Thursday, April 04, 2019

Silk Twill Printed TNT Shirt

Originally when I purchased this fabric I wanted to make a dress for work from it. At that time I lived in corporate workwear and while it was a little bright for that world, I bought the fabric anyway because I loved it.

This is another one of those #deepstash makes that I'm thrilled to have used the fabric in a different way. When I was shuffling through the shelf and picked it up, it said it wanted to be a shirt. I decided to feature the fabric and went with my gathered back TNT shirt.

Supplies ~
- Printed floral silk twill from the garment district years ago - this is deepstash fabric
- Buttons from the button stash - again aged well since they're from when I worked at the button company and that's almost 20 years ago now
- Fusible interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

I made this one exactly like my white shirt so there are no new design or construction changes in this version. I loved the fabric and wanted to emphasize it. I've been wearing my other shirts with the gathered backs alot this winter and love the ease of wear. That's why I chose that silhouette for this shirt.

Photos of the shirt ~

I started the shirt at Sew Camp and everyone loved the texture of the fabric. Silk twill is not a popular fabric now but at the time I bought it there were quite a few pieces in stores. I do buy this fabrication whenever I find it especially if it doesn't have an exhorbitant price tag. Lately I've found it in solids rather than prints, so if you find a print silk twill grab it! Okay fabric enabling public service announcement done! *LOL*

A couple of the photos shows it with some tan knit pants. I thought they would match/coordinate with the shirt when I was sewing it. However, I'm liking the darker ponte jeans match better. BTW, this is pretty much my outfit these days with and without a cardigan at least until the weather gets warmer.

This was the first piece I made at Sew Camp and the one I spent the most time on. It's also the garment that everyone stroked because that silk is EVERYTHING!

The weekend weather is supposed to be lousy meaning there might be more fireplace photos in my future. I guess April showers really do bring May flowers. The Pembrokes and the Cardigan will be on the blog shortly. always more later! 


  1. Gorgeous blouse. I am always after silk twill too. Now that you mentioned I will be more focused on it; since the advise is coming from you.

  2. Gorgeous print and shirt .

  3. Looks very pretty! I especially love the print!

  4. Love the shirt, love the fabric! You are an inspiration!

  5. Me? I'd seek out some stuff in that vibrant orange, and also in the burgundy, and the royal purple -- to make some trews to wear with it. Oh, and you could wear it with forest green. Lovely print, lovely blouse, lovely Carolyn.

  6. pretty and great use of the fabric. silk is so nice to wear!

  7. Looks lovely and really suits you!

  8. I can almost feel that fabric from here! Makes you wish you had bought more in different colors! Your wardrobe brightens up everyone's day!

  9. You are such an inspiration. I look forward to reading your blog each time you make a new post. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  10. LOVE this pretty top!!! Gorgeous fabric with lovely Spring colors looks fantastic. You are ready for Spring!

  11. Love, love, love this shirt! It's gorgeous. Silk really is the best fabric.

  12. Love your shirt! Great looking pattern.
    A bit off topic - I just received Jennifer Sterns new stretch jean pattern - hips go to a 54! So if any of you are needing a good jean pattern. NAYY

  13. Don't you love those deep stash finds. Especially when they are gorgeous silk prints like this one. Really, really pretty!


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