Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 - The Year in Review

This is the first in a series of posts regarding my sewing this year.  Having two major social media accounts: this blog and an IG account, they present an interesting contrast in what's "popular" on both sites.

First Instagram ~

Best 9 of 2018 from Instagram

I used a "Best of" App to determine what nine pictures had the most likes for 2018. These were the Top 9.

Interesting fact - a successful Instagram pic has 37 likes for every 1000 followers. So if you have 300 followers, a well-liked picture on IG has 111 likes. In my case a successful picture has 315 likes. In the grid, all of the pictures have over 500+ likes.

So thank you to everyone who follows my IG account and stops to like a picture and/or leave a comment.

Another thing making the rounds on IG is the "Favorite Colors used in Your IG Feed."  Mine is pictured below...

Which is a shock to me. Since in my mind I've sewn so much blue and denim and thought they would be featured more prominently. Guess not! LOL!

Onto what's been most popular on the blog...

The Blog ~
There's a difference between the two with a little overlap.  Probably because the blog is more interactive or at least it seems that way to me.  To determine what would be the most popular blog posts, I used a benchmark of over 3000 views...not comments. I also chose to feature the Top 9 blogs similar to the Top 9 IG posts.  

Anyway, the posts linked below all have more than 3000 views and they are posted with the most views first:

This is my fourth version of this Deer & Doe pattern and my second maxi. It also appears on my Best 9 on IG grid.

One of my few political posts this year. My goal this year in not posting political posts was NOT TO KNOW how many people supported the policies of this present administration.  But I just couldn't not say anything about this continuing atrocity. 

This is a Question of the Day post from February. It came about when I was on a sewing binge and felt like no matter how much I made, I just didn't sew enough.

Shirt number 6 from the April Shirt Month series.

This is the second shirtdress in the series. 

A post about my plans to sew from the collection. I'm not sure I was successful with this. I did, however, sew 8 garments that used 18 yards of fabric from deep within the shelves of the collection.

This is another Question of the Day which was posted in August. It occurred because I used only Indie Patterns that month to sew garments.

The kick-off post to April's Shirt Month.

An update on things in my world in early March.

As you can see the posts are from different parts of the year.  Some are garment posts, some are Question of the Day posts and there's even a political post in the mix. I also seemed to sew in series/collections this year which I believe was driven more by the fabric than the patterns/silhouettes.

The difference between what was popular on the two social medias is interesting. Probably because Instagram is based upon pictures and whether it grabs your attention. And my blog is based upon in-depth conversations, knowledge, pictures AND offering the reader the opportunity to comment without the comment needing to be based upon liking a garment.

As I said above, this is just the first in a series of posts about my sewing this year.  I have the Top 5 Hits and Misses coming up and a review of my most sewn item. Then there is the last day of the year post which I end every year with so that I know where I'm going in the new year.

I hope you will follow along on this retrospective. If retrospections aren't your thing, then wait for January when garment posts will resurface because I am sewing during the Holiday break. As I stated on Instagram, "I have a list that I may or may not sew from...a room full of fabric...a stash of patterns and thread in every color." always more later!



  1. Very interesting! BIG difference between the two social media!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I think it's interesting to see the differences between the two. I appreciate how your passion for sewing comes through on both platforms. I also agree that we have to speak up when things are this bad. It's part of being a responsible citizen. Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

  3. Hi Carolyn, I followed you for many years and love reading your posts. You are always an inspiration and not just for sewing! Best wishes for a wonderful 2019 for you and your family. I’ll be looking forward to your retrospection and also the new makes!

  4. I look forward to reading a lot more. I do not use IG, preferring the in-depth and thoughtful posts you always have, and I enjoy thinking along with you about our wonderful shared passion for making clothes! Thank you so much Carolyn. I really get a boost from your fabric acquisition posts, as I get to share in the excitement of newfound love!

  5. That Doe and Deer maxi is definitely one of my favorites of your makes this year.

  6. I didn't remember seeing the Isaac Mizrahi and went back and read the post. It's a spectacular shirt, both the fit and your binding detail. I found your shirt posts to be particularly inspiring and plan on finally sewing some shirts in my spring sewing. I bought Katherine Brenne's new shirt pattern, but I don't know that it's versatile enough to make it over and over. I'll make it, since I like it a lot. But, I still need a shirt basic that I can change.

    1. Nancy - I've subsequently purchased some other shirt patterns and I plan on trying some of them out in 2019. My TNT pattern is good for embellishment and fabric selection but I want a pintucked front one and a couple of bow-tied versions. I will need other patterns for those versions. Thank you for liking the Isaac one!

  7. I love the Isaccc Mizrahi shirt!

  8. Enjoyed this post and seeing variations between IG and Blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Ok, this is such a great review! As I looked through the photos of garments from the year, I am impressed! Some of them refreshed my memory, and all of them are so well done. Merry Christmas!


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