Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Lightweight Rayon Knit Pembroke Tunic

The season is starting to turn but we're still getting those colder days.  Days when it starts out pretty chilly, warms up around lunch time, and then gets chillier for the trip home. While it seems I should be giving up these Pembrokes, they actually still work now for the unpredictable weather. 

This beige rayon knit is very lightweight so it will work for the beginning of the spring season. The turtleneck is drapey and loose that will provide necessary coverage in the mornings when it's cooler but isn't tight when it warms up in the afternoons. It's also a lightweight fabrication that works well alone or as a layering piece.

Since this is my sixth version ~ can you tell I really like this piece ~ I have no new construction or design features because it just works. This one is made from #deepstash. While the fabric didn't have a tag on it, I know I've had it as long as the embroidered fabric I used to make the cardigan, so about 12 years of marinating.

Construction ~
Again no construction details but a comment about this fabric. I had to be really careful with it because it caught and pulled on everything. So I will be cautious what I pair it with to avoid ruining it. One more thing about fabric choices, since this is my sixth version, I've noticed that fabric choice definitely affects how the turtleneck part works. A sturdier fabric makes the turtleneck stand up higher and closer to my neck. The more lightweight fabrics have a looser turtleneck which hang more loosely around my neck.

While this is a TNT pattern, the fabric choice definitely affected how the sleeves hung off my shoulders. I constructed this version exactly the same as the last five but there is a difference. I didn't notice this when I put the top on. However, the pictures clearly show how it hangs. I could go in and make a change but I'm not going to...I'm wearing it as is.

Also Jenny wrote a great blog post on negative ease and how to use it in her patterns. Some of my versions are made the way the pattern suggests and some are made using thicker fabrics which needed a little more space which I added to the bottom width.  

So pictures ~

Wearing with RTW white jeans

This will be my last Pembroke Turtleneck Tunic for the season. I will probably try the Pembroke Dress with the banded neckline and a shorter sleeve in cotton knits for spring/summer. I like this silhouette even better than the Concord Tee and y'all know how much I love the Concord Tee

I've gained a lot of the weight back I lost four years ago. So several of those Concord Tees no longer fit the way I like and will be donated. Its a continual process of upgrading and making my home sewn wardrobe work for my lifestyle now. always more later!


  1. I like this top and I can see that it does look slightly different. I agree that some knits that are soft look and fit different. I made two tops of another pattern, and the heavier one will probably not see the light of day. I wear the lighter knit all the time.

    1. There's always a chance that things won't work out with a fabric and you don't know until you sew it up. It fits well enough so I'm wearing it. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, sometimes good enough works!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Vanessa! And thanks for always leaving such wonderful comments on my posts!

  3. I like it in a drapy knit, you just can't go wrong with pieces like this and it will be great for Spring.

    1. Thanks Allison! I think I like my drapier knit versions the best actually!


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