Friday, September 14, 2018

A Visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Y'all I'm a museum geek. I love museums and not just for the current exhibition that's showing or interesting the collective sewing community. 

See I love all the extra stuff that's there and of course I want to peruse it all.  Poor Tasha was so kind in putting up with my desire to see a couple of different exhibits. Especially The Armor, some of the rooms in the American Wing, the African American photo exhibit, the Sculpture Area, the Egyptian artifacts and the Temple of Dendur.

First though let's talk about the Heavenly Bodies Exhibit since that's what brought us to the museum. Here are a few photos of the exhibit. Okay honestly here are a lot of pics of the exhibit!

First the garments as you enter the exhibit ~

From the grotto...

From the main area...
The metallic pieces on this dress were stunning!

The jewelry was so detailed and I own a necklace similar to the one on top
Its a necklace of pearls and a cross

The head dress on this piece was astonishing

My favorite piece though was something that is very wearable today ~

I thought this part of the exhibit was meh. I mean the embroidery was amazing and the pieces were very interesting. It was staged well but I didn't fall in love with the garments as I had in other exhibits. These just seemed really out there...very costumey.

It wasn't until we went to the Anna Winter Costume Exhibit portion and saw The Vatican Collection that I was wowed. AND I mean WOWED!

photo care of The Met

The handwork on these garments was astonishing. The jewels and metal pieces used in the pieces were awe-inspiring. The nuns/sisters that worked on these garments were truly artisans sharing the love of their craft with the Popes and Cardinals. Me I'm just a muddler compared to what they accomplished and BY HAND!

After seeing those two sections of the Exhibit, I wanted to see a little more of the museum and Tasha obliged me. So a great big thank you to her for following along behind me! *LOL*

I loved the Arms & Armor Court! It reminds me of the jousting scenes in The Tudors!

One of the portraits in the Portrait Gallery we both admired...

The doorway to The American Wing which housed rooms from several American homes from the 1800s...

The Photographs of African Americans in the 40s & 50s ~
I read about this exhibit on the internet and really wanted to see it. It was fascinating. It was like looking at my family's photo albums. However, many of the pictures weren't labelled because the film had been found and developed. So the museum is asking visitors if they know anyone in the pictures to let them know so the pics can be labelled properly.

Finally a few photos from Egyptian Artifacts and The Temple of Dendur. I love this Temple and visit it every time I come to the museum. It also was THE perfect place to take pictures of our me mades.

The Heavenly Bodies and the African American Photographs Exhibits are open to the public until October 8th.

I know this has been a photo heavy blog post but there is so much to see. And of course, I wanted to share as much of my day with you as possible. If you're visiting NYC, I highly recommend that you set aside a day to see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as The American Museum of Natural History. They are both family friendly. Your family will then be more understanding of the hours you need to spend in the Garment District!

BTW, today is the last day for entries for the BlackBird Fabrics Gift Card giveaway. So if you haven't entered yet, go back a couple of posts and leave a comment!  The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Happy National Sewing Month!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I can imagine that the works on display are each so fabulous, that it’s overwhelming. And would deserve several visits to take it all in.

  2. I love the post:)
    Dilek ...

  3. Great pics and your new dress looks wonderful.

  4. ahhhhhh thank you for this, the Met is too far away from me!!!
    And that dress if MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

  5. Wow! Wish I could go too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. I have been to that amazing museum, it is an unbelievable place. I took a tour by a company called Museum Hack and they were wonderful! It was so much fun!! I would highly recommend them, you laugh a lot and learn even more. I can't wait for my next trip to New York. Thank you so much for bring back great memories!

  7. Thank you for sharing. I am particularly moved by photographs of people that are thrown out or discarded someway. It makes me very sad that no one knows who these people are and the families didn't want the photos anymore.

  8. What a great experience, you traveled the globe, and with a friend , in a day at the Met. Hope to get there next Saturday and now will add the armor exhibit and the lost photos. For yrs I have visited it frequently and your post made me realize that the armor is the ultimate in garment construction. Great post, thanks so much.

  9. Oh! that looks awesome. I need to get over to the Met soon. I really enjoyed the mini exhibit at the Cloisters. As a fellow museum geek, I can't believe I didn't know about the black photographers exhibit. Can't wait. You should check out Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power ( which just opened at the BK museum! Looks fantastic and floated to the top of my must-see list!

  10. Great post! I loved your posting of the search to find out who these people in the photos are. They are just amazing. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  11. Egads, I miss that place!! Thanks for posting!

  12. Thank-you so very much for taking the time to take these wonderful pictures and post them all!
    I’m looking at them after a full day of life and feeling so re-newed with inspiration!
    Can’t wait to someday come back to N.Y.
    and take in this museum and the fabric district!
    You looked absolutely lovely in your floral dress!
    Again, thank-you for treating us to your tours and pictures!

  13. I'm Catholic and would love to be able to see the fashion exhibit. Thank you for sharing the photos. I hope the museum shares an update as to how many indivdiuals in those photos were identified. That would be cool to hear more about!


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