Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April 2019 ~ End of Month Recap

April is such an in-between month. It's not cold like January/February but it's not warm yet either. I mean you may have a day or two of warmth but it's not that settled in your bones warmth of late June or July. So my sewing always suffers during transition periods.

I've finished two garments this month. Both were cut out in late January/early February and I've just completed them.

I also cut off the Roscoe Dress Grace gave me and made it into a top. Just need a warm day to wear it out and about.

Monthly Fabric Update ~
My fabric buying tendencies were soooooo good this month. I only purchased 6 yards of fabric. Wow! After three months of serious fabric buying I guess I was fabric satisfied.

I also have a very small cut out pile this month - 3.5 yards for the Dover Jacket (which I'm presently working on) and 3 yds of a blue ltwt linen for a safari jacket (Vogue 8208). 

Due to a fabric donation, okay Dibs took 84 yards which means a total of 90.5 yards came out of the fabric collection. Finally some evening off - LOL! I'm putting together my yearly donation for the high school so next month I hope to have another large donation out of the collection.

I'm sure some of you reading are wondering why I do this. Some of it's because there are portions of my collection that I'm not using and I don't want it to sit here waiting to be used.  Some of it's because I want the space to add more fabrics. And some of it's because I remember those donation piles in high school and the couple of times I used them to sew from. I want those new sewists to experience sewing with great fabric choices without having to worry about where they were getting fabric.

MTD Totals ~                                YTD Totals ~
Fabric In:  6 yds                              Fabric In: 140.75 yds
Fabric Out: 90.5 yds                        Fabric Out: 144.5 yds

FINALLY this is leveling off.  Now to get ahead of this with more fabric out than in.

In May I'm working on a formal gown for myself and for the granddaughters for a black tie event our family is attending the first weekend in June. So my sewing is going to be all about that with some in-progress posts which in all honesty will be more for me than you. However, I hope you don't mind following along on this sewing journey.

June will be back to sewing pieces for my summer wardrobe. I have an idea of some things I want to add, some pieces I want to move out and donate, and I've already purchased a bunch of patterns to use.

...as always more later!


  1. Reading why you donate fabric to your local high school just fills my heart with admiration and joy. You're a good person and I'm sure you generosity will be much appreciated.

  2. A formal gown for a black tie affair sounds wonderful! I have a few things cut out for myself, but on Sunday I just lost all will to sew. On the plus side, the new granddaughter arrived in the wee hours this morning, so after I spend the rest of the week with her and her slightly bigger sister, I may return with a vengeance to sew for both myself and my darling little girls. I'm so admiring of you for donating all of that fabric to your local high school! I'm sure the students very much appreciate your generosity with your beautiful fabrics.

  3. Sweetie, thanks for the reminder to donate! I put one together in the fall, but I haven't been back to talk to the instructor - they were looking for tshirts to refashion and I wasn't ready to hand mine over. READERS! It's a quick email to the school, they all have websites now, and I've yet to be turned down. They just need something to work with, nothing fancy (but they'd love those too).


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