Monday, September 09, 2019

A Hacked Myosotis

I know the Myosotis dresses I'm making now look nothing like the pattern envelope or even the ones you will find when you search for images of the pattern online. I know I've gone off the deep end making changes to the basic silhouette to make these dresses my own...but I love this pattern and it's possibilities. 

I've made more changes to this one. These changes incorporate the maxi length, button front hack along with one I saw from Beth of SunnyGal Sewing Studio.  Here's her version.  I love the changes she made to hers and I copied those for the bodice exactly as she described.  I also love that she listed all of the different changes/hacks you can make to this pattern to personalize it.

I can honestly tell you that this is not the last one for the season. I have one more laying on the cutting table because I've been kicking myself that I didn't start sewing these earlier in the season.

Supply List ~
4 yards of rayon challis purchased from M&J Fabrics in Jackson Heights, Queens (during Jackson Heights Fabric Crawl) so not deep stash but stash fabric used. Yeah!

1/4 yd white broadcloth from the lining collection
12 - 1/2" mother of pearl buttons from the collection
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller
Purchased white bias binding left over from another project

Pattern Alterations & Design Changes ~

  • Per Beth's instructions I lowered the front & back neckline one inch.  Beth also instructs you to narrow the shoulder seam too but I like the coverage on my shoulders so didn't make that change.
  • Then I omitted the collarband that's included with the pattern. I also left off the collar pattern that I've used in almost all of my versions.
  • Finally instead of using the facings, I cut another front and back piece from the broadcloth and lined the entire bodice with it. I really wanted the clean finish that the lining provided. The armholes were finished with white bias binding tape.
  • I omitted the pockets. I'm probably going to regret that but it was the third Myosotis I'd sewn in a row and I was tired of sewing them...especially since I'm not really a pocket girl.
  • My last challenge was adding the skirt to the bodice. The first time I sewed the bodice and skirt together, the broadcloth lining puckered and pulled strangely. Unpicked everything and just sewed the bodice minus the lining and the skirt together and left it to hang. Then I tacked the bodice lining to the skirt in key places, mainly allowing it to hang loosely. I believe this will work well.

A Few Pictures ~

This will be my 4th maxi Myosotis this summer. With just one more to finish, I will have added five to my wardrobe.  One for every day of my work week and enough for now so I'm putting the pattern away for the season. However, since it's reached TNT status I can't guarantee that it won't show up again. As I said above, I'm in love with this silhouette and how I feel wearing these dresses.

There are two more maxis on my cutting table.  After they're sewn, I'm sewing tops and tunics. I'm feeling the lure of early fall sewing. Most of the tops & tunics I made a couple of years ago are looking worn and are ready to be retired.  It's time to add some new looks to my top wardrobe. always more later!


  1. Love your dresses and the look of them

  2. You have found the perfect dress, and you look fabulous!

  3. That fabric is lovely! That dress and all of its kin look good on you; I can see why you love this silhouette. I'm starting to think about fall sewing, too; it's been hard to chase the last couple of summer items out of my work pile and into finished status.

  4. You really do know how to make that pattern sing. This will be a wonderful addition to the closet. Enjoy - can't wait to see the rest. g

  5. Beautiful version, and thanks for the mention :) the color is fantastic, so perfect for summer.

  6. The fit is perfect, and fully lining the bodice was a good decision. You are right about the silhouette. Easy to see why you love this pattern and all of its incarnations.

  7. This looks so comfortable and the fabric is so pretty.

  8. Love your creations. You pattern reminds me of a pattern my Daughter loves. We, like you have tried to be creative with it. One we did had a solid that matched the other fabric for one side of the front bodice. Turned out to be one of her favorites. Keep creating and sharing.

  9. What a great dress! I love the fabric you chose and you look so pretty in it!!

  10. I like the length of a maxi dress. I think I am going to have to make some of those myself. I make similar items and have found them very useful to keep me warm in the winter. Maybe something to keep me cool in the summer would be what I should do next. Thanks for the inspiration.


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