Monday, January 29, 2007

Sewing Randomness

Just wanted to share a few sewing thoughts that have been floating through my mind today:

1. Look what I found....
Why is this so special? Well, I keep my patterns in letter size expandable folders but they have a plain front. This version has lines and boxes where I can record information pertinent to the pattern. Now when I pull a pattern to use, at a glance I can tell how many times I have made it, any corrections to the pattern and if I really wanted to I can include a swatch of the fabric! This is so much better than my current system of listing all of this information on a piece of paper and including it in the folder. Now to order a box of these to keep ready in the sewing area.

2. New Pattern
I was flipping through the Nancy's Notions catalog and saw that they were selling Silhouette's Dana pattern.

There was even a sample one made up in a coral jersey knit. Then I remembered that not only did I have the pattern but I had three pieces of fabric purchased from to make this pattern. Yes, I know that three pieces is a bit much but the fabric was only $1.99 per yard and you know that you can't purchase just one piece of fabric for $3.98 when you have to justify the shipping and handling charges! So I bought the fabric in lavendar, pink and an ivory color. Now, I think I can actually use the ivory version in my SWAP.

3. More SWAP News
I haven't sewn much on my SWAP since I finished the initial three pieces but I do have a three-day weekend coming up soon and I think I can knock out two or three of the dresses then. And I have found a piece of lightweight rayon in an "explosive" red & purple print that I want to use as the lining for my second jacket...and maybe one more SW Mission Tank if there is enough left over after making the lining. I can see the finished pieces in my mind so it was lovely to find a fabric in my collection that looked like what I was "seeing" and not to have to go and scourge the internet looking for it! Here is a picture of the two pieces together:

4. Monthly Totals
I did really well this month in the fabric department. I only purchased two metres of a brown/pink pinstripe from Timmel Fabrics. I bought this additional piece to match a piece I already owned from Julie. The original piece was obtained to make a pair of lined pants to match a pink sweater set in my closet. However, since I am now dressing Corporate Chic, I decided that a jacket would look good with the two more metres made it across the border to my sewing area. And at least the pants have been cut out and the jacket will be next! These pieces didn't even make it to the fabric closet! Yes!!! Also the pink fabric from the first section will be the first Dana top that I will attempt to go with the pantsuit. Not bad....
I will end the month with six garments made. Not a bad start to 2007 but I would like to make 100 garments this year. I mean why not! It is not like I don't own the fabric, notions, trims, patterns, etc. to accomplish this goal...and the 100 pieces don't necessarily have to go into my wardrobe! I would just really like to see if I could do it...y'know! So I figured it out that I would need to make 8.33 garments per month. I am 2.33 garments short this month but it's a goal...not something that I am going to beat myself up over because I do own six new pieces that all except for one piece came from the fabric collection! Which is another one of my sewing goals for 2007 ~ try to sew from the collection more!


  1. I love the idea of making 100 new items for the year - good luck!

    I need some new skirts for work and I was thinking if i made one a week.....but then thought do I NEED 52 new skirts? Like you, I probably have enough fabric, so "need" would not be the reason. Just for the heck of it!

  2. wow! 100 items in a year. That's an amazing goal! Keep us posted.

  3. ambitious goals girl.
    Monthly totals - that's why I'm heading to the sewing room immediately, have to finish up two more so that when I post my monthly total I'm at parity with yardage in - isn't that SAD?

  4. That's IT!!! THE IDEA of the year, that folder idea! I have been storing my used patterns in all sorts of ways, especially the ones traced out of pattern books like Burda, Patrones etc. I doubt I'll get them where I live but will start looking.
    Thanks for bringing this up, really appreciate you turning on the light bulb.

  5. The folders are available at

  6. You go girl! Good for you and shame on me. If I had a goal, I wouldn't dare mention it now. Love your posts.

  7. Thank you cmarie, I was going to say you are a 'Peach', but I remembered the Nina Simone song (4 Women) I will just say how much I appreciate your reply. Now I am off to get some.

  8. Well, I can't order them. To complete the order I'd have to place a U.S. postcode in a box and that I don't have. Oh well, I'll just hunt for it around here.
    Thanks again anyways.

  9. Carolyn:

    Let me say I LOVE your blog! You inspire me sooo much!

    But I have a couple of questions. Is there any way I can contact you, or you can contact me?

    Thank you so much.

  10. Kathleen,

    You can reach me at


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