Saturday, October 26, 2013

What to do? What to do?

So it's Saturday and I've got a pile of fabric from Mood sitting on my cutting table begging me to see something in them so that I can sew up something marvelous and have it photographed by Wednesday. See I had a project...a perfectly good project but it's a little too involved for my due date.  

I purchased the perfect fabric to make my perfect lavender transitional coat...but sickness did me in.  Gawd, I was even going to make a muslin. Bought actual muslin fabric and everything.  I nevah muslin so to say I'm disappointed that I'm not working on this project is an overstatement.  However, I will make it later on cause I really want that coat!

Now though, my self picked Mood date is approaching and here I sit trying to make it work. I've been sewing for the Mood Network for over a year now and this is the first time that sickness has derailed me.  I've been late because a garment was more intricate than I originally thought and picked another date but I've never sat in the sewing cave wondering what the hell could I sew!

I had an idea and I thought it would work until I put my two pieces of fabric side by side and they didn't play as well together as I thought they would. Back to the drawing board.  I really want a dress/jacket combo but I will need a jacket pattern that I've made before so all of my fit issues have been resolved and I have precious few of those that I presently like.  But now that I've gotten the idea in my head I can't get it out.

So I go pawing through all of the patterns that I've made for the last five years and I find this one ~ Vogue 2285 which is so out of print it's pitiful.  The pattern's copyright date is 1999 but I used it as the basis to make a vintage inspired jacket back in 2008 which became part of my Easter Outfit that year.

I've always wanted to make another jacket like it but improve upon the sleeve fit, which is what ultimately did that jacket in.  Also, I really like the faux welt pockets or slot seams that the jacket uses.  I could make this and have it photographed by Wednesday evening.  Here is a picture of the vintage jacket that inspired the original jacket and this new one...

The fabric I've chosen will work with quite a few pieces already in my wardrobe so I won't need to make a second piece to accompany it.  Finally the only pattern work I will need to do is enlarge the sleeve pattern which I'm going to do by using a sleeve pattern piece that presently works. Thankfully I blogged the entire construction process here back in 2008.

Now it's time to clear off the sewing table and make the magic happen...hahahahaha! always more later!


  1. Good luck, I know you will make something fabulous.

  2. I certainly understand sewing to a deadline! Glad you are feeling better. :D

  3. Of course you can get it done. Happy sewing!

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been so poorly - it is rare that I don't want to sew or knit, even when I am sick. For me it is like a barometer. If I don't feel like eating, or sewing and knitting, then I must be REALLY sick!

    I look forward to seeing the magic coming out of the cave, very soon!

  5. Carolyn, given the circumstances, why not ask for an extension into November (and post twice in November)? Everybody gets sick -- why rush things and stress yourself out?

    Ask for an "Incomplete." LOL

  6. Aaah ..suspense! ;)
    We'll just have to wait and see what
    I know will be a gorgeous creation.
    Have fun.


  7. You can do it! Looking forward to the finished jacket.

  8. Don't push yourself if you are still sick. It could cause you to backslide. You need to rest and get better. If the date is a self-imposed one, have a little chat with yourself and set a new date. I found a wonderful blouse pattern that I can hardly wait to make - a slightly blouson faux-wrap: It's an easy one but still nice - See & Sew B56770. I have always loved the blouson look. I bought this because it is almost like Stacy Lopndon and Clinton Kelly are in my head saying "blouse rather than tee shirt." I have that coordinates pattern too, but have not made it yet. I am anxious to see your lavender coat.

  9. Oh, I'm sorry you are feeling this way - that's never fun at all. I hope you were able to get the jacket started. g

  10. Muslin? What's that? :) Seriously, glad you feel better and I know you'll work this out. The coat's time hasn't come yet, do what you feel like but I do like Peter's idea of putting it off a bit if you're not yet back in rhythm. It happens. K

  11. Vogue 2285 is one of my favorites. I never retired it. I have actually been considering making the jacket for the 4th or 5th time sometime soon. I've made it in grey wool, blue corduroy and forest green gabardine. Not sure what fabric I'll be using this time around, but it's definitely in my foreseeable future. Happy Stitching!!

  12. It sounds like the magic is starting already. Of course, your health is most important. I'm sure that you will make the right decision - ride the magic carpet or pull the covers over your head and rest. I'm sure that Mood can wait for the magic jacket and the gorgeous lavender coat.

  13. I REALLY hope you're feeling better-- sounded like quite an unpleasant bug that hit you! But your jacket is going to be so cute! Luckily 2008 you was kind enough to leave notes for 2013 you so your construction should go super smoothly! :)

  14. Luv the jacket,Question,do you have to treat wool boucle, I see when looking through your blog that before sewing certain wool fabrics that they need to be treated, just wondering if that's true for this as well. I am just a rookie in training, LoL

    Marcia Putman


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