Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another Butterick 5760 Cardigan

I was really inspired by Pauline's ponte knit versions of Butterick 5760 and I decided that I needed a ponte knit version of my own.  Now this couldn't be just any ponte knit would have to be one that matched at least two of my dresses.  Well as luck would have it, it matches three!  Here's Lulu modeling the finished cardigan:

Snapped closed

Back view with no 
center back seam this time

Snaps open

As you know I've made this cardigan before and the fabric is left over ponte from an earlier dress so basically this is a free piece, right? *LOL*

Some stats ~
Fabric ~ Purple ponte knit
Notions ~ Black Size 16 Long Prong Snaps

The last time I made this cardigan, I went my own way and didn't follow the pattern instructions to a "t".  However, I was very unhappy with the neckline binding because I didn't follow the instructions - believe me Carolyn does not always know best! *LOL*  So for this make (thanks Karen - love that word!), I decided that I would be a good little sewist and follow the instructions from start to finish...okay I didn't pay attention to hemming the sleeves but otherwise everything was done exactly as the pattern instructs. the binding turned out wonderfully...I was much happier with this rendition. But I was totally unhappy with the fact that the pattern has you insert the sleeves in the round.  I've been making my favorite Burda cardigan f-o-r-e-v-e-r and it has you insert the sleeves flat.  I much prefer that method...but trying to be a good little sewist, I did as the pattern said. Okay, on the next version that in-the-round insertion is being kicked to the curb...I will be inserting the sleeves flat...enough said about that!

Next was adding the snaps...I've had these long prong snaps for years and I was a little put off by how much work was involved in getting them onto a garment. My daughter used them in a couple of her pieces but I've had the supply and they've just sat.  However, I didn't want regular buttons on this cardigan...I wanted something a little different.  But I hadn't used the snaps and Snap Setter before. After reading the instructions and being unhappy with them, I decided to look for a video on YouTube and of course I found one:

And after viewing and using the video, I realized that I'm a visual girl...words without pictures just don't cut I got the snaps on but I was unable to get one at the top and I've decided to just leave it off.  I'm thrilled that I've managed to do this and thankful that I found a YouTube video to help me!  If you want to go down this road, I have just one piece of advice...mark the garment carefully. Otherwise you could end up with crooked snaps and I can just imagine that they are a b*tch to take off.

First snap put on the cardigan

Close up of the neckline

I bought my Snap Setter alongwith several sizes of snaps from Nancy's Notions...

Otherwise, I'm quite happy with this cardigan...especially since it will work with my quick and easy ponte knit dress from last it should, since it's the same fabric!

Of course, the floral linen Peyton dress...

...and even the new 2012 edition of Vogue 1250. 

See three dresses that this cardigan will work with and I haven't even looked to see if it will go with any of my spring/summer skirts.  A very necessary addition to my wardrobe, as well as, a good use of a large remnant!  I'm glad I finished this off.  I now have nothing hanging around the sewing room and I'm ready to move onto my July project...which I will be working on next weekend...and which I'm starting to get very excited about! always more later!


  1. Such a pretty color and so versatile! I love the paisley dress too, especially how you used the blue part of the fabric on the back near the shoulders. It's always nice to add something to the wardrobe that allows you mix and match!

  2. Wow, this looks so professional! You'll be able to style this so many ways!

  3. Making a cardi is next on my agenda and this has inspired me so much. You did a great job on this cardigan and I just adore the snaps. I love the color and I so enjoy your wit and humor. Thanks again, Carolyn

  4. Sometimes RTFM works, and sometimes not. ;)

    Very pretty. I have that same snap setter and used it on the Au Bonheurs raincoat I made two years ago. It really does work well and, like you, I am also a visual learner. Dontcha love youtube? :)

    Your cardi looks very professional.

  5. I love this blog it's my new favourite and I love your new cardi. I sometimes wear this colour with pale greens if they have a pattern. I'm gonna buy me a Snapsetter from the Zon of Ama and try and make a cardigan or two for myself and the 17-year-old. Thanks for taking the time to post your stuff. It gives a large misshapen girl like me hope that I can at last dress myself stylishly.

  6. Where do you put all your clothes lol. You are always whipping up something other. They need there own room.

  7. "their" own room lol. I keep doing that.

  8. Super cardi! I love cardigans and want them in every color. Perfect all year through.

  9. Snaps can be so scary; they are outside my comfort zone. Looks like you mastered it and have a lovely cardi.

  10. Hi Carolyn - cardigans are a must in my wardrobe and I should really get into the habit of making them. The way it stands now they are frequent "purchases". I've seen yours (love em all) and they are pretty inspiring. This post is a testament to my sewing motto.."you learn"! Take care.

  11. You are the coordinating Queen, I really love how all your pieces come together. No need to mention your incredible sewing skills.

  12. Great coordinate! In not time flat you will have even more dresses to go with this lovely colored cardigan.

  13. I love your cardigan. That's something I need to make more of. However, thank you so much for that link on how to use the snap setter. I've had mine forever, and didn't know how to use it.

  14. Love your new cardigan..Looks fantastic.. And how wonderful that it works with 3 of your dresses.. I am going to buy the snap setter..Thanks for sharing the info.

  15. Beautiful cardigan, I have never thought of using snaps on my own clothes, only when I sew for the kids.

    And a silly question, how do you store your Ponte knit garments? I always dold tthem, just to be on the safe side. Do you keep your dresses folded or on a hanger?


  16. I like the snap idea. I am not a visual learner. I'd rather just have the words.

  17. I am so glad my cardi inspired you and your cardigan with the snaps is lovely. I recently purchase the Kryps pliers so I can make a cardigan with snaps (I have always struggled with doing it in the past).

  18. Of course you can always do your own snaps, but.... have you read my blog post about Star Snaps?

    Great job, though!

  19. I looooove snaps! You may be interested in all of the ways that BabetteSF uses them on their uber expensive garments. Thank you for all the info and especially the inspiration and style.


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