Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is it really Saturday?

This has been a long week, a long week I tell you filled with family adventures, work challenges and a few surprises...and I only worked 4 days this week! *LOL*

First ~ wearability issues:

This week I finally got around to wearing several of the pieces I've recently constructed and as always wearing them for 10-12 hours a day is an entirely different thing than trying them on and taking a few pictures for the blog.

The San Francisco skirt performed the best.  It was comfortable and wore easily.  I was concerned with a little poufiness in the waist area when I was photographing it but that poufiness made it easy to wear throughout the day.  The two buttons on the waistband kept the skirt snug and secure.  I will have to make another one of these!

The Butterick knock-off skirt was okay.  I've discovered that the reason most of my straight skirts have waistbands is because I don't particularly like to wear a skirt without a waistband.  It seemed a little loose when I stood up but it didn't swivel and was fine when I was sitting at my desk.  I ended up tucking the turtleneck into the skirt to anchor it.  Which surprised me because the outfit worked well and looked fine with the turtleneck tucked in...cause y'all know I don't tuck in!  *LOL*

The failure was the Black/Grey Plaid dress...not because it didn't wear well but because one of the seams on the side started to fray.  Thank God the dress was lined!  I can fix the seam and plan on doing so this weekend and I will reinforce both side seams with a little fusible knit interfacing.  I knew I was cutting the dress close in attempting to match the plaids and get a dress out of the 2 yards of fabric.  Next time I will purchase the 2.5 yards if I want to include sleeves and pockets!

Second ~ A Trip

I found out a couple of weeks ago that my company is taking the entire staff to a resort in the Dominician Republic for a corporate retreat.  So I've spent the last week conferring with friends and plotting what to make to take with me.  Obviously since I'm making the garments I'm taking, they will make an appearance more on that later!

Third ~ The Little Prince has left me!

Okay this was really traumatic for me.  I miss my little guy terribly.  His mother had been dropping hints but I wasn't really paying attention.  They left me last weekend.  Now that doesn't mean all of their stuff has been removed from my sewing room yet but I think over the next few weeks the rest will disappear.  So I'm starting over with redesigning the sewing room and my bedroom.  Somehow this doesn't compensate yet for coming home and having no one greet me at the stairs...

However, they will be here this weekend...and I can't wait to see my Little Prince!

Lastly, I will be sewing this weekend.  Mostly I want to do some repair work to a few pieces, make a skirt and put in some more work on the jacket.  I know I'm all over the place.  At first I thought I would make some pants because it's suppose to be bitterly cold here for the beginning of the week and they are talking snow again towards the end of the week...really, I'm so sick of snow already!!!!  But I've been commuting in my jeans and the top of the skirt outfit and I'm finding I'm more comfortable this I think another skirt is a better use of my sewing time...

Oh and one more quick thing...when I write a post with a reference I try really hard to include a link to the product or site that I'm writing about...if it's not in that post then it's in the original post...hope that helps anyone looking for products or info! always, more later!


  1. Wow, there's a lot going on in your life! DR will be great, but I am so sorry to hear about The Little Prince moving out. Now it will be more of an effort for you to be part of his life, but you can handle it.

  2. Thanks for the wearability comments! I often wonder about that. Blog pictures don't always tell the whole story, do they?

    I'm sorry to hear that the little prince has gone, but I hope that it means that good things are happening for them.

  3. On no, Carolyn, I hate the thought of your deprivation! He is is adorable and growing up so fast. This is serious news!
    On another note, I am glad I am not the only one who has to repair clothing I made. Good grief, you would think I could sew something so that it doesn't come apart at work. But it happens!!

  4. Awwww he is coooooo cute!! ((Hugs))
    Mom had a fit when Jaelyn and I moved out but she adjusted quickly...and got two dogs lol

  5. Wow! Long week indeed. Thanks for the wearability. I'm tickled you wore a top tucked in and you were comfortable. Yea!

    So sorry the Little Prince left. I'm glad they will be visiting this weekend however. g

  6. A trip to DR is wonderful C and you will enjoy it. Oh dear, sorry about the Little Prince. But you see him soon and revel in his presence.

  7. It is Saturday! A day I have been looking forward to all week. A few minutes to sew; a few minutes to read. My two little nephew buddies will be here later.
    Tucked in! That's great! Hasn't been an option for me for awhile. I like the follow up reports on your pictures. The fact you have to make post finale repairs makes me feel more average as opposed to a nerdy loser. Thanks for adding some brightness to my day!

  8. My heart went whoomp when you said your little prince has moved. They're so darn endearing at his age. Hope he and his mom are moving on to a good life.

    Yay for a tuck in! And yay for a retreat in DR!

  9. Boohoo that the Little Prince has gone but woohoo you get your sewing room back!

    I cried and cried in the weeks before my son moved out. I felt better when I realized the wall of closets would be mine, all mine, mwahahahaha. Gee, Mom, you didn't wait long to fill my closets with fabric, did you?

  10. Oh, you're going to miss your Little Prince! I hope you continue to post pictures of him; I love seeing that little cutie. :)

  11. Ohhhh. I'm so sorry that you'll have to be adjusting to a very real loss. But sounds like you'll see the little guy frequently. I appreciated your post and wish you well with your newly freed sewing space.

  12. Wow, your life has had some changes. I imagine the house is quite different without the Little Prince but a trip to look forward to is a nice thing.

  13. Aww sorry to hear your lil one is moving.

    My concern about wearability is a major concern after I make a garment. I always try to make sure I have enough ease to allow mobility and endure, like you 10-12 hrs of wear.

    I remember when I made a pair of pants and my first zipper installation. Wore the pants to work and half-way through the day the zipper broke...ugggh. Thank goodness I had a jacket on, but that wardrobe malfunction traumatized me.

  14. Your last week has been very eventful! Thanks for sharing how your garments wearability were. I have been doing this with my garments as well and sometimes I am surprised by the outcome.

  15. Wow! That's a lot going on, Carolyn. I'm anxious to see what you make for your DR retreat. How fun!

    My son is working 2nd shift along with 2 of his friends. So he hangs out there. I asked him Friday if he still lives with us... He said "uh no". I asked when he was going to tell us. He said "uh tomorrow..." LOL! I told him that I love him but he really needs to get his stuff out of his room. I have plans... HA! It is very hard to be the sideline coach, but it is the nature of life. He is adorable, though. I am very sure you will miss his greeting each day.

  16. Have a productive weekend! Enjoy the time with your little prince. He sure is a cutie.

  17. Hi Carolyn, Sounds like fun - the corporate retreat. Nice to have an all-expenses paid vacation, even if it is with work folk. Hopefully you like them. LOL.
    I can relate with the daughter and grandson moving out. My turn will come soon enough that my daughter and granddaughter will move out. How empty the house will feel when that happens. Especially since we've bonded so tightly with them, right? Kind of like losing your right arm. It's hard for others to really empathize unless they've been there. Thinking of you and hoping I can get back into the sewing rhythym this year. I'm working on it!

  18. Hate that you miss your grandson, but I'm sure he and mommy are doing the right thing. Congrats on the trip.

  19. Oh my Carolyn. You have had a lot going on. Eeek! A corporate retreat in the Dominician Republic- sounds like fun. And what a great excuse to sew, sew, sew.

    And I'm sad for you that your little guy is going. Boo-hoo. He's so sweet and I remember my son at that age. They just wiggle right into your heart don't they?


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