Thursday, March 26, 2020

Simplicity 8687 in a Panel Print

How about some sewing? I'm finally adjusting to being home, realizing I'm probably going to be here for at least two months because the rates of infection are rising in the NY/NJ area. So I finally finished the topper and I like it as much as I do the first oneI even wore the original to work before the Coronavirus shut everything down. The ease of wear and great details pretty much insured that I would make it again.

I bought these panels from Fabric Mart right before Spring 2019 Sew Camp and picked them up when we visited the store.

These panels looked different online. I thought the panels were half circles (as pictured above) so was surprised when I laid it out and they were full on starbursts. Which is why it took a little longer to figure out how to use this panel print.

What distinguishes this topper is the panel print layout. I laid the pattern pieces out several times before I got the starburst to lay in the most appealing places. I wanted to avoid a full starburst directly on my backside or an unflattering spot on the front of me.

Supply List ~
2 Panels of the 4 I bought from Fabric Mart
5 - 1" white buttons from Pacific Trimmings
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

There are no new construction techniques in this one.  Actually I put the first one together better than this one. I was a little too lax and had to fix some mistakes.

Here are some special details ~

The stripe on the collar was cut from the border on the selvedge edge of the fabric

After I put the label in I covered that seam with some of the blue border stripe so the seam would be finished.

I also added some topstitching to the collar to help it lay flat. Those are the only design changes incorporated in this make.

Finally a few pictures ~

The main difference between this one and the first one is that I pressed the collar flat and open so it has a notched collar appearance. There are also fewer buttons on the front of this one. Finally the adjustment I made to the pattern shoulder is working. I'm not really a drop shouldered kinda woman.
I'm blessed that during this time of quarantine I can take pictures on the front porch. I will probably move to the front walk as the trees bloom more. 

This is the second garment from the cut pile. I have a few more pieces to sew from the cut pile before I start sewing the garments in my "Love Chicos" wardrobe. I've also added fabric for two Myosotis to be cut too. I'm finding that I really like wearing my Myosotis dresses at home and don't feel overdressed at all.

One more note ~
There have been several requests made in the comments section of blog posts for me to address making masks for hospitals. However, there is so much information available on the internet and social media that if you're interested in this you should either google, check Facebook or Instagram.  A simple search will give you all the information you need. I really don't have anything else to add to this conversation.

I hope you're all safe, washing your hands and if you have a stay at home order in effect...staying home! always more later!


  1. Cute shirt and great use of the print. From yesterday I am working from home so today I need to set up a home office. I think I'll do that in a spare bedroom as I don't want to use my sewing room or the dining table. Like you I am home alone. Might get to some sewing today if I have success hauling up the table from the garage to upstairs bedroom all by myself!

  2. I love everything about this topper. I thought the stripes on the collar were striped ribbon, I love that it's from the selvedge. Your layout of the pattern is perfect! It reads just a little retro "psychedelic," but not dizzying. It reminds me of a late summer dahlia. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Another fantastic sew! Your have managed the print so beautifully Carolyn. The back looks wonderful, and the sleeves so clever. I love the stripe on the collar, so creative. Time for me to get creative, am still in shock that life has changed so much!

  4. Absolutely stunning. What wonderful use of a very challenging fabric.

  5. This is amazing! I saw that panel print at Fabric Mart and was intrigued by the color but I just couldn't envision how to use the curved shape (I too thought it was a half circle). You clearly have no lack of artisitic vision. You pattern placement is just perfect and the addition of the strip on the collar is a real designer touch.

    1. Katrina - It is an unusual fabric but it also came in a black and white. NOW I wish I'd gotten my hands on some of that! Thanks for admiring the jacket.

  6. Really dramatic print which you used in the most perfect way.

  7. Beautiful jacket! You did a great job!

  8. really clever use of that fabric, great placement I really like what you did with the sleeve. great spring top.

  9. Your shirt is beautiful, and the placement of the print is wonderful! I like the front porch background as well.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I just need to be brave enough to put my camera and tripod on the sidewalk in front of the house and take a few photos. If we're homebound into May I probably will.

  10. After reading the blog and seeing more details I love it even more!!!!

  11. Your shirt is awesome and really a breath of fresh spring air. The placement of the panel in the center on the back is just perfect.

  12. Whenever I see an unusual border print at FM like this one, I assume you will buy at least a bit of it, and something special will soon follow... This one is another standout.

  13. Turned out great!!! Thanks for sharing all the details!

  14. Fabulous placement Caroline! This really looks so high-end.


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