Saturday, September 01, 2018

September is National Sewing Month

As has become my custom, I'm celebrating National Sewing Month for September! 

In previous years, I've done a mixture of discounts and giveaways but this year I have a pretty busy month. So while I still want to celebrate the month, I don't have as much time for the blog posts and follow up.

To that end I will share an abbreviated celebration and I've concentrated on online fabric store giveaways...not discounts but actual gift card giveaways. Cause y'all know I love fabric more than ANYTHING! That's why the previous post was about how to buy fabric online. My favorite fabric stores are offering gift card denominations from $50 - $100.

Each Monday, I will announce a new fabric store and you will have until Friday at midnight EST of that week to enter. Entries left after midnight, will not be considered for the giveaway. Winners will be announced on Saturdays.  Listed below are the rules to enter each giveaway.  If any of the rules are violated, your entry will be ineligible for the giveaway. 

This give away is open to everyone, as long as the online fabric retailer ships to you. If you're not in the US, I would check that information on their websites before entering the giveaway...most have it in their Q&A sections. 

Rules for Giveaway:
1. You MUST leave a comment on my original post on Blogger ONLY.  Any entries left ANYWHERE else and this includes bloglovin' or another reader, are ineligible.

2. If you use "Unknown" as a way to enter the giveaway, and your name and/or email address is not included in the comment, your entry is ineligible.

3. If you win a giveaway, please do not enter any of the following giveaways. IF you leave a comment on subsequent posts, I will delete it.

4. All winners have until 7 days after the announcement to send their name to me at cnorman underscore 98 at yahoo dot com. If you DO NOT do so in that amount of time, a new winner will be picked and exceptions.

5. Winners will be chosen by the Random Generator and I will list the number picked out of the number of entries, along with the winners name.

6. Once the winner's name is given to the online fabric store proprietor, all subsequent interactions are between you and the owner.  I'm not responsible for shipping problems, fabric quality, etc.  But may I say right here that I've only chosen to work with online retailers that I trust and know the quality of their goods as well as their shipping methods. They are ALL reputable small business owners!!!

These are not all of my favorite online fabric stores. I could have easily held 10 giveaways instead of the six that will be shared. However, as I stated above I have a busy month so this is what I can handle. 

Now to the good stuff...these are the six online fabric stores that have chosen to participate and the dates the giveaways will start.  Mark your calendar so you don't miss any of them!

September 3rd - Elliott Berman 
September 8th - Winner of Elliott Berman gift card will be announced
September 10th - Blackbird Fabrics
September 15th - Winner of Blackbird Fabrics gift card will be announced
September 17th - Sewing Studio
September 19th - Emmaonesock
September 22nd - Winner of Sewing Studio & Emmaonesock gift cards will be announced
September 24th - Smugglers Daughter 
September 29th - Winner of Smugglers Daughter gift card will be announced
September 30th - Fabric Mart
October 5 - Winner of Fabric Mart gift card will be announced.

Good luck and don't forget to enter...cause as they say in the lottery, you have to be in it to win it!

Happy National Sewing Month!


  1. I am excited that you are celebrating September in this way! Thank you for organizing this! I look forward to entering!

  2. I’m grateful you take the time and effort to publish your blog, and then September’s come along and put icing on the cake. I’m excited!

  3. What fun! I hope your month is not too busy and that you get to snatch some sewing time for yourself.

  4. What fun! I enjoy your blog very much, and I thank you for taking the time to share your sewing exploits.

  5. So much fun and a great way to be introduced to new sources for my addiction.

  6. Fun! I am going to check out the participating stores that are new to me.

  7. Your blog is my favorite and I do read several of them. Admire all that you accomplish.

  8. Thank you for your generosity and that of the online fabric stores participating. What a great thing you're doing to celebrate National Sewing Month.

  9. Carolyn,

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  10. Yeahhhhh! This is wonderful and just in time. I'll concentrate on following all the directions.

  11. I've no idea if I'm leaving this comment on Blogger or not but thank you for the list of fabric suppliers. I appreciate knowing the companies respected sewists like.

    1. Yes you have left your comment on blogger. If you read my blog on your computer by linking straight to it without using a reader, you're good!

  12. Oh fun! A chance to win fabric! This is blogger, correct?

  13. I'm a FM girl but I see a couple of site that I need to visit, lol. Thanks for the list.

  14. So generous of you, Carolyn, for taking the time and effort. Much appreciated.

  15. This is so exciting with some new to me sites to check out.

  16. National Sewing Month...what a grand idea. Think I’ll celebrate with you.��

  17. I love your blog! Thanks for the contests this month.

  18. I see some familiar favorites-I was just at Fabric Mart on Friday! But also a few new fabric sources. Smugglers Daughter? Sweet! A fun way to kickoff Natl Sewing Month. You are always so inspirational and I appreciate your sharing ideas, info, strategies. Thx Carolyn.

  19. I've never purchased fabric online, but willing to start looking at it seriously now, with your post of how easy it is to do! I have always liked "handling" the fabric before purchasing and suppose I could order swatches so that I can pre-determine whether or not I want more. . . Thanks for always posting informative sewing info.!

  20. Who doesn't need more fabric! okay maybe I don't need it but I sure do want it! I shop on-line for fabric all they time

  21. You ha e a wonderful blog !

  22. Thanks for introducing and promoting new and exciting fabric stores. I only wish I could sew as fast as you do.

  23. I love your blog almost as much as a cut of fabric.

  24. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win some fabric AND be able to use some of the things you spoke about when buying fabric online.

  25. This is a fabulous idea! Thank you as well as the fabric stores taking part in this. Just in time for Halloween & Holiday sewing too (i.e. LOTS of fabric!!!) Amy

  26. Thanks for holding the contest. Hope I win!

  27. Thank you, for the opportunity.


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