Monday, August 06, 2018

A Trio of Katies

The first of the Indie patterns I made is The Katie Dress, and I admit it I went a little crazy making Katie dresses...

However, in my defense, I love a great high/low hemline. And if I was gonna tape a pattern together, I'm getting the most uses out of it so I made three versions of this pattern. 

A little backstory ~
I was on Instagram watching MimiG's stories and she posted this shirt.

I've been wanting a shirt like this for quite some time. Just had no pattern on hand to use to start the journey. After a brief conversation with Mimi, she told me she'd modified the Katie Dress and that it was easy to do. I'd purchased the pdf pattern last November during the Black Friday sales and forgot about it...cause honestly pdf pattern.

But that would add so much to my late summer/early fall wardrobe and it started to play in my I printed the pattern out and taped it together.

Yes, I know. *shaking my head* even my peeps on Instagram couldn't believe that I went in! LOL! As I started taping the pattern together, it started talking to me. Whispering softly of the things it could be...

So it became a dress as the trial run of the pattern ~

Then it became the Elliott Berman show stopper with a few pattern alterations ~

Finally with a few more alterations it became a sleeveless dress with a longer hemline ~

This is the preview before each post which will detail what I did and why. I'm starting with the Elliott Berman fabric post because there is a link to the fabric in it if you'd like some of that amazing cotton fabric too.  Then the other posts will follow.

Conclusion ~
  • Let me just say that I love this pattern. The pdf was easy to assemble which is a MUST for someone who loathes pdf patterns as much as I do and it didn't have a lot of pages to tape together! 
  • Then it was an easy sew because the instructions are fantastic and I love that at every step it reminded me that I was sewing with 3/8" seam allowances instead of the 5/8" ones I'm use to!
  • Pattern alterations were easy to make to my traced pattern pieces. Mimi you were right!
  • It IS the perfect shirtdress and shirt that I've been looking for to wear this summer! The.PERFECT.shirtdress pattern!
This pattern is still available to purchase.  If you want an easy wearing, perfect fitting shirt or dress with a great fit through the shoulders and bodice but with a abundant flow in the skirt for those sultry summer days, buy this pattern! Especially since it's sized up to a 2X and y'all know that's my pet peeve about some of the indie designs.

Lastly, I was only given the fabric for the Elliott Berman post. Everything else is paid for by me so ALL opinions are y'all know me. I'm only effusive about things I really believe in whether it was given to me or not. So go and buy this was worth taping it together...SERIOUSLY! LOL! always more later!


  1. I love the Elliott Berman version

  2. I can see why you went a little looks fabulous on you! I would even try it in a knit with the front on fabric fold and adjusting the neckline. I really love your tunic version. I'm impressed it is for a woven too. Can't you see this in a black silk with some vintage cut her buttons for a special occasion? Honestly, a perfect look for you!

    1. Jet buttons, not her....cut jet buttons. Sometimes I really hate auto correct.

  3. Love that Shanghai print but wow, it's $50 a yard! I'm just going to drool and admire your version.

    1. I know the fabric is pricey and I address it in the blog post which is up next btw

  4. All three are beautiful in their own rights! Great work on your part and I am particularly drawn to your sleeveless dress, I really love this on you! So pretty!

  5. All three - just gorgeous!

  6. OK, I was waiting for this post and was not disappointed. I just bought the pattern. Can't wait to make my own. I think the long, sleeveless denim version is perfection.

    1. Rebecca just so you know the sleeveless dress is linen but a ltwt or tensil denim would definitely work!

  7. Wow! I, too, am shocked that you sewed up a pdf pattern but maybe this pattern is one I should try. You've certainly given it a glowing review. Love your makes. Karen

  8. They all look great!!! I love how you take a pattern, let it speak to you, and turn it into magical versions that all look wonderful.

  9. I love all three versions of this pattern. Each one is different and love the fabrics you used for all three. My favorite one is the blue as it says summer time and I will be cool!
    Congrats on putting the pattern pieces together, it is time consuming but these garments were worth it!


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