Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Pink Linen Bow Tie Shirt

...or my first shirt of the season.  I started with my TNT shirt pattern and added the bow tie from Vogue 8772.

Y'all know that I love shirts and added quite a few of them to my wardrobe last year. I've bought loads of fabric to make more and now that it's spring, I've been doing so.

This one was made to go with a couple of gray vests in my wardrobe.

Supplies ~
Pink Linen from Fabric Mart 
(this was purchased last year so I'm counting it as a new fabric purchase)
11 - 5/8" buttons from the notions collection 
(they have been in the collection for at least 18 years, from when I worked at the button company)
A 1/4 yd of pink gingham bias binding from Home Sew

Construction ~
There are no new construction techniques for the body of the shirt. Though to add the bow tie to the shirt neckline, I used the pattern pieces to cut it out and instructions from V8772 pattern to attach it.

However, I missed a step in the construction of the neckline and had to improvise. To right this wrong, I added some bias binding to the neckline and then had that caught up into the bow tie.

I also added topstitching to all the body seams. I did this in my sleeveless white shirt and liked the effect so thought it would work well for this one too. That's it for construction information on this one. Just another shirt to add to the rotation. 

A few photos ~

Even though it's starting to warm up and I'm thinking about dresses, there will still be a few chillier days and this will work great then. Also fall will be here before you know it as much as I hate to think about it. Anyway this is finally off the dress form...

and into my closet.  Next up on the blog is the vest from Simplicity 8265. always more later!


  1. I just pulled out Vogue 8772 because I was thinking about princess seams that run to the shoulder rather than arm. Do you remember saying that? I thought that bow looked like "something Carolyn would like." Looks good and love the gingham.

    1. Vogue 8772 has darts to give shaping to the shirt not princess seams. My princess seams are from Butterick 5678. When I made V8772 as a shirt I omitted the darts and had solid shirt fronts. Just thought I would clarify the difference between the 2 shirts.

  2. Beautiful and love, love the color and the gingham trim. As always a job well done.

  3. This is beautiful (I love a pink shirt) and the more so with the lovely cherry blossoms. The bow is perfection - you will love wearing this for Spring.

  4. I love the color; it's so subtle! And it is accented perfectly by your flowering trees. Great save with the ties, and the gingham accents are a really pretty touch.

  5. Thank you for a breath of spring in your pink linen and perfect flowering setting. Beautiful as always with every single post no matter your topic. Thanks for keeping on with your blog. I love it.

  6. Oh, I love that shirt and it looks so nice on you! Good job!

  7. That looks so pretty, and comfy in the linen.

  8. I like this shirt and the added ties seem to work well with this.


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