Thursday, April 30, 2020

Seven Weeks In...

It's Thursday again so it's time for a check-in and an update especially since this is the last day of April.  

Let's start with garments made ~

I've made five dresses.  Three have been blogged. The last two will probably be photographed this weekend because it's supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend. So blog posts next week.

My sewjo came roaring back and I made five versions of my hacked Myosotis dress.

This is what's I'm working on now ~

It's almost finished and may be completed in time to be photographed this weekend too. I hope so. That way I can clear the decks off because I have 3-4 more maxidresses I want to make, as well as a cardigan and shirt from my cut pile

Fabric In/Out Update ~
I was relatively good this month. I bought 15 yards of fabric supporting three online fabric stores - StyleMaker Fabrics, Sewing Studio and Fabric Mart.

My out total was 103 yards.  This number included my three latest dresses. Then I gave 90 yards to a sewing friend. She's relatively new to sewing and has no real stash.  All of the fabric stores here in NJ are closed. She was bemoaning that fact so we did a virtual tour. She picked some pieces out and drove over to pick them up while we practiced social distancing. 

Now y'all have seen photos of the fabric collection so it didn't really matter that she got serious yardage. I'm just happy she's going to be able to sew for awhile because here in NJ we still have no open date.

This makes my year in/out totals:
Fabric In: 36.5
Fabric Out: 138.5

Coronavirus Update ~
It's the end of April and I'm trying to stay positive and remain hopeful. I'm believing that we've turned a corner and are getting close to the end of this. I know things won't be the way they were before and that we're headed into a new "normal."  

I also realize that I'm lucky to have a job where I can work from home and still get paid. My heart goes out to those who have lost their jobs, have not yet received their stimulus checks or unemployment money.  I know these are challenging times for you.

I also mourn with anyone who has lost family members to this vicious disease. We've had several deaths of elderly family members too.  Some of my Mother's contemporaries, so this has been hard on her. It's sad that older people who are still living vibrant lives will no longer be with us to share their knowledge, be a bridge between the generations, and share love.

If you live in a state where the virus is not as prevalent, I would hope that you would say a prayer and have some compassion for those of us in states still going through. It's very surreal and believe me we want to go back to work as much as some of you do too. However, I'm thrilled that my Governor and the Governors in surrounding states are taking their time. I DON'T want to have to go through this again!

As I said previously, new makes are coming to the blog next week. Next week which is MAY! Next week which will begin my eighth week of quarantine... always more later!


  1. That Simplicity pattern... sigh...--Louise

  2. Your blog posts have become an important part of my week and what I like most about seeing your sewing is that it is all so very YOU. I haven't quite figured out ME yet, but now I have a role model for how to get there.

  3. Your current project is so pretty!

    I am glad your state is taking its time with this pandemic. We are having to navigate a state moving much faster. Stay safe!

    1. Vanessa - I'm sorry to hear that! I think that would scare me even more and it's pretty scary times around here.

  4. Very pretty dresses! You've really made that Mytosis dress work for you. And what a wonderful friend you are, giving so much fabric to someone who had none.

  5. Your dresses are beautiful and you did a great job. I am eager to see the Simplicity pattern when you finish. It's a lovely style. Thanks for inspiring us!

  6. Your dresses are so pretty. It's very nice and comfortable. Your simplicity pattern is great really.

  7. Your dresses are so pretty,it's too nice and comfortable. Your simplicity pattern is great really

  8. We have to stay resolute! I hope your mom is feeling okay :(

    That is so awesome that you were able to help out a fellow sewer with all that yardage! And ooooh I bet it's good stuff! :-D

  9. Oh I LOVE these two! That black and white print I went back and forth on and eventually they sold it all without me! LOL! But I am glad to see someone made good use of it :) What a nice thing for you to do for a fellow sewist as well. I've loaned out of my machines to a friend for her daughter to learn to sew masks, and turns out she's really enjoying it and has made masks, hair scrunchies and repaired some of her clothing. It's exciting to see new sewists come into the fold, isn't it? I hope for you to stay safe from this dreadful illness and may we all help those where and when we can.


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