Saturday, December 08, 2018

Cashmerette's Rivermont Top - Second Version

Last year when I made the Rivermont Top I said that I would make it again.  As usual it took me a minute to get back to it...well actually it took me an entire year! *LOL* 

I also said that I would make my next version just like the pattern...mmmmmm I lied. This one is basically made like my first version. I love high/low hemlines and really wanted another version like that. The difference in this one is that the high/low peplum is made from a polyester chiffon.

Some stats ~
Navy rayon/lycra ponte purchased from Mood Fabrics for this project
Polyester floral chiffon purchased from Fabric Mart

9" navy invisible zipper
Seam tape

Construction ~
This is a simple sew. I made it exactly like I did the first one. Of course, I complicated it by using the chiffon as the high/low peplum. There were two things that changed with this make. One, I added two layers of the peplum to the front to give a little more length to the front.

The second thing is that to insure the chiffon doesn't pull from the ponte (one fabric being heavier than the other) I stitched seam tape into the waistline seam to stabilize it.  Since I used chiffon for the peplum, its unlined...another difference from my original version.

That's it. There are no other changes to the construction of the top.

Then I took pictures of the top and decided that I didn't like it with the second layer. The pictures made it look like I was wearing a tutu over a onesie. Those knit pants just weren't working for me.  So I removed that layer by just cutting it out of the seams and retook the pictures with some jeans.  That's what's pictured below.

A few pictures ~

I wanted something a little casual and funky, out of my wheelhouse. I think I accomplished that with this make. I like it better with just one layer of chiffon as the peplum and I like the swish in the back. Maybe some day I will make the top as it appears on the pattern envelope. Since this is a great pattern hopefully some day soon I will make another maximized version of the dress with a flared skirt. Something else I've been thinking about for a minute! always more later!


  1. Beautiful top! I like how you got the chiffon and ponte to work well together! I have never worked with chiffon yet, but have heard it can be hard to manage.

    1. Vanessa - I’m not a fan of sewing poly or silk chiffon but by Sewing it to a stabler fabric it made it less onerous. Thanks for liking the top.

  2. I definitely have to buy this pattern. You look fabulous! It's also such a fun top. Enjoy the swishing!

    1. Nancy - Yes this is a great pattern but realize that I altered the peplum pieces to get the high/low hemline!

  3. OH! OH! I really like this version. It looks as if the "swish factor" is really fun.

    1. patsijean - the swish factor is the whole reason this top came into being!

  4. This is so fun and a great way to make this top your own!

  5. I love this version,Carolyn! You truly make a pattern your own.

  6. I was surprised to read the floral was a chiffon! It seems to work well and as someone said above it has a good swish factor.


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