Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Orange

This ad from Talbots landed in my email mailbox this weekend...

So of course I flipped into the Talbots site to peruse the garments pictured...and as I looked at them I realized that I'm a little ahead of the curve on this spring trend because I've been sewing with orange for a minute now.  Back in 2006, I sewed a SWAP with orange as the basis of the collection originally called "Brown and Orange Circles and Stripes SWAP" but renamed "The Prada Dreamsicle SWAP".

After thinking about it and roaming through my Flickr account, I decided to see how many orange garments I actually own.  Notice I didn't say go through my closet, LOL!

I made this orange striped dress in 2006.  Put it in the closet and didn't wear it for another 3 years.  I've worn it several times in the last couple of years and it's become a favorite:

The skirt from the same collection is still in the wardrobe though I didn't wear it last summer...but I think I'll be pulling it out to wear this week!  I even still have the cardigan and tank top which is similar to the Colette Sorbetto Tank.

The twinset has bitten the dust.  It's no longer in the wardrobe and I think I shipped it off to Good Will but I'm not sure.  The cotton knit started to stretch out and the look didn't go with my new workplace since I made these pieces as part of a business casual wardrobe in 2006.

Fast forward a few years and I made an orange linen dress during my September 2009 sewcation.  Then last year, I finally used a linen fabric purchased in 2006, to make this skirt:

The cardigan is RTW, as well as, this cardigan worn over The Whitney Dress.

Two skirts, two dresses and two cardigans...except for a top I'm thinking I have this color covered!  Oops, I do have an orange print top:

This one is from my winning 2010 SWAP collection, Midnight at the Oasis.  From what I can remember and that can be shaky since the fabric collection is still in the bins, I probably only own a couple more pieces of orange fabric across all the seasons.  I will, however, be purchasing the orange wedges pictured in the Summer Trends post since I have quite a few pieces that they work with.

I'm adding the lining to my second version of The Rachel Dress and hope to finish it up pictures soon. always, more later!


  1. Carolyn...that orange striped dress is beautiful. All of those orange clothes you made are pretty. Consider that a big compliment because I don't like orange or yellow. LOL!

    That being said, as soon as you posted that Dogwood Majesty was open at Sawyer Brook, I ordered it and it was already gone!!! I also ordered Gilded Lily...couldn't resist...AND Golden Mustard to go with it. Yellow!!! Why would I order yellow when I don't like it??? Oh, but it came and it's gorgeous! Suddenly I love that yellow mustard color. I wish you would get the Gilded Lily...I would like to see what you would do with it...jacket or would like it!!! ...yes...and the mustard yellow to go wth it. :)

  2. PS...I don't work for Sawyer Brook and I'm not getting paid to push their fabric!!! I just thought of that becuse there is a "Judy" who works for them. It's not me, but I do wish I worked fact living in MA would be great seeing as I'm originally from ME...anywhere in New England would be sweet. I have learned in what-so-ever state I'm in to be content. Just saying....

  3. Love you in the orange! What I love about orange: The New York Mets. What I hate about orange : The San Francisco Giants. I have a gorgeous pair of orange linen pants that I purchased years ago from Macy's during a spring mood. I think I've only worn them a few times. It's they day after St Pat's so I'm not so psyched about orange, that being the color English used to taunt the Irish all those years ago.

  4. Yes, orange is a great colour. I did a vanilla choc orange collection a few years back that started as a 5 piece wardrobe in a weekend collection and I'm still adding to it. I like that orange works for both winter and summer so that really extends my wardrobe. I nearly bought some orange faux fur last week. The ends of the fur were tipped with brown so it had a really nice muted feel ... maybe I should go back and get it?

  5. Orange looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I really love that orange striped dress. I like the many shades of orange but not many of them look great next to my complexion, so I use the color in buttons, piping, the occasional multi print when I can.

  6. I was going to say that I don't wear orange, but then I remembered I have a BRIGHT orange tshirt with South Beach embroidered on it from a vacation years ago. But other than THAT I don't have any pieces that come across as orange. I just don't think of it as a color I wear, but I guess I should give it some thought down the line.


  7. oh I remember that beautiful shirt from your winning SWAP. Gorgeous.
    You look great in orange.

  8. I saw that ad too and thought "I've got to get me some orange fabric" LOL! But I'll probably be a little safer and get a print with some orange in it, something like your floral skirt.

  9. So Carolyn, how is your clothes closet organized? By color or item? I'd love to see what a rainbow you have in there!!
    You look good in so many colors!

  10. Love the Whitney dress. Brown is my all time favorite color and the orange top stitch is great. The cardigan is the perfect touch.

  11. I bought some orange linen/cotton blend from FFC TWO years ago and have been saving it...I'm so psychic. :D I actually wanted to be a size smaller before I cut into it (I'm so stupid sometimes). But now I'm just cutting into it. Go BIG or go home! haha!

  12. Orange is not "my" color. But, it looks swell on my daughter, for whom we threw an "Orange you glad you're 21?" birthday party. It also suits you well. I like the energy and warmth of the color, and am glad to see it strewn about the landscape this year.

  13. Hey,
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  14. You already have the perfect spring wardrobe:)

  15. I love orange! It's such a happy color. More assertive than yellow, but not as aggressive as red.

  16. Love the orange on you and you are set for Spring with various organge pieces.

  17. I love all your orange out fits..soooo pretty..
    I too have been sewing orange [before it became " THE SPRING COLOR".ha..
    Happy sewing..Enjoy your blog.

  18. So Pantone says Tangerine Tango is the new hot color? Leave it to you to be way ahead of the curve! I really love the orange and cream printed silk top--what a great way to use a large print!

  19. That orange striped dress is just beautiful! Here's to putting things into the closet and keeping them for a while (something I'm not very good at). I usually thrift something I haven't worn in 12 months. I love all the orange in your wardrobe! It's a colour I love, but don't have much of to wear. I'm sew hoping to remedy that problem this spring!


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