Thursday, March 19, 2020

12 Pieces to Make a Wardrobe

I saw this ad on Instagram.  Yes, I sometimes click on the ads because they've been curated to things I'm interested in. Then again I'm the person who watches the commercials on TV too.  And to me the best part of the September Vogue is all of those pretty print ads. So I guess I've been conditioned over time to enjoy the advertisements.

Anyway, this Chicos ad had 12 pieces to make a wardrobe of 24 outfits.  The 12 garments were:

1.  The Statement Jacket
2.  A Sweater (there's was a metallic v-neck sweater) but I'm generalizing it.
3.  The Crop Jean - again I'm generalizing and just going with jean
4.  White Linen Shirt
5.  The striped crop pant
6.  The Cool Blue Sweater
7.  The Ruana Wrap
8.  The White Jean - thankfully I own a pair that I love!
9.  The Denim Midi Skirt
10. The Tank
11. The Long Denim Shirt
12. The Bridgette Ankle

This is a great jumping off point to manage the things I'm presently sewing for spring. However, after thinking about the Chicos list versus what I actually wear, I made a few changes.  Here's my version of the 12 pieces.

- The Statement Jacket
I've cut out Simplicity 8687 in a patchwork denim. I will use this as the basis of my wardrobe. It's a great jumping off point!

- A Sweater
I'm not really a sweater girl and will be changing some of the sweaters here to tops. But for this one, I'm using my lt. blue Pembroke sleeveless cowl neck which is in my cut pile. Linking to my black one for reference.

- A Crop Jean
Seriously I ain't wearing crop jeans but I do have a pair of RTW jeans that I love so I'm using something in my closet to fill this requirement.

- White Linen Shirt
I have been wanting a white linen shirt. I've made two white shirts that I wear a lot but I've wanted one to transition into spring. I already own the fabric.  So I will be adding a white one to my cut pile. Just have to determine if I want to use my TNT pattern or another one.

- Stripe Crop Pant
Seriously why do they have so many cropped pants in this wardrobe!? *LOL* I'm going to replace this with a Cashmerette Holyoke Skirt. I have some blue & white stripe suiting that I can use to make a shorter version. I have two that I wore quite a bit last spring - another one will work in this wardrobe.

- Cool Blue Sweater
In my cut pile is a shades of blue open weave knit cut from Simplicity 8059. I love a cardigan look and will wear it much more than a sweater. I've linked to another lacey look cardigan made from the Simplicity pattern. This will work great with other pieces in the wardrobe.

- The Ruana Wrap
This piece isn't really me. I love the drama of throwing one over my shoulders but I never actually wear one. I think Imma substitute my RTW short sleeve navy cardigan here.

- The White Jean
I have a RTW pair that I love! So I will use them for this wardrobe.

- The Denim Midi
I have a denim Vogue 1247 that I made in 2015, that will work with the wardrobe. 

- The Tank
I own a bunch of white and navy RTW tanks. I've never successfully sewn a knit tank and it's been too convenient to purchase them. I'm back and forth about whether I should attempt to sew one or just use what I have. I will probably go with what I have.

- The Long Denim Skirt
The denim stripe maxi Cashmerette Holyoke skirt that I made last spring works here. Almost all of the tops in this wardrobe will go with it and I can wear my RTW short sleeve cardigans with it too.

- The Bridgette Ankle
This refers to another crop pant specific to Chicos. I'm just not a pant person when it gets warmer.  So I'm going to substitute a Deer & Doe Myosotis maxidress here. I've been wanting one of my hacked button front versions in a lightweight chambray denim. That would definitely work.

I want to add one more top here.  I want to make a woven version of the Adrienne Blouse or the Adriana Dress cut to top length. Both patterns are from the Friday Pattern Company. I can make it in the pinstripe I'm using for the Holyoke Skirt which will make the two pieces an outfit.  I saw this one at Ann Taylor's site and I really want to copy it.

Since the Simplicity jacket, the Pembroke sleeveless cowl neck sweater and the Simplicity cardigan are already cut they will be sewn soon. I need to cut the linen white shirt, the denim button front Myosotis dress and the shorter white pinstripe Cashmerette Holyoke skirt along with the Adriana/Adrienne top.

This gives a direction to my cut pile. Also giving me a comprehensive wardrobe to start spring sewing. I'm excited. I was excited about my cut pile before because there are so many good things in it...I'm even more excited now! 

As each piece is constructed I will refer back to this post. I will also start my own clothing rack to share what I'm working on with both RTW and memade. This kicks off my spring sewing and I'm kinda excited! *LOL* always more later!


  1. what a clever idea. I love how you've adapted this to your own needs.

  2. How much fun. I hope you get to actually wear them this spring.

    1. Vicki - I'm trying to remember that I CAN get dressed every day at home! LOL! And the jackets can be worn come fall. I'm looking forward to the other side of this...

