Saturday, January 15, 2011

The beginnings of a sew-a-thon...

Yesterday was a trial...too much work, too many grouchy co-workers...and can I say it again too much work!  *LOL*  It was terribly cold in NYC and I can't believe that we are just in the beginning of the throes of winter and that I still have to survive 2.5 more months of this cold, dark and dreariness.  I swear it gets harder and harder every year...

So I came home, ate dinner and went to bed.  Yeap, I was turning off the light and laying my head on the pillow at 10pm which is a feat since I walked in the door a little after 8pm.  Yes, I was done for...  It even took some time to shake off this morning...but after reading some blogs and catching up on what's happening with the JAM (Jacket A Month) girls on Stitcher's Guild, I'm ready to sew.

First up is to finish off the Butterick knock-off skirt.  I found this black & creme polka dot silk charmeuse in the fabric closet and I'm going to use that to line the skirt.  I previously used it as lining in this Burda skirt.

Of course, I will share pictures when the skirt is finished and how I've decided to wear it.

This arrived in the mail last night from Create for Less:

I love that each one comes on it's own little spool in a box.  This will make it easy to store!  Especially since I have about 10 yards of this still on the large roll I bought a couple of years ago.  Thanks again Jo Ann for locating this!!!

I also spent the morning pre-washing fabrics.  Hey I love to prewash...all I have to do is move fabrics from the washer to the dryer all the whilst surfing the internet!  I finally broke down and bought some of the Shetland Wool that Fabric Mart marked down to $9 a yard after Annette posted all of these pictures of the pieces she had purchased (washed and dried) on Stitchers Guild.  This is how my piece looked after it came out of the dryer...

and a little darker blue, too! is as soft and wonderful as Annette said.  So now I'm trying to talk myself out of going back for more...*sigh*  I really want to use this piece to make this jacket from Vogue 8605.

That's why I've titled this post, the beginnings of a sew-a-thon...see it's a 3-day weekend and I've made no plans except to sew this weekend.  The Significant Other is working...and it's too dayum cold to go anywhere I'm burrowing in with my sewing machine and seeing what magic I can make happen!

...more later!


  1. Elastic! Nice! But can you post a link to the product page please! I can't find it!

  2. Happy Happy Days! So glad you were able to get the elastic that I tracked down...who knew it would be classified as drapery elastic just to put us off the scent.
    I have to say your clothes are looking mighty fine and when you wear pants your photos just light up and you (like many of us) look taller!
    Love preshrinking is mindless and afterward I safety pin a piece of paper with the info on the fabric and price I paid/supplier, yardage, width. etc.
    Jo Ann

  3. can't wait to see what you end up doing on your little sewcation

  4. Do you have your newest BWOF (or whatever the heck they're calling it now)? I think you'll like their little surprise. It may even make up for those awful tracing sheets. Well, for you. Not for me.
    Happy sewing weekend!

  5. It's getting too hot and humid here, so I stayed in and sewed too. I look forward to seeing your magic happen.

  6. That shetland wool is beautiful. I can't wait to see your jacket when it's done. I am so jealous that you have a 3 day weekend. I don't get tomorrow off.

  7. How do you prewash 100% wool in the machine? I was reluctant to buy any because I had to dryclean.

  8. yes, please post a link to the product--can't find it even searching for 'drapery elastic'. As always, your sewing is fabulous.


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