Sunday, December 01, 2013

Crazy 8 Outfit Planning

Lately in my blog travels, I visited Dana's blog, Lean Mean Sewing Machine. Dana was sharing her latest makes and how she was incorporating the Crazy 8 wardrobe planning into her sewing.

Stitchers Guild recently announced their 2014 SWAP competition requirements and sewists plans are showing up on their blogs.  I love SWAP and wardrobe sewing and have toyed with the idea of participating ~ but the requirements and sewing 11 garments that work together has held me back.  It just seemed overwhelming and like my sewing would be too planned when I'm looking forward to more sewing whatever.  

However, 8 pieces that will work together yet still work with my wardrobe is quite appealing to me.  I feel like this ties in with my current creative desires to sew garments that will work together but yet be separates.  Also at any point if I want to stop I can. Yet I will still end up with some wonderful new pieces in my wardrobe.

So here is what the Crazy 8 Plan is comprised of:
  1. One jacket
  2. One cardigan
  3. Two tops
  4. One blouse
  5. One pair of pants
  6. One skirt
  7. One dress

Here's what I want to make ~

I will be using Vogue 7975 if possible.  It's my first choice but this may change.  I really want to use this pattern before the winter is over and this plan would allow me to do so.

I will use my Butterick 5760 TNT pattern.  I have the fabric picked out for this one already ~ a panel print for the fronts in red/black/white/grey and cotton black ponte for the back and sleeves.

One will be from my TNT dress pattern.  The second one will be a RTW bow tie blouse that I bought and need to alter to make fit me well. Gotta figure out that third top. I have fabric options for only the first top.

RTW floral long sleeve bow tie blouse
with pintucks on the front

Will be made from my TNT pants pattern.  I'm using a black medium weight/heavy weight black wool crepe that I purchased from Fabric Mart earlier this year.

Made in a black/white plaid wool fabric from the collection using my TNT straight skirt pattern.

I will use Vogue 8944, Version A, the sleeveless version in three different colors of wool.  A vanilla white crepe for the top, red wool double knit for the center and black medium weight wool crepe for the skirt.  Haven't decided if I will use the red or white fabric for the back top.  I think the dress will tell me as I'm sewing it.

Fabric Choices
As much as I love color in the winter... you can see that I've got a black/red/white/grey combo.  I know it's not original but it works for my corporate life. Here is the combo I'm using...

Left to right:  
polyester panel print, cotton black ponte, black/white plaid wool
mediumweight black wool crepe, red wool doubleknit, 
vanilla white wool crepe

I have to say that I'm pretty thrilled with my fabric collection right now, because all of these pieces were pulled from the shelves.  I love my fabric collection, truly I do! Pulling the fabric and choosing patterns, have inspired me and reignited my sewing mojo.

I've already started working on the pants. Hey it's cold and I wanted a new pair since I've recently put a couple of pairs in the pile to go to the dry cleaners.  There will be a lot more discussed here about this plan as the month progresses ~ especially since it fits into my sewing separates thing that I've got going on in my head. always more later!


  1. I'm happy to cheer you on from the sidelines:)

  2. Very nice plan! I did good for the month of October SWAP'ing and then went haywire and sewed one of everything in November :)

    Can't wait to see these fabulous garments. Hope all is well otherwise. I love reading your blog and seeing your modeled garments!!

  3. Look at you - you already have your swap fabric pulled into a neat little stack. The one thing that has always kept me from doing a full swap is coming up with coordinating fabrics for 11 garments. You are to be commended for being able to do that.

  4. Red, black and white is one of my favorite color combos. I also really like that Vogue 8944 pattern. Good luck!

  5. Fun print! I've lost my sewing mojo the last few weeks, but I'm hoping a sewing room cleaning and some projects pulled from my stash will fix that!

  6. I like your fabric choices. I feel the same way that you do about my stash. It makes me happy to be able to shop my stash. I don't have to fight the lines in the store or wait for the mailman to drop off my box. Happy sewing.

  7. I'm another red, black and white fan so I look forward to seeing your finished garments.

  8. I love that color combination, graphic and a punch of color! Good luck with your endeavor. I hold off on these swaps for the same reason but you may inspire me.

  9. Nice plan! I really like your color choices. Neutral but still fun.

  10. Looks like a great plan, I like hte idea of 8 garments. Also, love your fabric choices.

  11. Well, I certainly love your colorway!!! :D

  12. I love those colors - very classy, but with a punch of cheery red! Glad the mojo has returned and you are back with your foot on the pedal!

  13. I can't wait to see this! Janice's not-so-crazy-eights is a great wardrobing concept. Combined with your amazing sewing skills, this will be awesome to watch. I'm pulling up a chair :-)

  14. What an interesting plan! This seems like a really fun way to revive your wardrobe! I like the fabrics you chose, too-- perfect for this time of year!

  15. Great color palette! I can't wait to see how this comes to life!

  16. I think the fabrics are fabulous, and I just love the patterns. I think you are very talented.

  17. Nice choices! I look forward to seeing the completed garments as they are finished.

  18. I've been pretty successful with the 6PAC concept. While I don't follow the color suggestions on SG, I do find that sewing smaller capsules is easier for me. I think I'll try the Crazy 8 plan as well.

  19. This looks like a very practical plan. Good luck with it!

  20. I think you have chosen wonderful fabrics and I absolutely love the RTW blouse. I can hardly wait to see the results when you get started.

  21. OK. So when will we be seeing some of the finished products? I know all 8 pieces will be stunning. Happy stitching.

  22. This is just what I need to plan my 2014 sewing. Thanks for sharing.

  23. A great plan and lovely colour choices.

  24. Nice plan! This shows how disconnected I've become - I had no idea you linked to my blog. Thanks! It's going to be fun to see the plan actually become a reality, you know, long before mine will be finished ;)


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