Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Fashion Fund on Ovation TV

Yesterday evening after all of the festivities had quieted down, I was flipping through TV channels to find something to watch.  I don't know how long Ovation has been in my cable channel line-up but I do know that last night was the first time I watched it.

During one of the commercials, Ovation featured the second season of The Fashion Fund with Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue Magazine and Diane von Furstenberg, designer and CFDA council member, beginning on January 22.

This looks interesting and since all of my favorite shows are on winter break, I will definitely be checking this out!

A little background on CFDA - which stands for The Council of Fashion Designers of America - it is a not for profit trade association whose membership consists of more than 400 of America's foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry and accessory designers.  (So if you want to be a fashion designer, you definitely want to gain membership to the CFDA, which is by vote acceptance only!)

The Fashion Fund was established ten years ago as a competition for aspiring fashion and accessory designers.  The winner of the competition receives a cash prize to help them fund their business and a mentor (an already established fashion designer) who provides advice and counseling. More about the rules and application process can be found here.  Previous Fashion Fund winners have been:

2009 - Sophie Theallet 
(a favorite of Michelle Obama's)

2008 - Alexander Wang

2004 - Proenza Schouler

...and a complete list of the winners can be found here.

Again I will definitely be watching this because it's about fashion and it's something different from what is already playing on cable TV.  Also, I've been following The Fashion Fund now and then over the years and the entire process fascinates me.  There are loads of clips on YouTube, if you are interested in learning more and also seeing a more vibrant Anna Wintour than was in the movie, The September Issue.

I'm at work until December 31st when I officially begin my "Winter Sewcation." It's only six days off and right now my plan is just to work on the separates for my Crazy 8 Wardrobe.  However, it is six days of uninterrupted sewing time so I'm not complaining! 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family... always more later!


  1. Happy New Year! What a great way to start the year - with a sewcation!! My goal is to sew and craft more this year... I just made most of my gifts for Christmas and it was very enlightening how much I enjoyed it even though it was during the hustle and bustle of the busiest time of the season - it relaxed me to spend a couple of hours a night creating. Looks like a great show but I am not sure we get this channel so you will have to share your insights with us!!

  2. *JEALOUS!* I had Ovation cut from my cable line-up and I missed the Battle of the Nutcrackers this year! I loved the all arts channel! I am so glad that someone still gets to benefit from it.

    Also Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing what you make this year!

  3. I love Ovation but had missed this show. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Carolyn -

    Thanks so much for the Fashion Fund update. I'd been busy most Wednesdays and almost never get a chance to watch.It seems, however, that my schedule will be somewhat different this year. Can't wait to tune in.

    Hope your Christmas and New Year holidays were wonderful, and that your sewcation was successful. Can't wait to see all the new creations!


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