Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Been a Long Week...

and I'm really tired...

and I'm gonna do something I rarely do on my blog...I am going to talk about current events...

First...I found some tickets to the Alicia Keys concert when she will be performing in Newark, NJ! I am talking to my daughter and realize that D*MN I can't buy the tickets! Why?! Because we are seeing the play, Thurgood with Laurence Fishbourne the same day....can you hear my disappointment where you are...there is a lot of sighing going on over here!

Next...what the heck is this all about!

Can someone explain this to me!?! I have been buggin' off this one all week...I mean I like Wildin' Out, think Nick is a nice guy, and love Mariah's music but Nick & Mariah...I am speechless...moving on...

Ummmm...I am sooooo ready for the Democratic Primaries to be over. I have waited as long as I could before adding something to my sidebar about my choice for the next President of the United States...but since I can "obviously do the math" and realize that Hilary just can't pull it off (even though she was not my choice for President!), I just want her to exit the stage gracefully and SOON!

I love "Dancing with the Stars!" and Mario was so robbed! C'mon Marissa is in the semi-finals...people puhleeze!!!!

And can someone please tell me what the H*ll is going on with Lost! I AM Lost! When are they getting off the friggin' island???

Finally and I'm going to bed after this one...On American Idol, Syesha is safe and in the top three! I have to admit that I have been using 2 cellphones and my work blackberry (shush!) to vote for 2 hours straight to keep this girl (who can sing) in the competition! I truly believe that its my time and effort that has kept her in it! *LOL* She made me cry last week when she sang, "A Change is Gonna Come!"

And if you missed she is...and thank goodness no one agreed with Randy!

I promise back to sewing tomorrow...


  1. You are totally in my mind! Especially about making graceful exits! A lady knows when the show is over.

  2. I maintain that the Mariah and Nick wedding is hoax a la Ashton Kutcher. Where is the flower report? Who made the lush gown? Where is the big wedding party??? You best believe that the lollipoppy gum droppy glitterty Diva that Mimi is wouldn't allow for her to get married with out over doing it...I mean she can't even sing a song without over acting...*smh*

  3. I never comment on current events either. But I'll make an exception for you! I'm with you on the primaries. I'm done. Finito. I can only say that com November, I'll be holding my nose when I go to the ballot box. Sigh....

  4. Idol transcends all ages and groups in its followers. My 6 yr old gs watches it with his mother this year. I only watched the year Carrie Underwood won and then didn't watch except occasionally in the ones since. I just don't want to get as hooked as I was that year. Everything had to revolve around idol shows and I just got too caught up in the "votes" so I just sort of watch it sometimes now. My adult daughters are as hooked as ever. mssewcrazy

  5. My youngest DD raced to the living room to announce that M&N had gotten hitched. That was when the story first leaked... we all looked at each other in amazement, and have been scratching our heads in disbelief ever since.

    Well, I've thought about it, and here's what I think. First, (now, I don't know MC(C) personally) she seems to have the emotional makeup of a sixteen year old. Maybe a younger man,boy,person??!!! is well suited for her.
    Second, Carolyn, ever read "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston? Or seen the teleplay with Halle Berry? The main character: Janie, gives an explanation for being with Teacake that goes something like: I spent my youth with an old man, now I feel like I can be a young woman again with him (Teacake). Now, that's not the explanation verbatim, but you get the idea. Maybe he represents her (kind of) missed opportunity to be in a relationship with a young man. Or, maybe they really love each other???...

  6. Love the newsy updates all around...but to get serious...WHO COULD READ "THE AUDACITY OF HOPE" AND NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA????? Hopefully all the democrats that almost got Al Gore elected are still commited to the party.


  7. LOVE that yellow dress in the last photo! And I must confess that while I'm not so ignorant as to have never heard of Mariah Carey, that I am totally lost on who her DH might be.

    crawling back under my Alaskan cultural rock...


  8. Hillary is one stubborn chic and obviously know nothing about bowing out gracefully.

    Lol@ your reaction to nick and mariah. Somebody is SPRUNG!

    Syesha was absolutely gorgeous in her yellow dress!

  9. Carolyn - I agree with all your posts today. I love to sew and write about it too but these are times when ordinary citizens must get involved if they want change!

    Terri - who campaigned and worked for Obama in NC where we upset the scales last Tuesday and showed the nation that Obama has the grassroots support to WIN!

  10. Syesha is our "hometown" girl around here, from Sarasota. I nearly had tears in my eyes when she sang A Change Is Gonna Come -- it was so beautiful -- and wonder whether Randy had been sipping from Paula's loopy cup. I also gotta love David Cook, first for the rocker aspect cuz I'm a rocker at heart, and of course because of his name. ;-)

    Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

  11. Carolyn, I loved reading your current event roundup. I guess if you have to miss Alicia Keys, Thurgood is a fabulous reason. As for Mariah, she sure has terrific taste. And since I am not an Idol watcher all I can say is Syesha's dress is lovely. Finally, I'm in complete agreement about the Democratic primary season. I'm thrilled to be voting for Obama, and I'll be skipping to the polls with a joyful heart. Thanks for adding this dimension to your wonderful personal blog.

  12. You are my sewl sister. All week I've been saying, "Really? Nick Cannon? Really?"


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