9. Thanks for showing us how to do the waistbands. Seems easy enough!!


  10. I love that elastic and have a small amount left as well. It's hard to believe such a great product would not be made anymore. I hope someone somewhere finds it.

    Caroline, may you and your family, particularly the Little Prince, have a wonderful holiday. Stay warm!

  11. Please explain what you mean about Parons "when it had it's own store". I haven't been there in a couple of years so what's going on. . .
    Thanks. Sue

  12. Your pants look really nice. I have used that type of elastic but the elastic threads broke on me when I pulled. I also thought the elastic grew in length as I sewed it. But yours is working out perfectly. Where there different grades of this elastic out there?

  13. I used that very same elastic for about a million skirts for my girls when they were little, because they were very skinny for their height (and still are). It is a great product, and I'm sorry to learn that it exists no more.

    Your grandson is adorable. As long as he's having fun, who's going to be worried about a little tree redecorating?

  14. That elastic looks like good stuff - I'll have to look out for something similar.
    Your Little Prince looks so adorable by the tree - I bet he's excited and looking forward to Christmas!

  15. Oh my what a beautiful child. Christmas trees are too tempting, good call. My sewing energy has taken a break too so don't ever feel you have to produce for your audience. I am still trying to get over the year of dresses line-up. What an amazing wardrobe you have created.

  16. Your grandson is adorable! Have a happy Christmas

  17. I bought the similar sport elastic sold at Joann for making boxer shorts. Works great, though I don't know if the elastic you had is softer and less structured for women's clothes.

  18. Ok, so it's Thursdays, but here's the comments anyway. You know, that's a great use of the elastic, and such a great example of making the patterns, fabric and notions work for you and your lifestyle.

    Love the prince photo, so cute and those red lights!!!

    Merry Christmas, Carolyn!

  19. Caroline, I seem to remember that somebody posted a new source for the waistband elastic you use. I had it bookmarked on my old computer, but that died and went to electronics heaven. I thought it was in the comments to this post, but it must not have been. Can you post the new source, if you know it?

    I love your blog, and have gotten so much good advice and inspiration from it! Thanks for writing it so well, and so regularly.


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