Saturday, July 01, 2006

Statistics ~ "I Have A Few Of My Own"

Several times I have written about the statistics that appear at the end of people's signatures on sewing boards and in their blogs, and I am writing about it, yet again! *smile* But this time I have a statistic of my own to share.

First a little background....I noticed these stats at the beginning of the year and started to ponder if I truly wanted to record every piece of fabric, trim, pattern, etc. that made its way into my home. NOT! That might actually curb the desire to fuel the flames of my passion. So that wasn't happening!!! In the last few years, I started keeping a sewing journal, a written and photographic "scrapbook" of all the garments I made. I began this so that I wouldn't hold onto clothing that was no longer in style, or that I could no longer wear, just because I made them. The Sewing Journal gave me a visual and written record of these garments that I could comfortably keep forever.

Now that I own a digital camera, an internet photo site and this blog, I have replaced the Sewing Journal with a smaller spiral notebook that just records all of the items I have made. So the statistic that I want to share is.......

That from January 1, 2006 until June 30th I have made (completed and able to be worn) 31 garments.

These include my Winter 2006 SWAP pieces, The Chanel Suit for the American Doll Girl, The J-Lo Bling Prom Dress and the heartbroken Sweet 16 pieces! I still have four uncompleted pieces that I did not add to the list ~ the black/brown circle linen pieces and the black rayon/lycra jersey cardigan with the toile accents and matching SW Mission tank top.

So in my reasonable mind, I think I should be on track to have constructed about 70 items by the end of the year! When I started the list, I actually thought that I would end the year making 100 pieces. I don't know if that will actually happen especially since I don't want to push to make that many pieces and end up with schlocky stuff that I wouldn't wear! But anyway, that is my mid-year statistic.

Just wanted to share that all the statistic keeping has managed to affect me too! So my questions for today are: Did you set any sewing goals for yourself this year? Now that we are midway through the year, how are you doing with your goals? And if you didn't set any goals, why not? Is it because, some of you think of sewing as a hobby that you don't want to complicate with goals? Or is it because you haven't thought about challenging yourself by setting goals?

I'm interested! So talk back to me! And take some time to enjoy the sewing journey during this long holiday weekend!


  1. I'm one of the " fabric in" "fabric out" ladies.
    I just need to keep track of what I'm purchasing. I simply have waaaay too much fabric and want to
    keep me focused on my stash, where all these great fabrics waiting to be sewn.
    I recently started counting, what I'm making, so I might be able to say
    next year. I used up X meter of fabric for y pieces ;)

  2. Good heavens, I would never want to keep track of what's coming in and going out! The less I know about it, the better. ;-) I already know that I have yardage in the four figures - that's frightening enough! I have three sewing goals: 1) sew 99% of everything I wear, 2) always have a sewing project in progress and 3) try to do some sewing every day. Unfortunately, my work gets crazy sometimes and I don't always accomplish goal #3 but I do try.

  3. Well I'm a list maker. And forgetfull. So if I don't write it down I forget I have it! LOL.

    I've made a big Excel spreadsheet which lists all of my patterns, the yardage needed, and the notions needed. I take those lists with me when I go fabric shopping.

    As for planning, since I just recently got back to sewing, I have no big picture plan. I am going to do a SWAP with my tomato red fabric. I've got 6 pieces of it planned already. I think a SWAP is a wonderful way to go about sewing. Otherwise I fall in love with a fabric that would never fit in my wardrobe. I'd probably buy it anyway but I'd have to immediately figure out a way to have something with it.

    So short answer is yes, I plan. Follow-through is another matter entirely! LOL.

  4. Everyone is so well organized. I just have materials for around 3 projects.

  5. One I have a boss who is a report and data freak. I don't want to keep track of "stuff" at home.

    Two I did try making a fabric inventory and taking photos of fabric in my collection. Haven't seen that project in two months and find it is not important.

    My goal is, like Gigi, to sew a litte each day but sometimes that does not happen. But I get to make up for it on other days by sewing more hours than planned.

    The other goal is to complete several projects (6) that are in the planning or cut out and ready to go stage.

  6. Until recently I have always bought fabric with a plan in mind. With the decline of decent fabric stores and finding internet sources, that changed. I almost always still purchase fabric with an idea of what I want it to become.

    This year I bought a little project book, I have used it to write down pattern number and anything that would be useful to know if I get sidetracked in the middle of a project. It's handing for keeping measurements in, scraps of the fabric used, etc. I find that it inspires me to make more.

    I used to sew daily, then we got 2 horses! I am a firm believer that 4-legged children behave better when they are exercised regularly, so I have made the choice to give up my evening sewing time for walking the dog around the neighborhood with the hubby. I generally knit during tv time.

  7. i'm one of those stats keepers, and i also made goals at the beginning of this year (in my post called Goals for 2006, January 11). so far i'm doing ok -- basically sew more consistently, make some nicer clothes for myself (i'm trying to work on my casual wardrobe), etc.

    so yeah, i'm a planner too. :)

  8. I don't keep any lists.However,after reading this it might be interesting to see how much I get done( or scary to see what doesnt get done).
    Since it is the beginning of the month,I think I'll try it for 30 days.

  9. That's a very good question Carolyn!
    I have to make to do lists for work... it does keep me organized and moving. When I did the SWAP I needed to do the same... it was the only way to keep on track. So I see the benefits. But usually... no, I don't do sewing goals and lists.
    My life, personal and work, is so up and down busy that I can't figure an average in order to assign a reasonable goal. And I don't want to feel bad about not making an arbitrary goal.
    In general I try to make something for myself every month, whether it's sewing or knitting. And I let myself dream and plan, but without a deadline.
    I've got a laundry basket full of dreams waiting for me to take te time right now!

  10. I would never be organized enough to track fabric in/out and I don't want to know.

    I used to keep a spiral notebook showing the list of garments I wanted to sew each month and then check them off one-by-one. Many times an item would carry over to the next month if I didn't feel like working on it.

    I stopped doing that when I took up knitting and it took over my *obsession time* for a while. For a long time I considered my reviews at patternreview as a sewing journal of sorts. Now, I started a blog because I wanted to join some knit alongs and the blog is fulfilling that need to see something permanent in the form of photos so I can *release* a garment I don't wear.

    My goals for this year were to just buy some RTW things (Tshirts, jeans, etc.)and stop pressuring myself to sew it all. Instead focus on things I enjoy sewing (swimsuits, jackets, etc.) I am doing well so far.

  11. My goal for the year?

    Sew more fabric than I buy.

    Um, I'll just say that I've got some serious catching up to do. (courtesy of a Fabric Mart bundle, mostly. Thank you, all you enablers...) ;)


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