Saturday, March 03, 2012

Is it really March?

It just seems like time is marching by so quickly...before you know it...spring will be here!  And I've been so busy at work this week that I haven't thought much about sewing.  My equilibrium has definitely been off because I didn't sew last some time will definitely be spent at my sewing machine this weekend.  But first some follow-ups...

Recently there were two Questions of the Day and I wanted to share some totals with you.  On the Press or Smooth post here are the totals:

Press only:  42
Smooth only:  17
Press and smooth combo: 24

I guess pressing your pattern first is what most sewists do!

The second Question of the Day was Construction Details Yea or Nay.  Here are the totals for whether you like just pictures or construction details - there were no votes for photo only blogs so here are the vote totals:

Construction Details:  82
Both:  29

I'd like to thank everyone who left such thoughtful comments on both blog posts!

I'm really digging (now that's a throwback word, isn't it!) Vogue 8786.  

This will be a perfect throw on work dress for me.  It's loose-fitting with seaming details which will give it the appearance of a slimmer look.  I want to make it out of a ponte knit from the collection.  But that is the easy look that's on my immediate sew list.

My next three projects will be more involved.  I'm not expecting to have anything completed quickly...The McQueen Dress, another version of The Rachel Dress and a surprise project.  One I'll talk about more when I've gathered all of the pieces...but it's something I haven't made in quite a while and never since I've started blogging.  I'm pretty excited about it and will share more later.

I've already planned my Easter Outfit.  The fabric, patterns and notions are all in-house.  I have my shoes and handbag.  I just need an Easter bonnet, though I know what I want just have to find it.  Since Easter is early this year, I will be working on it before the month is over...or into Easter weekend since I have Good Friday off...more about that later.

One more thing...
Thursday morning I received an email that Melody at Fashionista Fabrics was having a sale.  Being that I was having a difficult work week and fabric always makes me feel better, I moseyed on over and checked out the sale.  Here's what arrived this afternoon...

(I made a blouse from the orange/white version)

Palazzo Silk - this piece is
so pretty it makes my heart sing!

The sale has been extended to Tuesday, March 8th so use the code "ANNIVERSARY50" to get 50% off all the fabrics on the site (Burda Magazines are not included).  So go, shop and help Melody celebrate five wonderful years selling amazing fabrics!

Okay that's what's on my mind this first weekend of March... always, more later!


  1. I'll be wearing V8786 this evening! It goes together really well and would be a great choice for colour blocking. However, it you plan to make the short sleeve version be sure to RAISE THE ARM HOLE. I didn't check this in the tissue fit I did and regret my oversight. Sigh


  2. Ohh - I love a mystery and will stayed tuned to see what comes out. Thanks for pointing out the vogue pattern - looks interesting.

  3. Oh, how well I remember the spider mum shirt--can't wait to see what you do with that palazzo silk--just gorgeous! And your little tease? We'll be watching!

  4. Looking forward to see what you do with those fabrics! Love the spider mums.


  5. Thanks for sharing the fabric site, and thanks for your constant inspiration.

  6. I checked your blog to see if you had a posting about this, but didn't see one. My question for you is where have you shopped online for fabrics and notions? Which online stores do you like the best? (Obviously, places like Fabric Mart feature prominently!) We have such limited shopping available where I live, and while I *thought* I knew most/all of the great fabric stores, you blogged about Fashionista Fabrics today! And while I had them bookmarked, I have never shopped there so it made me wonder where else I might be missing?! Thanks!

  7. Either of these are great prints.

  8. Thank you so much for posting about Fashionista Fabrics! I found some fabric on that site that I have been looking for for about 2 years! I saw a tiny remnant of it and wanted more! I had not known of her site! So
    thank you!!!

  9. Ooohhh Can I guess,can I guess. I'm thinking its going to be a coat.

  10. Your fabric is so gorgeous. I wish I could indulge myself, but I really have too much fabric now. Now if I could sew as fast as I could think.... I love that vogue pattern. I can't wait to see how you interpret it.


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