    2. I saw a Italian campaign urging people to serve their country by staying in their pajamas
      Nothing says we cannot sew some chic ones...

  3. This is really helpful! My goal is to make a basic wardrobe that I don't get sick of over the loooong Houston summer. This is a great starting place.

  4. If I were doing this, in addition to the cropped pants, I'd also be replacing the skirts. And the white jeans - I love how they look but I'm one of those who can't wear anything white without getting something on it in 5 minutes :-/ I do love the color combination on the Chicos rack though!

    1. Gail - I believe the rack is just a jumping off place and that you can change it up to fit your needs. Personally I bought my first pair of white jeans last year. Before that I hadn't bought a pair since my teens so I understand!

  5. Few things are as motivating and fun as a wardrobe plan, and this one has so many layers! My wardrobe plans are more like a daisy chain: Top A goes with pants B, pants B goes with tops C and D, pants E go with top A and F, etc. but everything does NOT go with everything else. Too many pretty fabrics for that much restraint.

  6. Yes, what IS it with the crop pants? Put on a pair when they first came back into vogue in the early 2000s, and realized that they make me look like an egg on toothpicks. Not into it -- HATE that proportion on myself. Long torso and short legs demand a long-over-long proportion to let me go out in public without frightening children or the livestock.

    1. Ha Ha Ha lol you are so funny

    2. I've got a teenage daughter who is both very tall and a size 0
      She can wear them and get sort of a Left Bank/French/Beatnick vibe

    3. Pal K.: Oh, what a lovely mental image that gives me!

      I don't mind the concept of cropped pants -- they look great on so many gals and guys -- I just resent being "dictated" by the fashion gods that I have to have them in my wardrobe. Even while thrift shopping ... the best fabrics and jolliest colors on the pants rack inevitably end up being cropped trews. Leaves only sad, faded, worn-out blacks and browns and grays.

    4. I make a point of making full length pants out of prints and bright colors, to do my little bit to counteract the trend of happy fabric for crop pants only.

  7. I saw this ad as I'm always looking at the Chicos site. They give good inspiration and I buy their pants/jeans but nothing cropped! I'm a capri length girl in summer and full length the rest of the year. I have kinda short legs and the cropped length makes my legs look even shorter! I like your plan for the 12 piece wardrobe. Karen

  8. I think the patchwork jacket is going to look really good and I don't get the cropped pants thing either. The crop is not for short legged people! I like those Friday patterns, I have not heard of them before, the top looks nice on the model but what about on me?

    1. Connie - I think it will work! I just want the sleeves look and I'm very selective these days about which statement sleeves I want to use!

  9. I really like your wardrobe plans. I recently made a blouse like the Ann Taylor one with McCalls 7899 After I replaced the elastic cuffs with a softer ponte one, I lurv it.

  10. First of all, your jacket is amazing! It's going to be so cute. I love your ideas for your wardrobe pieces, and it's super cool that you got them from the ad. Such a good idea. Happy sewing.

  11. This is great. I wish I had the time and skills you have. For now, I may have to try to pull 12 pieces from the wardrobe I have.

    I'm trying to get crafters and sewers to make medical masks for their local hospitals, medical personnel, and first responders. They're on the frontline of the Covid-19 fight and I just want to do something to help.

    If you don't mind passing this link along, I'd appreciate it:

    Thank you and thank you for your great blog.

  12. I really like the cropped pant trend - wide legged and ankle! But then last fall when I wanted NORMAL pants, they were nowhere to be found. Like, all I want is a pair of trousers please! LOL!!! So happy to be able to sew.

    I like the wardrobe. I need something like this to plan for summer because I am literally never happy with my summer wardrobe. I keep trying to plan a direction with my current sewing but seem unable to do so. I'm just making whatever strikes my fancy. I'm okay with it for now.

    1. K - I don't need a summer wardrobe because it's dresses all the time! I find wardrobes the most helpful in the other three seasons but not summer!

  13. Its a great starting point, I like the idea of making a mini wardrobe.

  14. Can’t wait to see it all. I’ve been sewing the module approach from Whitney at Tomkat Vlog. Revolutionised my sewing and if we in NZ lockdown schools I’ll have the time. Keep safe everyone.

  15. I hope you will hang them together on a rod when you have the wardrobe completed (and also mix and match photos :)) I love the Mysotis dress and am eying the Holyoke skirt for my spring sewing. All that commute time that now becomes sewing time. Silver linings!

    1. Erzulimojo - plan is to hang them together and photograph all the outfits as they come together. That's my plan, hoping I will stick to it!

  16. I love those pants. I don't sew pants: have made some attempts and never really like the outcome. Pants are on my list to sew for 2020 and I really like this style. I even have a couple of patterns that this will work for. I don't know if you have seen clothes from Soft Surroundings, I get their catalog and I see some tops that I think are close to your style. I have some inspiration photos that I like to try to sew myself.


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