Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am wearing suits now...

Today as I stood in the kitchen of my job listening to a colleague talk about wearing "corporate" clothing and how it is always black, gray, navy or dark brown. I heard "blah, blah, blah" because I was thinking, "I can't believe it has come to this that I have to wear bland corporate garments. Me, who adores color!"

I was wearing this.....

And it is as bland as I can get! I finished the jacket and tank top yesterday but for some reason could not get the pictures to download. So another day and another try....

The jacket is a shortened version of Vogue 7944. This is the description of the jacket from the pattern envelope:

Misses/Misses' Petite Jackets and Pants, unlined, long sleeve jacket has topstitched collar and front opening edges. View B has slits at sides.

Size Range: 10-24 (I, of course, used a size 24).

I purchased this pattern just for the jacket. My original intent was to make a lining pattern for the jacket but this weekend I wanted something tailored but quick for my first version. So this version is unlined. I flat measured the pattern pieces before cutting them out. I also double checked the dart palcement and the bust points. I am finding that if I do that everytime, I have a greater success with the finished garment ~ making my first version a very wearable muslin.

There were several things that I really liked about the pattern while I was making it...the front facings are not really large and floppy and there is no back facing. You clip and turn the collar piece under and handstitch it. This a very clean look in the back of the jacket and will make lining the next version very easy. I did have to make my usual adjustments to the shoulder seam. I also changed the sleeve from being a one part sleeve to a two part sleeve with a seam down the center and topstitched it. After I made this change, I realize that I do this alot to jacket sleeves not only for better fit but also because it gives the sleeve a slimmer appearance. Another trick that I use for my sleeves is that I try to cut them on the bias (when fabric allows) to give them a little extra stretch/give across my bodacious biceps.

I used 2.25 yards of a brown poly blend that was left over from last year's SWAP. The skirt and pants were made during that SWAP but work perfectly with this jacket. Wallah ~ two new suit looks for the new corporate atmosphere.

This is a very basic jacket pattern that I will make several more times in slightly different incarnations. I can see it with more seaming detail in the back and possibly a small back belt. Changing the length will also change the feel of the jacket and I am even thinking of trying it in a medium weight stable knit with a matching straight skirt sort of like a St. John's suit.

The shell is from the Sewing Workshop Mission Tank top.

I have made this top several times (about 10-20) and have altered the pattern so much that it fits perfectly now no matter what type of fabric I lay it on. It glides perfectly over my breasts without any puckering in the armholes, it lays flat over my abdomen without any pulling and with or without side slits at the hemline it rests perfectly over my hips. It has a great neckline to showcase jewelry and shows just enough fabric when a jacket is buttoned. I have made it in a knit fabric, linen, silk and a wool/cashmere blend. It just works! And that is why it is a staple in my wardrobe. I have even included a version in a sandwashed silk for my next SWAP.

So here is item #1 and #2 from my 2007 sewing! I promise more corporate clothing to come and none of it will be bland! *LOL*

And here is a picture of my shoes! Anne Klein gotta love 'em!


  1. Oh la la! What a great start for a new sewing year. You look fabulous in your new suit. That paisley tank top rocks!

    P.S. I LOVE your shoes - I think I'm actually drooling a little. I always admire a great pair of shoes - yet another thing we have in common.

  2. Nothing bland there. Corporate and Chic! What a combination. Love the shoes.

  3. This doesn't look like the coporate dress I remember. You look great! Love the color combo and the print in that top is to die for (as are the shoes!!!)

  4. And you look so good in the corporate suit. Not bland at all, simply scrumptious! Love reading about TNT patterns and potential TNT jackets.

  5. Carolyn - fabulous outfit. Love the colors and print in the top. I love paisley. So glad to see you sewing and posting again.

  6. Mardel ~ I think you just named my SWAP! I was kicking around names like NYC Sophisticate in Black/White & Red...or Black/white/red in NY but Corporate Chic is perfect! I dropped the "and" but that is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much!

  7. You really look fantastic in this! I love how you added color with that fantastic print tank (and those shoes are to die for!).

  8. Wow, you look great. Well done on the sewing!

  9. No Corporate Clone, you! Conservative suit made exciting by fabulous cut, beautiful shell, and super chic shoes. Beautiful job.

  10. Fabulous outfit! I always love the way you coordinate! BTW... those shoes are fierce!

  11. I love your color combinations--great suit! I would also like the slingbacks. Are they comfortable?

  12. Nothing bland there! Very chic, shoes included!

  13. Carolyndh ~ my new company has wooden floors, not a bit of carpeting. These have become meeting shoes 'cause I can kick them off under the conference table. I am seriously thinking about adding some Dr. Scholls thingies to all my heels so that they will be wearable on the wood and stone floors.


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